Chapter Eight: 2 months later

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James' leg was bouncing up and down the whole time we sat in the waiting room at the doctors office.
"Calm down, jeez, it's just a check up." I say, putting my hand on his knee gently.
"I know, I just...its our first kid, I do have a right to be nervous." He says, leaning back. He kisses my cheek.
"Ok. I'll let you have a panic attack while I'm giving birth."
"That's not funny Hals. Don't joke about that." He says, sternly.
"Sorry. I saw my opportunity and I took it." He rolls his eyes and holds my hand in his.
"Mr. and Mrs. Ryan?" A nurse asks, opening the door. We stand up and she takes us back to a room. "The doctor will be in shortly." She says, leaving.
"Can we figure out the gender yet?" He asks.
"I don't think so. Next time." I say.
"Ok. We'll get a good picture this time right?"
"Yes, stop worrying. You're gonna make me worry." I say. He sighs and pulls his phone out.
Twenty minutes later, the doctor comes in and gives us a kind smile.
"Hi guys. So you guys here to see the little guy in your stomach?" She asks, sitting down.
"Yup." James says, holding my hand.
"Alright, can I have you lift your shirt up a little?" She holds the gel tube up and squeezes some onto my stomach.
"Alright, let's find the heart and then we can get a good look at it." She looks at the screen and pauses. "How long have you two been married?" She asks.
"2 months." I say, looking at James.
"You two are so adorable." She says giving James a smile.
"Happily married for two months." I say, earning a slight glare from her.
James walks behind me, his arms around my waist as we head to the car.
"So it's a baby boy." He says smiling into my neck.
"Yea." I reply unlocking the car.
"We should starts thinking of a name. And probably get some stuff to paint the room."
"James. Not right now. After a few more months. It's too early."
"Haley?" He asks. Turning me to face him.
"This is our first baby. We need to plan and stuff." I nod.
"I know. But things happen and what if I lose the baby or something?" I pause. "I'm scared James." He hugs me, rubbing my back.
"It's ok to be scared baby." He says. "It's gonna be ok. Nothing will go wrong. This baby is gonna be healthy when it's born. You're gonna be ok." He kisses my forehead. "It's gonna be ok."
Hey guys. I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I've been dealing with a lot of things. But i should be back for now. A few things are really gonna be changing. I've changed some things so you might want to go back and read it over again

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