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Viola's P.O.V

"Hey, Violet!"

"Have a good day, Violet."

"I missed you, Violet!"

Violet waved and smirked at everyone. Everyone knew who Violet Kane was. Violet was the most important girl in this school. Everyone loved little miss Violet. Who was Viola Kane? The boring twin. I was a nobody in this school. Well, I was Violet's twin. That's how I stayed relevant. People knew me as the other half of Violet.

Why couldn't I be as popular as Violet? We looked just alike. The only difference was our eye color. Violet had our Dad's bright green eyes, and I had my Mother's light grey eyes. We dressed differently too. Violet liked to show a lot of skin, and me? Let's just say I liked to be covered from the neck down. Who wants to see all of that anyways?

"Hey." I rolled my eyes at Violet's stupid boyfriend. I wanted to throw up when he pulled her closer and started making out with her.

"That could be us." I jumped when I felt arms wrap around me. When I turned around, I blushed immediately.

I was always nervous around guys, but Zain made me feel things that no other could. I disliked Zain because he was in one of those gangs along with my sister's boyfriend, but I couldn't deny that Zain was hot.

I always had to look up to the giant. His dark grey eyes always pulled me in. His eyes always reminded me of a bad storm, but I liked it. I could see pain, I knew he was going through some tough stuff. I would never forget the day I found him-

"Viola! Are you coming?" I looked at my sister and frowned.

"Where are we going?" Her boyfriend shook his head and chuckled. 

"Dumb ass." He mumbled.

"Hey, shut the fuck up." Zain snapped. I looked at him when he grabbed my arm.

"Uh, we're going home. You're driving, Zain?" Zain looked at Violet and nodded.

"Get in the front, Viola." He let go of my arm and walked away.

I would never understand that boy. He was flirting one second, and then he was pissed off the next. He had some serious issues.

Violet made out with her boyfriend the whole ride home. I looked at Zain a few times. Zain still looked pissed. I guess he always looked like that when he wasn't trying to make me uncomfortable.

When we pulled up to the house, Violet and Storm got out of the car. I stayed in, staring down at my lap. I slowly turned my head when I heard him sigh.

"Viola-" He got cut off by my sister.

"Let's go!" She yelled. I sighed and reached for my bag. I opened the door and hopped out. I looked at him one last time before closing the door and walking away.

I don't know why it had to be like this. I was either making a fool out of myself because I was nervous or sitting there trying to find out the right words because of the situation.

"Later, little V!" Storm yelled. I rolled my eyes at him.

"He loves you." Violet laughed.

He's a pain in my butt.

"Are you ready for tonight?" I looked at Violet with wide eyes.

"What's tonight?" I whispered. Violet's sick smirk scared me. Violet laughed and walked into the house.

I was scared for my life. Why did my parents have to go away?


Violet's P.O.V

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