Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter 16:

≈Sadie’s P.O.V.≈

   Well this will turn out to be an interesting day. First, work in the morning then a ‘date’ with Mark. Granted I can’t complain I mean come on! I get to hang with the entire football team almost. Sure I may not like all of them in a sense that I would want a relationship with well besides one but he is way out of league and may be awkward around the guys. I guess I should text him letting him know.

   Hey Mark its Sadie. I just wanted to let you know I’m not free till 12.

  Heyo Sadie and no biggie. Let me know when you’re home.

 Koolio. See ya later.

 Awesome that’s one less thing I have to worry about and now of to work before I’m late! I arrive at the dance studio and help assist the teacher with the cutest of kids and before I know it I’m heading home with the country station on the radio blasting and my windows rolled down. Heading inside the house, I decide to take a shower before texting Mark. I walked into the bathroom turning the shower on and decide that it is definitely time to shave as a run my hands down the stubble that has grown on my legs since my last shave two weeks ago. I jump inside washing myself with the warm vanilla sugar body wash and lather up my hair untangling it after being in a bun for two hours. Hopping out, I dry of picking out a pair of blue jean shorts and one of our many band show shirts thinking I have nothing to impress Mark with considering I don’t see him in a ‘romantic’ sense. I pick up my phone from where it was tossed on my bed turning it on checking the messages and see that I have one from Mark.

  Hey!! Where r u?

Sorry just got home…

You’re lying.

Eh…to each is its own.


Nvrmind. Where r we going?

Ah now where would the fun in that be my darling? ;)

*sighs* great it better not be a strip club!

*gasps* How’d you know!?!? : P

Ha-ha very funny. When do I need to be ready?



I’m here come on out.

5 min.


Sighing I put my phone into a small cross body purse and throw in my wallet and keys slipping on shoes as I head downstairs (easier said than done) and rush outside to see a beast of a motorcycle parked against the curb and a casual looking Mark resting up against it.

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