"So Zaddy, where are you taking me out to eat at?  I have high standards," I told him while brushing my hair.
"Zaddy?" Kyro questioned with a peculiar look on his face as he sat on the bed waiting for me.

"Ooohhhh well look at the time," I chuckled slowly slightly mortified as I put down the brush looking down at the cast on my right arm. "The time's ticking."

"You don't have a watch."

"I know but like I said times ticking. Let's go," I said trying to change the conversation as I put on a jacket that Aliyah had lent me while pulling Kyro off the bed and trying to push him out the door.

Since we didn't have a car at the moment Aiyanna agreed to let us borrow her car. The thing was, her car was very tiny and Kyro was a big guy. It was gonna be amusing to see this at the very least.

I was about to get in the car when Kyro came around and opened the door for me.

"Oh a chauffeur," I said raising my eyebrows as I got in. "Thank you."

Kyro got in the tiny car, as I held in laughter at his large frame having to bend over in order to drive. HIs muscles protruded against the grey t-shirt he had changed in to and I may or may not have checked him out.

Roughly twenty minutes later, we pulled up to a WacDonald's. 

"This is your idea of a date?" I asked tilting my head. 

Kyro grinned nodding. "Well you're lucky because WacDonald's tastes good and I'm easy to please."

"Eira I'm kidding, I'm taking you to a decent restaurant."

"What? Are you serious? I was actually pumped for WacDonald's now," I pouted slightly. 

"Another time ok," Kyro joked, turning towards another building.

It was a small restaurant with several cars out front. As I got out, Kyro opened the door to the restaurant and in that moment I felt self conscious around him. The minute we walked in, all heads looked at him. The men wanted to be him while the girls wanted him.

Maybe I was feeling slightly jealous but I'd never admit it especially to him. He knew he was hot and I was not about to inflate his ego further.

Thankfully a male waiter came over and seated us when the waiter unexpectedly gave Kyro a wink.

Are you kidding me? Why does everyone want him?

"Hello and welcome. My name's Joe and I'll be serving you guys."

"More like serving Kyro," I grumbled lowly under my breath as Kyro glanced my way not saying anything. I quickly cleared my throat and looked at the young man. "Joe can you bring me the largest alcoholic drink you have here. I need it."

Kyro narrowed his eyes at my response completely oblivious to everything that was happening.

"No." He spoke turning to the waiter. "She does not need an alcoholic drink."

"Umm excuse me!" I held my hand cutting him off as I leaned towards him. "I make my own decisions. If I want a drink I'll buy it," I told him pulling out some dollar bills.

"Can you give us a minute?" Kyro asked the waiter turning back to me.

"Where'd you get the money? I thought Gabriel took your things," Kyro questioned lowly. "I may or may not have taken some from your wallet when you weren't looking."

Kyro let out a sigh, rubbing his face obviously displeased with my decision and nodded his head for the waiter to come over.

"Get her the alcoholic drink," he ordered the waiter who furiously scribbled on his notepad. I don't think Kyro even realized it but his tone had become more commanding. "I'll have a coffee," Kyro announced as the waiter nodded walking away.

"Why are you trying to get drunk?"

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to act oblivious to his question.

"Look I can tell you are annoyed."


"It's part of the bond," he whispered lowly.

Moments later the waiter returned with a large Tequila margarita placing it in front of me and placing the coffee in front of Kyro and telling us that he would be back in several minutes to take our orders for lunch.

"So are you going to tell me why?"

"No," I answered crossing my arms.

"Instead of talking about this, why don't we come up with a plan of finding my Grandmother. I know we have the coordinates but what happens if she refuses to help us. What do we do then?"

"We will figure it all out when we get there I promise," he responded reaching forward and snatching my hand as I tried to pull away.

"Ok then what about Aiyanna telling me that I have Garmr or a demon dog following me? Does that mean that Death is gonna come for me or something since I cheated it?"

Kyro's grip on the coffee mug tightly to the point that his knuckles turned white when the coffee mug suddenly exploded.

"Shit!" He cursed standing up suddenly trying to avoid the hot coffee that was trailing down his jean pants. I grabbed some napkins patting the liquid up and didn't even think of where I was wiping on his pants when he growled lowly suddenly gripping my arm tighter than usual.

"Kyro," I whispered lowly looking up at him. "His eyes had slowly started turning red when I stood up in distress. We were around humans, I could not have Kyro transforming right now.

"Snap out of it!" Without another thought, I slapped Kyro across the face, the sound echoing around the room.

Moments later Kyro's eyes turned back to their usual shade of brown as he grabbed me pulling me in to a hug. "No one is taking you away from me. You understand!" He growled out lowly, his chest rumbling against me. Now I understand why he had lost control without warning.

"Don't worry, we'll figure it out ok," I told Kyro rubbing his back as the waiter ran over from all the commotion with towels to clean up the coffee. After we cleaned up the mess, I apologized profusely to the waiter who only waved his hand dismissing it.

After Kyro's miniature freak out, I decided that we should not stay at the restaurant and we ended up going to WacDonald's instead. I wanted to head back to the hotel quickly in fear that Kyro could potentially lose his temper again. Don't worry, I did not forget my tequila margarita, I ended up taking the drink with me to go because in all honesty, I needed a drink after all the chaos.

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