chapter 55

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A wolfish grin appeared on Jimin's face when he found his desired prey staring up to him out of glossy confused eyes, his hand gripping Namjoon's collar who struggled in his grip but a gun pressed to his temple caused him to halt all movements.

"Oh, I wouldn't move to much if I was you", Jimin said to Namjoon while Seokjin behind Taehyung was raging.

"Let go of my brother you fucking asshole!", he screamed at Jimin who clicked his tongue and cooed falsely at Namjoon before throwing him to the ground, Taehyung screaming inside the car.

"If you want him, you give me Taehyung and I'll let him live", Jimin commanded, pointing his gun at Namjoon.

"W-what?", Taehyung whimpered, confused and scared to the core. Jimin threw the terrified male a soft look out of hooded eyes.

"I'm here to save you, Angel", Jimin said softly, the words meant to calm Taehyung. But it angered the man holding him from behind.

"Our Baby doesn't need to be saved. He's ours!", Jin furiously exclaimed while Namjoon huffed in agreement but it only sent him flying to the floor by a punch of Jimin.

Taehyung released a scared whine when he was pulled back while Jin was cursing loudly.

"Last warning, Kim. I can always kill your brother and take Taehyung afterwards, I do not care for Namjoon's life. Your choice", Jimin seethed, aiming his gun at Namjoon coughing up blood on the floor before he turned to glare up at Jimin.

"Take him if you dare. There won't be one place where we wouldn't find you and turn your life into living hell for taking our Baby", Namjoon hissed but Jimin only laughed before he turned to look at the other Kim twin who glared at him over Taehyung's head.

Beautiful, teary eyed Taehyungie who was blinking up so cutely at Jimin, so innocent and pretty, it was a wonder how he could stumble in such a situation.

"Release him and I'll release your brother", Jimin demanded, patience running out and his finger ghosted over the trigger.

Seokjin gritted his teeth, slowly removing his arms from Taehyung and the boy gasped, trembling in his spot and Jimin's attention immediately was on Taehyung.

"C'mere Pretty, it's alright", he cooed, coaxing Taehyung out of his frozen position. The bluehead shakily shuffled towards the door exit, clutching fearfully onto his shirt while Jin's eyes laid possessively on the gorgeous male, a furious snarl on his face.

"You will pay for this, Park", Namjoon growled angrily when Taehyung got out of the car, anxiously looking between the two and mewling silently when Jimin bent his finger to coax him closer.

"To my side, pretty angel", Jimin said gently, opening his arm and Taehyung shyly walked up to him before pressing himself into Jimin's side.

He shakily exhaled, trembling slightly because he felt how the Kim twins were staring at him, knew this wasn't going to be over.

"There Pretty, you're alright, you're safe", Jimin mumbled sweetly towards Taehyung, circling the bluehead's waist with his arm before smiling down at Namjoon.

"Thank you for your cooperation", the now blond gang leader grinned before gently pushing Taehyung towards his own car where two of his gang members were waiting for their boss.

"Get your pretty ass into the car, Angel so I can bring you far away from them", Jimin said, demonically enjoying the angered expressions on his enemies' faces.

"One last thing, so you two won't follow us", Jimin smiled before pointing his gun at Seokjin glaring at him and shooting the man into his side. Taehyung screamed, eyes widening horrified before he was guided into the car while Namjoon yelled his brother's name and jumped to his aid, completely forgetting about Jimin who was pleased, blowing the smoke away from his gun.

Before turning, walking to the car and getting inside after Taehyung.


"Y-you shot him. You s-shot Seokjin", Taehyung stuttered fearfully after Jimin slid into the car and buckled his seat belt in before exhaling loudly and closing his eyes.

"Yes, I did, angel", Jimin said nonchalantly, showing no remorse for what he has done.

"B-but-- what if he dies...?", Taehyung whispered.

"Then he's dead and I have an enemy gone", Jimin replied back tiredly, not really caring for Taehyung's upset sound.

"H-how can you say this so nonchalantly! He—", but whatever Taehyung tried to say to Jimin got stuck in his throat when Jimin whipped around and reached towards Taehyung, pressing the surprised mewling male into the seat.

"In my world, you show pity and you die. Killing is an everyday activity for me so don't even try to understand things you couldn't understand. You're not part in this world so you don't understand and I never want you to be", Jimin snarled warningly at Taehyung who crumbled under his piercing eyes, making himself smaller and looking with wide scared puppy eyes up to Jimin.

"I don't mean to startle you, angel. But this world is unforgiving and you get nothing for free. The sooner you learn this, the better", Jimin said and Taehyung caught the hidden message behind his words.

"T-then what do you exactly want from me?", he asked in a tiny voice, fearing Jimin's response.

Yet all the man did was smile before gently caressing Taehyung's cheek, watching the little male flinch away surprised before halting and looking at Jimin wide eyed. Jimin has saved him from the Kim twins who planned to do worse with him... maybe the blond was going to have at least a bit mercy.

"I want you, angel", Jimin spoke softly, tender even because his last intention was to scare the pretty boy under him away. He has already ruined his first impression.

"I want to love you, want to give you the world. I'm powerful, I can give you anything you desire and I can love you like no one else will", the gang leader passionately spoke but halted when he saw the fear in Taehyung's eyes.

"Please don't be scared, I don't want to harm you in any way", Jimin panicked.

"I only want to love you, Taehyung. So what do you say?", Jimin asked, hope in his voice.

"Will you let me love you like you deserve?"



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