November 24th, 2010

Jarvis, Justin and James decided to form a boy band: with Jarvis as a lead singer/guitarist, Justin on the electric lead guitar and James on the drums/keyboard. All three started their travel around the world with the first geographical location in the United States. The jet plane landed at the Washington Privet Terminal, where the fans occupied most of the waiting area. The boys came out onto the privet runway, where from the back of the plane their driver Gabriel was loading their tour bus.

“How awesome is this, we just started this boy band and fans already blocked half the waiting area, just to see us in person. Plus, some of them probably have hard time knowing who we actually are. I’d say; it is still awesome.” Said James with a bit of happiness to his own words.

“Yes, very awesome, too bad, they won’t see us going in, because we will be driving straight to our hotel from here. Oh what a shame, all that wait and just blown away. I am actually feeling sorry for those who made the effort to come.” Called out Justin looking all sad and upset over the sudden.

“I agree with Justin, of course we should feel ashamed for leaving all those fans behind at the waiting area; we should do the right thing and go greet them with respect they shall own from us.” Replied Jarvis looking all serious and was about to be on his way to the terminal.

“Are you crazy, once they see us, they’ll be out of control, it is better to wait what the announcements will say about our arrival and then act reasonably? Suggested James; pulling on to Jarvis’s leather jacket to stop him.

Jarvis gave him a serious look sliding out of James’s grip and trying to self compose with the same expression. He decided to walk to the back of the tour bus, sliding quietly inside already loaded tour bus and into his own bedroom. Slamming the door with anger in his eyes, he lay down on his back and tries to calm himself down with his eyes closed. The two other members followed him inside, but daring not to enter Jarvis sanctuary. Justin kicked James in a shin giving him a serious pep talk.

“Good job man, now you pissed him off, do you have any idea how hard it is to get Jarvis out of that state; years and years of practice. Now the only person who can really save him is Cailie and she is miles away from Washington. Although, unless I get her on speed dial.” Pulling out his cell phone and searching for Cailie’s number.

“I’m sorry, but I just could not let him go in there and get attacked by all those fans. We all have to think rationally; going inside the waiting area and greeting the fans will be like stepping on to the battlefield with minefields. Suicidal and dangerous for starters; plus, us being the supernatural vampires, we should really think of better ways to approach human fans. Won’t you agree with me on the subject?” Explained James in his own theoretical way.

“Yes, sure whatever you say bro. Now if you excuse me, I have an important person to call. Meanwhile, you can think of casilion ways to apologize to Jarvis; otherwise, he’ll cancel the concert I can promise you that. Do it fast and no one gets hurt.” Warned Justin; walking away from James and landing on one of the plushy couches by the window.

The bus began its safe move through the airport highway and on to the city highway 100; destination Portal Hotel in the downtown area. There were not that many traffic going on the road, because most of the city businesses were closed and people were crowding the international airport to go on holidays. The only people that stayed were the actual teens, but just the adults leaving with babies and young children. It was an almost isolated city, but still in full blast when the bus was passing: malls, shops and local stores.

The private Washington airport was already left in the background with all the fans still waiting upon the exciting entrance of the boy band consisting of: Jarvis, Justin and James. It was a sad scenario watching them leave not saying hello to their fans, but they had to be rushed by their driver and manager Gabriel to the hotel studio. There, they will practice for a few hours, till dinner time.

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