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Chapter 2

"Satsuki" they whispered fearfully. They were so screwed. Female Satsuki is unpredictable; like a lioness. You will never know when she'll pounce or bite.

"Nobody will hurt Natsuki!!!!" Satsuki snarled ferociously, she was the predator and she knew it. She charged at Haruka, the others surprised at her actions. Ren being closest to Nanami pulled her arm and pushed her behind him, making Satsuki collide with Ren.

Smirking devilishly, Satsuki stood up and sashayed towards Ren. Her hips moving in a hypnotic rythm. She grabbed Ren by his tie roughly, bringing their faces incredibly close. The others gaping at how slowly and seductive Satsuki was being.

Ren knew she was playing dirty, and he wasn't afraid to fight back. He was an expert when it comes to this kind of things. Still he couldn't help but feel a bit turned on when he felt her soft hands pressed against his chest. He let her continue her antics, anticipating her next move.

Satsuki, crawled closer and slowly straddled Ren. Lowering herself slowly until she's directly sitting on his up friend downstairs. She moved her head down until it reached his chest and bit down onto the zipper of his jacket, she then proceeded to slowly zip it down showing a really muscular chest with 6 pack abs.

The guys were blushing crimson red. Their eyes glazed over with lust. That should be illegal. No one even bothered to
stop them all they can do was watch and enjoy the show.

. "Of course course Ren will fight dirty he is a playboy afterall." Everybody thought.

Ren switched their positions. Natsuki trapped underneath his body, both were breathing heavily. He was completely mesmerized by her beauty and charisma. Ryuuga and Ringo snapping out of their lust filled imagination
cleared their throat loudly.

"Ok! Ok! Clear it up! We get it! We get it Satsuki stop!" Ryuuga begged in obvious discomfort, he was starting to have these weird feeling in his chest but he ignored it. As did the others.

Satsuki groaned underneath Ren; Satsuki was obviously displeased that they have to stop what already started she didn't care what they think. But it was so fun she inwardly whined. Pushing Ren of her she stood tall and proud. It was no secret that Natsuki was tallest in the group when he was a male but maybe because females are genetically smaller he shrinked from his height of 6'3 to the height of 5'9; still tall for a girl but otherwise not overly tall.

Nanami handed Satsuki her glassed carefully and slowly backed away when Satsuki glared at the glasses in her hand, 'Natsuki, I have to protect you... but this is for your own good' she thought before slipping the glasses back on her face.

"What! Why am I still a girl?!!" Natsuki screeched her real personality comming back. She began to panic when she noticed her private parts; the both of them. Are freaking missing.

"I believvveeee that I have a solutiooonn forrrrr that misss Nastukiiii" a very familiar voice announced, balloons and party poppers appearing out of knowhere making everybody sweatdrop.

"Is that really my father?" Ittoki asked himself outloud his face showing utter disbelief.

"Yep! You both have the same cheery attitude. Though, yours is less flashy and umm.." Reiji piped in though it trailed out in the end since he wanted to say something rude. Yet he can't cause he's boss is jumping around him with thin wires hidden in various clothing.

"Crazy? Insane? Too hyperactive? Annoying?"
"Yep! Pretty much!"

"Saotome-sama! Please explain now!!" Syo shrieked. He already had a major headache due to non sleepless nights and the added situation.

"GATHER Rrrroound' Studentsss!! Sooo let'sss seee. Ahhh therrre it is!!! I was in my office finishing my potion. A gender switching potion; since I didn't have a test subject I gave it to Natsuki yesterday." Shining Saotome cheered, oblivious to the many murderous gazes he was receaving.



"How long will it last" Masato calmly asked.

Saotome stopped bouncing and flashed them a nervous smile. "Well... Ummm... Give or take a few years?"

"YEARS!!!" Everybody screamed in unison.

Shrugging Saotome continued, "There's this one ingridient I found in a forest somewhere... It's called the Reverse flower. (Super unoriginal!! I made that up:))
It's said to grow every 100 years"

Natsuki was already crying.. She's going to be a female for the rest of her life! What will happen to STARISH!!! OMG!!! She can have babies!!! She knew where they came from!! She's not completely oblivious!!!! Natsuki was hyperventilating now! Her vision was getting blurry and blurry. And before she knew it she let herself succumb into the darkness.

Meanwhile, everybody else were shouting insults at Saotome. They felt pity for their friend whose going to live a life as a hormonal raging female in a house of full hot blooded male's.

"NATSUKI!!!" Syo screamed catching Natsuki with his arms when he notice the female swaying. He gently sat her on the couch. The other's fanning her with magazine's, paper, towels and many more. Syo's eyes turned murderous! Natsuki was his best friend. They both protected each other in many ways since they were young. He never saw his best friend so vulnerable before.


"SYO!! NO!!!"

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