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Calum's POV

The boys continue to be silent.

"We can't tell him...she would kill us" Mikey tried to whisper to the rest.

"And I thought Luke was a bad whisperer." I added in

"I'm not telling him." They all almost had said at the same time.

"One of you is going to tell me." I tried to make it sound threatening but it didn't work.

Luke laid down on his stomach and started watching TV.

I took advantage and sat on his back "tell me Luke."


I forced my body weight down even more.

"Nooo" Luke tried to let out

I grabbed his underwear and pulled up giving him a wedgie.

"Tell me"

"Ow calum. Knock it off" he tried pushing me off

I pulled harder and harder each time he told me no

I immediately let go. "New York....and she didn't tell me?"

"She's pissed at you Calum." Luke said pushing me off of him and adjusting his underwear.

"I'm going to take a walk home"
I got off the couch and walked towards the door.

"Cal" ash called.

I continued walking out the door and walked to my house.

I can't blame her for leaving without telling me...I was a huge dick to her. She trusted me her whole life and I blew it over jealousy. I walked past my house and walked to her front door. I knocked on the door.

Stella opened the door.
"Oh..Hi Calum..."

"Hey Stella"

"Mel isn't here.. Didn't she tell you?"

"I know. No the boys did."

"Then why are you here Calum?"

"I just didn't want it to be true"

"I don't know what you did to her Calum but I've never seen her like that. I'm not surprised she didn't tell you she left. Goodbye Calum."

Stella closed the door.

I walked off the porch and walked back to my house and went straight to my room.

I grabbed my guitar and started playing different songs.

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