chapter 56

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"Angel, please c'mere to my side, you are cold and trembling", Taehyung shied away from Jimin's gentle touches like a little puppy, not even glancing at the other and timidly fiddling with his fingers.

"No thank you", he whispered politely, mewling surprised when Jimin suddenly reached forward.

Taehyung's head whipped around, eyes large and wide, because Jimin has grabbed his waist before pulling him close until Taehyung's legs got pulled over Jimin's.

The bluehead squealed in surprise, blushing deeply because he felt hard muscles moving under him, felt Jimin's hands wandering over his waist and creeping their way up to his hips in order to press him close.

"Much better. Have to warm my angel up", Jimin mumbled, nosing along Taehyung's jaw who shuffled uncomfortably. He has not dared to speak to Jimin again after the man's proposal, Taehyung has been way too shocked and surprised to properly answer yet Jimin didn't seem to be angry.

After all, the man wanted to give Taehyung the choice and not force him.

Jimin had learned from his past mistakes.

Jimin's hands were rubbing over Taehyung's sides affectionately, in the meaning to warm Taehyung up and the male let himself be defeated, leaning into Jimin's touch and sighing quietly.

"Better, my sweet angel?", Jimin cooed before nosing along Taehyung's jaw and pressing a little kiss behind his ear.

It was an unknown sight to look at, especially for Jimin's gang members, the driver glancing through the mirror back at their leader who was being so affectionate with this beautiful male who was sitting on his lap, pressed close to Jimin.

"I guess so...", Taehyung replied shyly, not daring to meet Jimin's eyes and the male looked so cute that Jimin forgave him, pulling the blue-haired male close to him.

"I want to apologize once more for our first meeting, Taehyung-ah. Not one day has passed where I don't think about it, wishing to erase the past", Jimin mumbled against Taehyung's shoulder and the male stiffened.

"Forget about it... you made it up by saving me from the t-twins", Taehyung said, voice trembling once he mentioned the twins and Jimin tightened his grip protectively.

"They won't get you", the gang leader promised Taehyung who nodded timidly, eyes zooming off for a moment before they snapped back to Jimin.The cutest puppy eyes looked up cutely to him.

"C-can I call Yoongi and Jungkookie to assure them I'm fine and out of the Kims' claws? I don't want my b-boyfriends to worry", the student asked timidly, fiddling with his fingers in his lap since he didn't know where to put them, too shy to touch Jimin.

The man's fiery eyes were enough to make him shrink.

"P-please?", Taehyung whispered, scared out of his wits by the look in Jimin's eyes yet the male quickly changed that look.

"Later Peach, how does that sound? Let me get you to my safe place first", the gang leader said, making Taehyung rest his head against his shoulder.

So Taehyung wouldn't notice Jimin's clenched fists when he mentioned Yoongi and Jungkook being in a serious relationship with him.


Taehyung was gently moved out of the car, the car's passenger quickly jumping out to his assistance as soon as the car stopped. Jimin immediately joined Taehyung's side, looking apologetically at the pretty bluehead.

"My angel", Jimin started and Taehyung's eyes fell on the tie in Jimin's hands.

He flinched backwards.

"Fuck, Taehyung, Baby, I'm not going to tie you up", Jimin panicked, trying to calm the already weeping puppy down who backed away from him, banging into the car door and mewling in pain.

The two members of Jimin's gang immediately jumped to Taehyung's assistance, also trying to calm the scared little male down and assuring him that they didn't want to harm him.

"Angel, please calm down, I do not mean to scare you. It's for your own safety, no one besides official gang members are allowed to see the way to our headquarters", Jimin soothed the scared male who couldn't stop trembling in fear.

He looked wide eyed over to Jimin and only calming down when the two others assured Jimin's words.

"It's for your safety, so if an enemy of ours sees you with us, you can prove you're innocent and they let you go", one of them said and the other nodded along while Taehyung looked up to them with big eyes.

"I-I'm scared... I don't want this", Taehyung whispered, not trusting Jimin with this.

"I'm sorry, angel, but it's for the best", the two men suddenly grabbed Taehyung's upper arms, caging the poor yelping boy in between them who squirmed in their grip.

"N-no!", Taehyung protested and sobbed pitiful in the end when Jimin wrapped the tie around his head, taking his view.

"P-please... scary", Taehyung sobbed and mewled when he felt how the men released him, being transferred into another pair of arms, a now familiar warmth engulfing him.

"It's over soon, angel, c'mon", he heard the soothing voice of Jimin coo close to his ear before he was forced forward.

The entirety of Jimin's gang was already head over heels for the gorgeous little being hidden away in Jimin's arms and stumbling so cutely over his steps, clinging onto Jimin helplessly which also was one of the reasons Jimin has done this.

A few of the members tried to sneakingly follow their leader and his cute lover, keyword tried.

"Y'know that I can see you, right?", Jimin snarled annoyed, turning around which caused Taehyung to crash into his chest with a surprised, scared mewl.

The men behind Jimin stopped, caught in their actions but they cooed once the blue-haired male released this adorable sound.

"So cute."


"Squishy Baby."

"I swear to god, no one is going to take us serious when you continue like this", Jimin grumbled annoyed, abandoning the excited men who all squealed very gangster-like, before Taehyung was gently pulled away.

Jimin was grumbling underneath his breath but stopped as soon as he heard the adorable little giggle coming from the beauty in his arms.

And Jimin thought, that maybe, things were going to turn out just right.



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