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Thanks for your request :)
 I hope that this is amusing XD


Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson joined the chatroom 

Watson- Sherlock, where are you?

Sherlock- I am with Janine. *BUSY* 

Watson- What are you doing?

Sherlock-  You do not need to know the details.... 

Watson- HAHAHA. I cannot believe you are doing what I think you are doing... And also, I can't believe that you are only so-called marrying her, because of Magnussen. 

Sherlock- John, why do you always assume the worst? What is wrong if..... I... actually like her?

Watson- You are actually joking right? Sherlock loving a girl..... Actually... since you are marrying her, I have a question? You going to settle down with her and have a family?

Sherlock- Of course not! I am not having children.. They have weird hugs and passions for weirder things. I am fine. Janine is calling me, excuse me John.

Watson- Sherlock don't you dare walk away from this!

Sherlock left the chatroom 

Watson- Right and for that I am on my way Sherlock. 

Watson left the chatroom 

Watson later arrived at Sherlock's house and discovered something unexpected....


Hope you had a laugh XD 

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