Chunin Exams part 1

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"Hi" Kurama Speaking / Other Stuff
"Hi" Naruto speaking to Kurama through his mind/ thinking/other stuff
"Hi" Regular talking
Also Levi is Naruto

Sorry to all Sakura fans I kinda hate her sorry so if you don't like that I am mean to her you can go if ya want I don't mean to be rude.
Levi/Naruto POV

I was walking down the street again going to where the Chunin Exams took place until the duck butt hairstyle boy ran up to him with a pink banshee behind him.

"Teach me your ways so I can defeat Itachi!" Sasuke demanded.

" about.....No!" I replied.

" I demand you to teach me I am a Uchiha elite!" Sasuke yelled.

"You must teach Sasuke-Kun your ways!" Ugl-I mean Sakura said.

"Do you think I care?" I said.

"I will kill you!!!!!" Sasuke yelled as he ran to me with a kurinai in his hand.

"Go Sasuke Go!" Cheered a ugly pink haired banshee.

I ran behind him and pulled out one of my swords and held it to his throat.

"Let Sasuke go!" Sakura yelled

"Don't mess with me again am I making myself clear?" I warned.

Sasuke then nodded and I let go and disappeared leaving a angry duck butt with a Pink banshee.

"Ugh that was a pain."

"I know kit I know."

"Anyways I see the Chunin Exams place now."

"Ok then go in to register."


I then registered and walked up the stairs where I saw two guards guarding a door and immediately saw through the genjustu and went to the door where beat the guards. When I opened the door I felt a wave of killer intent but it felt like nothing but I countered their killer intent where I saw them ahiver. Soon after a ego brat, pink banshee, and spoiled brat came in.

"Hey it's you!" Ego brat, pink banshee, and spoiled brat said at the same time. (Sasuke, Ugl-I mean Sakura,and Misha)

"Yeah so?" I replied.

"Wait Misha you met him?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah when my family was eating at Ichiracu ramen he was already their." My spoiled sister replied, "How do you know him?"

"He saved Konahamaru from people from Hidden in the Sand village." Sasuke while growling.

"Teach me your ways I'm the Child of Prophecy I need it to save the world!" Misha said.

"Oh heck no I don't need two power hungry people." I replied.

"I'm telling my father that you need to teach me." Misha replied.

"Tell him whatever I do not care." I said keeping my anger.

Suddenly the conversation was ended when a man yelled.

"Shut up maggots and sit down!"
Sorry it's short and sorry I haven't posted in a while I put a meme up top hope you like it also I haven't posted in a while because I had a hard time thinking of what to put in the chapter. Anyway hope you enjoyed and Btw meme is not mine I got it from google.

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