Chapter #18: Quick Rational Decisions or Thought-Out Ones?

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"Miscarriage," I hear the doctor mutter in question, shaking his head while clicking around on his laptop. "Your pregnancy is... Very odd."

I was stunned, his words fuzzy to my ears. I heard a sarcastic snort come from Asher, but it was ignored. It hurt to blink, so I avoided blinking my eyes, and instead stared up at the white ceiling, the hospital dress opened where my belly lay. Asher sat next to me, his hands crossed together, holding his chin up. He looked tired, and I felt horrible for always making boys look like this because of yours truly...

I didn't know if it was Laurel's fault or mine, but poor Asher seemed to be up all day from dawn until dusk. I truly didn't know who to blame. I shook my thoughts away. My breathing was uneven, and the pain in my stomach was on and off. I breathed raggedly, expecting another shot of pain through my stomach, but it never came. I felt very empty inside, literally.

"I don't understand," he mutters and I look over to the doctor whom was running his fingers through his jet black hair. He was a good looking doctor. Seemed new, just out of an internship maybe. I admired his eyebrows. He had very clean eyebrows...

"Peyton," my heart skipped a beat at Asher's voice, and I turned to look at him numbly. His eyes roamed my face, and he shook his head, shutting his eyes tightly. "Answer the doctor."

I looked back over to the doctor, my eyes half shut, the corner of my mouth piling up with saliva. "Yes?" I mumbled, looking at him expectantly. I didn't even realize he'd been talking to me.

"Tell me what you've done before and during the pregnancy, we can't seem to lay a finger on what's going on inside of there," he chuckles sheepishly, and I frown. My mouth seemed to move on it's own.

"I got very, very drunk. It was my birthday. I got pushed against a wall very badly... Laurel. Laurel pushed me against a wall. She cried after that... We both cried a lot. Stressful. I drank lots of alcohol too. It was my surprise birthday party. I was drunk. I think I fell once or twice," I was speaking without having the right state of mind. I felt a little dizzy, I couldn't tell if it was from the medication the doctor fed me, or if I was still shell-shocked. "I threw up a lot. I only throw up a little when I'm hung over... I threw up a lot."

Asher raised his eyebrows, his green eyes glazed over. I took in his pale color, and the way his cheeks were blush red. He kind of looked like Evan if I stared at him long enough. His facial features twisted as he examined every word that I aimlessly poured from my lips. I didn't know why the doctor allowed Asher to be in here while he questioned me but I think it's because the doctor thinks Asher is my significant other, therefore allowing him in the room.

"I didn't think I was pregnant. I always use protection. I always did," I began breathing hard, unable to contain the hysteria that was bound to come. I felt panicked, and sudden guilt overcame my body. "The few times I've done it, I used protection! I used protection! This wasn't supposed to happen!" I began sobbing whole heartedly, and it was hard to contain myself. It was like I couldn't repeat myself enough.

We used protection.

Gut wrenching, throat tearing sobs, ones I surely couldn't contain echoed in the room. The sobs you cry when you're home alone, that no one can hear. The ones that you don't hold back because if you do hold them back, tears just pour everywhere uncontainably, and your face gets scrunched up all weird and it stings your eyes a lot. Asher jumped in his chair, before standing up to bend over me and caress my hair. "Shh, Peyton," he whispered, and I couldn't seem to stop myself.

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