His Chelsea

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Everyone sat around eating in silence. No one talked, no one knew what to say. They were all still hurting from their recent loss. Daryl, who sat on some steps, sighed as he looked around the room. Everyone excluding Axel, Oscar, Carol, and Riley sat at a table together eating the mush that Carol had fixed. Oscar leaned against the railing of the steps as he scooped the food onto his spoon then into his mouth. Riley sat in front of him staring at his food. Ever since Daryl came back from the run with Maggie, Riley had become his shadow. He knew the kid needed some kind of comfort. He just lost his sister for God’s sake, but Daryl didn’t know how. He knew he couldn’t bring her back and that was probably the only thing that could help Riley at this moment. Daryl sighed again and continued to eat his food.

“Everybody ok?”

Everyone looked at the gate in surprise, seeing Rick standing there.

“Yeah, we are,” Maggie said quietly, hoping to not scare him off.

Rick walked closer to the group at the table noticeably keeping his eyes off the newborn held securely in Beth’s arms.

“What about you?” Hershel asked.

“I cleared out the boiler block.” Rick started, ignoring Hershel’s question.

“How many were there?” Daryl asked.

“I don’t know. A dozen, two dozen. I have to get back. Just wanted to check on Carl.” He patted Carl on the shoulder, not looking at anyone. Not even taking notice of Carol who now stood beside Oscar.

“Rick, we can handle taking out the bodies. You don’t have to.” Glenn offered.

“No, I do.” He nodded his head then stalked over to Daryl. “Everyone have a gun and a knife?”

“Yeah. We’re running low on ammo, though.” Daryl answered.

“Maggie and me were planning on making a run this afternoon. Found a phone book with some places we can hit, look for bullets and formula.” Glenn said.

“We cleared out the generator room. Axel’s there trying to fix it in case of emergency. We’re gonna sweep the lower levels as well.”

“Good. Good.” Rick mumbled, making his way back through the gate and closing it, ignoring Hershel’s call for him.

Everyone sat in silence once again. Carol stared at the closed gate worried for their leader. They had told her that he had lost it when Lori died, but she didn’t know it was that bad. She saw how he refused to look at his daughter. He refused to acknowledge her existence.

The silence continued another fifteen minutes. Everyone finished and began clearing away the bowls, Beth bouncing the baby around.

“I’m going to go talk to him,” Hershel said, breaking the silence.

Nobody tried to stop him as he hobbled through the gate and after Rick.

“C’mon,” Daryl called to those who wanted to help him sweep the lower levels. He grabbed his crossbow as Oscar, Carl, and Riley joined him, each with a gun and a knife.

They made their way down into the tombs once again, Daryl in front with his flashlight. A door to their right creaked as something behind it barley pushed against it.

“Check it out, man,” Oscar said, pointing his flashlight at the door. “Must have missed it last night.”

Daryl nodded knowing he was referring to Rick’s spree last night. “It’s probably just one or two of ‘em.” The door creaked again at Daryl’s words and he pushed it closed with his finger. “Don’t look they got much fight. They ain’t going nowhere. We’ll take care of it on the way back.”

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