101 Facts on Louis Tomlinson

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*HAAAAYYY GUISEEEEEEE ok so so sorry that I haven't gone on in forever. I'm now coming back to write these facts on Louis for a person who requested it! P.S i'm sorry to the person who asked that it took so long to write i've been so busy and well yep. OK so here it is. 101 Facts on Louis Tomlinson.*

1. His full name is Louis William Tomlinson

2. He was born 24th December 1991

3. He is a capricorn

4. His mother was a teen mum when he was born

5. His favourite band is The Fray

6. He is the oldest member in One Direction

7. He sang the song 'Hey There Delilah' by the Plain White Tee's for his X factor audition song

8. Louis has four younger sisters, Charlotte (Lottie), Felicitie, Daisy and Phoebe

9. He has about one minuet and thirty seconds of solos on the Up All Night album

10. He was born in Doncaster England

11. His favourite colour is dark red

12. He has a girlfriend named Eleanor (WHO IS TOO FUCKING PRETTY TO BE REAL!)

13. His least favourite food is baked beans (I'm with ya lou)

14. His mum calls him 'boobear'

15. It takes over 30 minuets for him to do his hair

16. His feet are size 10 (in mens)

17. If he were Simon Cowell for a day he said he'd go on a date with Susan Boyle

18. He said he would not get his nipples pierced because he is not brave enough

19. He likes to know a girl before he starts a relaitionship

20. If he was a girl the first thing he would do is go to a mirror and take his clothes off

21. His old car was called 'Cheryl' (erm...)

22. Louis really wants a son

23. He thinks he has a girly bum (DON'T WORRY LOU WE ALL LOVE YOUR ASS ANYWAY!)

24. He says the pther boys aren't allowed to wear stripes

25. He was once dumped by a girl for not being attrative enough (LOOK AT HIM NOW!)

26. If he wasn't a singer Louis would want to be a drama teacher

27. When he was younger he used to sit in his pushchair and say, "hello, have a good day!" to strangers

28. Louis calls his mum most nights

29. The rest of the band thought Louis was quiet when they first met him (yeah... you lads were WRONG)

30. Harry discribes Louis as "handsom and rugged" (LARRY STYLINSON)

31. Harry and Louis have a bromance called 'Larry Stylinson' (WHICH SOME PEOPLE TAKE WAY TO FAR LARRY IS A BROMANCE ELOUNOR IS A ROMANCE PEOPLE)

32. He has a picture of him and Harry on his nightstand

33. He plays the piano well

34. He and Harry have slept naked together

35. He has a foot fetish (I'm not quite sure what that means so don't ask me!)

36. IF he were a fan he said he'd fancy Harry

37. He once got expelled for showing his bum to the teacher

38. He would date a fan

39. After he watched New Moon he spent the rest of the night pretending to be Edward Cullen.

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