the lightning theif /fem percy version

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Look I didn't want to be a demigod it suck ass, monsters always chase you, try to eat your face off ,you get all stinky and you get monster dust in your hair it total sucks. Just because you get to be related to a fucking Greek God, and get powers don't mean shit they Pretty much ignore you. 

My name is Persephone by the way named after that stupid bitch that got her stupid ass kidnapped by haddes.My mom must of been really drunk when naming me If she thought that is a good name,but I prefer Percy Persephone Jackson is a mouthful. 

We were on the bus going to one of the stupid field trips at yancy we go to a lot at this school. Its suppose to be an all girls prep school. you know where rich parent send young hoes they call daughters here ,because they can't keep there pants on. I only here because my mom put me in this program for adhd kids plus I am delxeus it makes me a special case all the teacher here are ass hats. 

Except Mr. B he teach,s Latin here he's the only teacher who trys to help us Becky,Lucy,and grove. They are my best friend here Becky not rich she's here on probation ,like me she's been kicked out of every school she's attended Lucy doesn't seem like the bad type she's realty nice to every one she's delxeus though kinda a hopeless romantic.  

Grov is just handy cap but you should see her days we have soda which is practically never this school is evil just like Mrs. dods she always watches me talk about stalker I can understand grove she,s one of my best friends plus navy blofit that bitch always bullies her she is really asking to get her ass kicked. One thing that you should know about me I take shit from no one. 

I was about to get up to deck that bitch when grov pulled back "your on probation remember" "I don't care that bitch is going done" "It okay "....."NO ITS NOT" I cut her off and screamed. "She's right grove you should that bitch has it comming. " said Becky Can,t we all be friends. said Lucy trying to stop a fight. 

We enter the museum our group went to the Greek section "Can any one tell me what this is. "A borring field trip" whispered Nancy her friends giggled in response CAN YOU SHUT UP!! It came out louder than I meant "Yes Miss.Jackson" I hate it when teacher's do this even if they are cool teachers "kronous eating his kids the gods kronous was king of the gods." "Gods?"Mr b said with questionable look Titans I mean. "and why did he do t"He didn't want to be over thrown by his kids like he did his faughter". "So his wife got tired of him eatting her kids so she I'd baby Zeus and when he got older he got his sibling out daughter and kicked some ass and the gods won". 

" Correct miss Jackson" "like we are gonna use this in real life whispered Nancy." but Mr. b heard her any ways 

"Yes Miss Blofit" " Busted grov whispered to me and Becky" 

We started laughing because Nancy face was as red her hair. "Nice one" Becky whispered Yeah....I was cut off by Mr.b Miss. Jackson why don't you help miss Blofit out and tell use why this is important. "I..... This should be good said Nancy ." Nancy be stop being mean "said Lucy "Shut up Blondie every knows your dummer than shit and all your good for is.....before she could finish Becky stopped her whither one of her stone cold glares If you say one more word I'll killed you dead looks .No one was stupid enough to piss Becky off her glare's could even rival mine. 

Lucy started to cry and ran out the museum to the steps where we are going to have lunch. Mr.b didn't hear Nancy so she got off the hook I was so pissed of I started to rub my mom's prized necklace she gave me it is a mermaid my dad Gave it to her. She gave it to me along with my hair pin I keep on me at all time's , because I promised my on I would never take it off. 

Wow your not as poor as we all think Nancy said as she snatched my necklace off .That's it I was ready to kill 

now I lunged at Nancy I don't know what happen next I blacked out a little and I could hear the sound of a wave in my ear. "The water its like it grabbed her." people started to whispered .  

"Percy she pushed me" scrveamed Nancy."Now honey come with me" said Mrs Dodd with a birtsh accent "No it was me "said grov "Nice try miss Underwood I saw it was Miss. Jackson. I didn't understand why grov was trying to cover for me she was terrified by Mrs. Dodd " It's cool thanks any ways." I gave Nancy my I'LL KILL YOU LATTER GLARE, way worse than Becky if I'm pissed. 

"Come along Miss.Jackson " She lead me deep in the museum. Were did miss Dodd go I'm shure she was right in front of me but now she's was all the way up there .I thought my brain was playing tricks on me and ...... Confess and there will be mercy. I didn't know what she was talking about I guess she was talking about my illegal starch of make up and candy of out in my home room or that I didn't,do my report on Anna frank and coppied off of Wikipedia . 

Times up then she lunged at me I don,t know how I'd did it but I took of my hair pin and touched the star and it turned into a sword it hit her and she turned into dust. What the hell just happen. I walked back to the group. 

I hope" Mrs. k whipped your ass "hissed Nancy "who ?" 

"Mrs. k you idiot." "Ohh yeah" I said trying not to look like I'm crazy.  

I walked over to grov. "You know who Mrs.dodd is right" "I....she hesitated who?" I knew she was lieing  

"yeah grov were miss Dodd " I...she hesitated again 

don,t know who your talking about she said to quickly  

so we knew she was lieing " Grov your a horrible lier" 

"leave her alone she will tell us when she's good and  

ready". said Lucy she's been really quiet since the your only good for one thing see just like me and Becky our par rents aren't married her dad always call her a stupid hoe just like her mother. 

So it seriously got to her. Becky mom is a drug addicted stripper she can't keep a job and she let' strange men in the house all the time. One of them tryed to do something to Becky that's why she so tough , doesn't let her guard down. She and I met before school at this defense class. we both took .We met Lucy at there her she doesn't like going home to her faughter. 

Okay I'll drop it for today grov I only did that for Lucy's sake so as the year went on I got in more fights with that bitch Nancy .I knew I was going to get kicked out of Nancy  

I couldn't help to worried about my friends and how they would survive at Nancy without me yeah they had Becky but that wouldn't be enough. 

One night I heard grov sneak out the room so I followed her I didn't tell Lucy because she would say respect her privacy Becky isn't really sneaky she's straight forward kinda chick."but she saw her sir" "Let them injoy there ignorance grov we still need them to mature more" "but what about the dead line " I inched closer. 'The deadline is not your concern for now let the child enjoy there igrnorce for now." "but sir she say her...... what was that i hadn,t notice ,but my hair pin had fell so i grabed it and made a quick get away hidding in one of the classrooms so i dont get caught.I didnt know how grov heard that because i didnt notice it intill she said something weird.

i made my way back to my dorm as quickly as i could. what grov had said early still bothered me thourgh but i didn,t have time to worrie about that i have a 6 hour latin test plus im dexleus yah me! Do note the sarcasime ( can,t wait for the 6 hours of torture).

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