Stuck In Confusion

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Hey guys! Finally doing the second part. I'm doing this while my book so far got 50 views, thanks for reading! It may be low but it's the most I have ever gotten and I appreciate it. So Misty was the first one to suggest that Puppeteer tell the truth, let's see how this works out!

Misao cast her gaze downwards, away from ghostly Kudoh. But he reached out and lifted her chin, making her look into his faded eyes. Misao wanted to look away, in pain. She sighed."You never meant to kill any of us, Misao. Yoshino and Mr.Sohta deserved it, daring to hurt you like that. Do not wander through the fog of your past, allow the winds of the present blow away the blinding mist. Just forget, don't regret......"He said softly with a genuine worried expression. Misao nodded lightly, watching her dearest friend shimmer away. She sulked, wiping away tears beginning to stream down her face. Misao looked down at Ben's knocked out figure. She scowled, kicking his side hard. He took in a sharp breath as he jolted awake to the excruciating pain. The girl kicked hard! She glared with daggers at Ben, making him scramble to get out of the kitchen. Misao pulled up a chair and slumped down in it sorrowfully. The kitchen door creaked open slowly, catching her attention. Her amber eyes caught sight of Jeff coming in. She growled a little and huffed, laying her head in her arms on the kitchen table. Jeff frowned."Look, kid, I never meant to attempt to kill you. I'm sorry. Gosh!"He exclaimed with a bored expression. Misao cocked a brow."Jeffery Woods is apologizing.........this is unreal ."She snickered. Jeff rolled his eyes, twirling his knife around. Liu glared at Jeff as he strode in, though it was more of Sully than Liu. Misao didn't get the reason that the two brothers despised each other. It was when Jane walked in with a pissed look that Misao knew to get the hell out of the kitchen. But something, possibly pure curiosity, kept her from moving. "Jeff......what the hell did you do this time?"Jane spat. Jeff looked genuinely confused."What are you talking about?"He asked with a cocked brow."Sally is crying! Damn it Jeffery Woods, I know it's because of you!"Jane hissed. Sully clearly came out because Liu never said such words."Pissy much, Jane?"He sneered. Jeff looked at Misao with a true look of worry. His look said "I care about you, get out before you get hurt." And Misao obeyed. She left the room in a hurry. She closed her eyes tightly, hearing howls of agony and rage erupting from the kitchen. Misao felt someone pick her up with a calming voice and take her upstairs, softly placing her on a bed. She curled up, her eyes still closed as she wrapped her arms around her knees and pulled them close to her chest. The person who was unidentified comforted Misao, hugging her with strong arms. Misao still refused to open her eyes. Yet she began to wonder........who took her away from the horrid scene?

Puppeteer and Slender's Talk

Puppeteer hesitated and looked up to the rageful faceless man. He took in a deep breath."Slender.......I believe I have....... fallen in love ."He said firmly yet shakily. Puppeteer meant the words he said. He kept himself from dozing off while Misao popped into his thoughts. Slender stood still. But Puppeteer could feel his glare burning into his soul."In love? You are nothing but a heartless killer, you cannot possibly be in love!"Slender spat, incredulous at this new information. Puppeteer fumed, ready to defend his claim."Oh ho ho! So I can't? Well then what would you call the weird warm feelings that surge through me when I set my golden gaze on dearest Misao! Awestruck at her indescribable beauty and grace! I know this one cannot be influenced by what you are, but by who you are. I am a killer, but I'm also a caring guy. You don't know who I am on the inside, so stop saying things like this!"He argued. Every single word was thought out, no seconds thoughts about anything. Slender seemed taken back, surprised at the truthful outburst. But he was still pissed. A black tentacle shot out and picked up Puppeteer, lashing madly. Puppeteer growled, his golden eyes cloaked a deadly crimson. He thrashed in the grip, only to give up after a few seconds of struggling. Slender began to walk deeper into the dark woods." Let us see what my brothers think of this....."

Ha ha! Yet another cliffhanger! What will happen? You tell me, I dunno. I hope I get at least over 60 views next time! Please remember to comment, favorite, and follow me! Reccomend this book to any creepypasta lovers too.

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