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(I AM NOT THE CREATOR NOR DO I OWN MERLIN I'm just writing a story)

I've got a letter from my mother, but this one was different it was kind of really official, and made out to Echo which just so happens to be my old stage name from when I use to perform in Elador for extra money. The only people who know about me performing is my mother and Gaius. I would much rather keep that part of my life hidden. The letter says.

Dear Echo,

King Uther of Camelot has formally invited you to perform for their royal feast next week, I have accepted the invitation and sent a letter to the King that you will arrive two day prior to the feast. Let's hope you keep your identity. Stay safe.

With Love,Hunith.

"Well thanks mother", Merlin thought sarcastically. "How am I suppose to be in two places at once, how am I suppose to live, surely Arthur would be fine without me for a couple of days" Merlin said while pasting around his room.

The next morning

I hop out of the bed go have breakfast and wake up prince prat. "Good morning, Merlin, you better get going before your late, again" Gaius said "morning and okay" I was while grabbing a piece of toast and running out of the door to grab Arthur's breakfast.

I get to the kitchen to see the chef yelling "you better not steal my cakes" "as if anyone would want it" I say as I grab the Prat's food and head up to his chamber.

I get to Arthur's room and set his food on the table, I then go to the curtains happily and yell "RISE AND SHINE" Arthur groans "can't you think of anything new to say"

Arthur's POV

I hear my annoyingly beautiful, wait did I just say, yea yea I did okay I'm not gonna pretend I'm not in love with Merlin. As Merlin comes in I pretend to still be asleep the I hear Merlin yell "Rise and Shine" " can't you think of anything new to say" I say.
"Every morning it is the same thing"
"Oh I'm sorry" Merlin says with a goofy grin on his face.
"How about shake a leg"
I just stare at him wanting to pull him in my arms because of how adorable he is but I can't not because its against the law, in which it's not, my father has allowed same sex couples to date, for example Gwen and Morgana are dating. I'm just not sure Merlin likes me in that way.
"Shake a leg" I hear Merlin say
"Up and Attem" I still just stare at him trying to stop myself from smiling.
"Let's have you lazy daisy"
"No you don't like any of them do you" Merlin say
I shake my head no
"Well it's time for you to get out of the bed and eat breakfast, well maybe not you can use a cut back. After Breakfast you have training with the knights"
"What's that suppose to mean" I say
"Maybe some people can use it more then you" Merlin says while quickly rubbing my stomach then running out the door laughing as i throw my pillow at him.

Merlin POV

As I run out of Arthur's room, I run into Gwaine, who just happens to know that I am in love with Arthur
"I see flirting with the princess already, when Is the wedding, can I be a bridesmaid"
I roll my eyes at Gwaine's comment he just laughs and keeps walking.

I head back into Arthur's chamber just as he finishes breakfast and I head to go get him dressed and ready for training.
As I get him dress I unconsciously start to rub my hands down his back, but I stop before he notices, at least before I think he noticed. I quickly get Arthur dressed before he could even say anything i leave and yell "I'll see you on the field"

Arthur's POV

Did Merlin the love of my life just feel me up. I am I just imagining things, he did leave quite quickly, so I may not be.

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