Chapter 36

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Jade was standing there, bodies all around her, the blood of the dead glistening in the moonlight. She could feel someone behind her, and she was able to turn around, and could see him in the shadows. She also saw Dante coming toward her. Then the man in the shadows stepped forward, his teeth beginning to show as his lips curled back into a snarl. Just as Jade reached for Dante, the man in the shadows stepped forward into the moonlight, and she could see his features. It was her Uncle George. He had blood on his hands and was holding a knife. George stepped toward Dante, and Jade stepped between them, the knife forcing its way into her abdomen. Jade screamed out in terror.

"Jade, Jade! Wake up, Wake up!" said Dante as he gently shook Jade to try to break her from her nightmare.

"He was there!" Jade gasped, shocked awake from her dream, her eyes glowing. "It was Uncle George." Her fingers had begun to shift into claws, and she was digging them into Dante's arm, but he didn't even flinch, as he continued to try to calm Jade down.

"It's ok" he soothed, "I'm right here" and he continued to hold Jade close, rubbing her back, not even aware that he was bleeding from her grasp.

"I'm scared," she said "I don't want you to go. Don't go to see him" she pleaded. Today was the day scheduled for Dante to confront her Uncle about the attacks to her pack, almost two years ago.

"I have to, Jade." Dante said sadly. "He needs to be brought to justice, and I need to find out who else was involved."

"But what if something happens? You said yourself, you think it's a trap. Please don't go" she begged again.

"Jade," Dante said, cupping her face in his hands and looking into her eyes. "I have to go, but we're prepared. We're taking some of the best warriors who will be stationed all over the area. We're going to have every angle covered. He won't get away, and we will all be protected."

Dante wasn't quite as confident has he sounded. They had taken every precaution they could think of, and had plans to have the area surrounded. They were going into this meeting knowing that there was a likely attack, and they were expecting a fight.

The breakfast was a quiet and somber affair. Nobody spoke, and most barely ate anything. Dante and several of his pack would be leaving soon to head to the meeting point. It was only about an hour's drive away, but they planned to have warriors stationed all around the area, so they could be hidden and in position long before George and his counterparts arrived.

Dante and Jackson were taking one car, Jimmy would be driving another vehicle with a few more warriors. Everyone else was going on foot. They had already shifted and started on their way. They didn't want a lot of vehicles to signify how many wolves would be part of this meeting. Those on foot would be getting into position, ready to protect their Alpha if an attack came.

Jade hugged Dante tightly, her arms around his waist, tears streaming down her face. Dante wrapped his arms around her, and kissed the top of her head.

"It's going to be ok, Jade. We're going to be ok" He tried to reassure her. "George is expected to meet us at 3pm, and once we've brought him up on charges, we'll be bringing him back here for holding until his trial before the Council. If everything goes well, we'll be home before dinner" he smiled at her, holding her chin to bring her face up to look at him.

"Please be careful" Jade whispered, and Dante leaned down to kiss her. Next to them, Jackson was having a similar conversation with Evelyn who was just as worried and concerned as Jade. Peter was standing by the door of the pack house. He would be staying behind with the pack. Jennifer was also nearby, Jade could smell her. She hadn't been one of the warriors selected for this mission. Even though she was very strong and capable, Dante didn't want her along.

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