Chapter 11: Inner White Girl

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Savannah and I walk back to the bus from the Amusement Park. We are so tired! I'm just so happy that she liked everything that I planned for her. I always want nothing but for her to be happy.

"I love you so much, Ashley Purdy. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. If I ever lost you, I wouldn't know what to do. I would die. I can't go one day without you." Savannah says burying her face into the crook of my neck.


After 10 minutes of walking, we finally make it back to the bus. I stop Savannah outside the bus door and I look at her in the eyes.

"We are Infinity. Nothing will destroy us. I will never lose you. You will never lose me. I would Die For You." I say then kiss Savannah. I feel her pull me closer. When we kiss, it feels like everything else in the world doesn't matter. All the bullshit is gone and doesn't exist.

She breaks the kiss and throws the door open. She takes my hand and begins to run to the back of the bus.

"OOH!!! YOUR GONNA HAVE SEX!!!" I hear a drunken CC scream. I begin to laugh. I look behind me and see CC dancing. Next thing I know, I'm laying on the floor next to Andy. He must be drunk. I get up and run to Savannah who is standing at the door to the bunks and we shut then lock it.

I pick Savannah up and put her on the top bunk and I climb up there with her. We start to get unclothed. This of course has happened before but I was hoping it was a 1 time thing! Andy bursts through the door with Patricia and Jinxx and CC follow. I swear to god if anyone else comes through that door..

All 3 couples are having heated make out sessions with one another. Soon, the floor is covered with clothes. This seems weird but eh. I've waited so long plus, they are all drunk except for Patricia because she doesn't drink.

~~(Insert imaginative smut)~~

Everyone that is in the bunk room grabs their clothes and gets dressed except for Savannah and I. We just lay there staring at each other trying to catch our breath. When we finally calm down and regulate our breathing, we start talking about serious things.

"Do you ever want Children, Ashy?" Savannah says playing with my hair.

"Of Course I do. I love children." I say propping my head up on my hand.

"I was just wondering." She kisses the tip of my nose and turns to face the wall beside her. I turn myself and cuddle right up next to her. She begins giggling.


Savannah and I fall onto the bus floor from the top bunk. That shit hurts. We find our clothes and get up to walk into the living area. I see we are stopped at a Starbucks and I let my inner white girl out.

"TIME FOR A MOCHA LATTE!!!" I say running into Starbucks without any shoes. When it comes to Starbucks, I don't care. Starbucks is my weakness. So is country music, but lets not get into that. Savannah is following slowly behind me laughing her ass off. I run back to her and pick her up bridal style and run to the Starbucks. I love touring.


CC and I walk into Starbucks first with Ashley, Savannah, Andy, Patricia, Jake, Ella, and John following behind. CC and I are walking hand in hand so are the other couples. As soon as CC and I walk in with our hands basically glued together, we get some looks like, "Ew. You're gay? Go die." but then we also get some looks like, "Aw! You two are so cute together!" We of course pay more attention to the positive looks and we shrug off the negative looks. The only thing that we care about is that we truly love each other and we won't let anyone or anything tear us apart. Our love is too strong for that to happen. CC walks up to the counter.

"Can I get a large Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte and a Blueberry Scone?" CC says with a huge smile plastered among his face when he said 'Blueberry Scone.'

"Sure thing! Your total will be 7.48" Says the Barista, who's name-tag read, 'Craig Mabbitt'

"Next?" Craig looks at me and smiles. I walk up to the counter and place my order. Craig looks like he is one of the people who really enjoy their job. He seems content with life.

"Can I get Caramel Flan Latte with a Michigan Cherry Oat Bar?" After I place my order, I look to my right to see the rest of the band ordering at the other cash register. I look back at Craig while he tells me the fee.

"Your total will be 8.07" Craig said handing CC his Coffee and Scone. CC automatically started to jump with joy because he hasn't had Starbucks in 2 years. He can act like an actual white girl sometimes, But I love this white girl.

Before we all get out of the door, We are all stopped by Craig, The barista who took our order. He says a lot of positive things about the band and stuff. 

"Your band has helped me through tough times and your band is what is getting me through certain things right now. I am 3 years clean thanks to your music. Thank you." Craig says hugging Jake. Jake of course hugs back and comforts him.

"Hey! Where is the Manager?" Andy says walking up to the counter.

"I am the manager. Is there a problem?" The manager with a name-tag that read Ronald "Ronnie" Radke comes to us with a concerned look.

"One of your workers, Craig, is going on a 20 minute break."

"Umm.. Okay. That's okay." Ronnie shakes Andy's hand and we all walk out to the bus with Craig following behind. We all get on the bus and we sit down.

"Now. Craig, When you said that you have been 3 years clean. I couldn't be happier. This whole band couldn't have been happier. But when you said it was because of us, That was a lie. Yes, Our music might have helped but in the long run, It was all possible because you had found the strength inside yourself and you found that piece of mind that told you evrything was going to be okay. You found the strength in yourself and you told yourself, 'I am strong. I can make it through this because I am Craig Mabbitt god dammit!!" Everyone let out a little bit of laughter when he said that last sentence.

"No, but really.. You are the only person that saved yourself. We didn't save you. Our music and the hidden meaning behind some of the songs might have motivated you but we didn't look you in the eye and told you that you are strong enough, that you are worth something. Ultimatley, You saved yourself from yourself. I am so proud of you." Andy says hugging Craig. Craig starts to cry becuase one of his idols just gave him a pep talk he will probably never forget.

"Well, Its been 20 minutes. Your break is up." CC informs Craig and walks him to the door.

"Thank you guys. A lot." Craig says before walking out of the bus and back into Starbucks. It feels amazing to have someone tell you that we helped them through our music. It makes me really think about why I really make music and I love every bit of it.


Okay. So... I know I haven't posted in a while. I was helping my friend, Deziree, on her Fanfictions called, "Love isn't always fair." and "Saviour." If you all are looking for a good BVB fanfiction to read and you have free time, Go check those out because I help her on those on a regular basis. This was kinda just a filler chapter. I will try and make the next few chapters more Emotional and stuff like that. I already have an idea for the next few chapters. Well, I will try and post more. Bye guys! <3

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