"Take a look at this one," his brother called.

He saw him pull a girl out of the crowd. Her head was shaven and her face was stained with tears, but it was her.

His brother ran his hands over the girl's hips and pulled her closer to him by her breast.

"Stop," he said, gripping his brother's wrist with a fist of iron. "We are not animals... not like them."

His brother looked at him incredulously. He glanced away, his shoulders slumping from the heavy weight that seemed to have just dropped on him.

He was still as young as yesterday. But why did he feel as if he aged twenty years in one night?

"You're no fun," his brother said, pushing the girl away.

He watched him go, wondering what he would fish up next.

"I'm sorry," he said, turning back to the girl.

But she was gone.

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