chapter 54

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Taehyung tried to ignore the hands on his body, he really did. But the more he tried to ignore it, the more he felt like the touches were burning on his skin, making it impossible for him to not feel it.

The hands were greedy, claiming his curves as their own, dark promises purred into his ears.

When he tried moving away, he was grabbed again and pressed back into the position of before, making him whine lowly in his throat, hands protectively coming up to his chest to protect the last bits of his dignity.

Gentle fingers moved over his wrists, bringing them down carefully.

"Baby, are we making you uncomfortable?", Namjoon asked concerned upon hearing the little cries coming from their Baby who nodded shakily while Seokjin was still nibbling on the soft skin of Taehyung's neck, in his own sensual world.

"Jinnie, our Baby is uncomfy", Namjoon said, amusement in his voice as well which deeply upset Taehyung but he kept silent.

Seokjin released Taehyung's neck with a growl, licking over the reddish skin he has abused with bite marks and hickeys, making Taehyung whimper weakly.

"H-hurts", Taehyung whispered vulnerably, trying to touch his neck but Namjoon gently pushed his hands down, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

"So pretty", Seokjin mumbled, grabbing Taehyung's small waist to press the gorgeous male against his body while Namjoon claimed Taehyung's thighs, the pretty boy squirming in displeasure because they continued to invade his personal space without caring for his consent.

"He'll look lovely in the clothes we have prepared for him, sitting in our bed for us. Like our good Baby", Seokjin purred, nosing along Taehyung's cheekbone who flinched away, only to be driven into Namjoon's arms. Panic and utter fear rushed through Taehyung's body.

"W-what clothes?", the panicked boy asked shyly, fluttering lashes hiding his eyes from the twins who cooed at the cute sight.

"Beautiful clothes we are eager to see you in. You would wear them for us, right? Or else", Namjoon's voice trailed off at the end into a growl, hands gripping tighter onto Taehyung's flesh and the boy yelped, understanding the hidden warning behind his words and quickly nodding scared.

Both of their dangerous auras immediately disappeared upon that, kissing his cheeks again and praising him silently before going back to marking him while Taehyung tried his best to hold his tears back.

These two were completely crazy, yet still trying to be gentle with him, so fixated on their desire to make him theirs, own him.So different yet so similar, Taehyung realized and shuddered when he felt a hand slipping under his shirt.

"P-please, c-can you give me a bit free space?", he requested them pleadingly, hoping they would listen to him because he did not know how much longer he could take it.

"Free space? Never heard of her", Seokjin jokingly said, crushing Taehyung's hope and a sudden cry left his lips when he was yanked around, lips crashing onto his when Namjoon pulled him into a forceful kiss.

Taehyung felt Jin's hand at the back of his head, supporting his weight while Namjoon was devouring his lips without mercy, hand slipping between his legs and massaging Taehyung's thigh.

Taehyung whimpered against Namjoon's demanding lips, feeling a tongue poke his lips and demand for entrance, nails scarping over the nape of his neck as a warning, forcing him to allow Namjoon entrance into his mouth which the man greedily took.

"Good boy, what a sight", Seokjin next to them sighed with a fond smile on his lips while he watched his twin brother making out with their Baby, watching Taehyung's adorable reactions intensely.

The boy was so cute, the whimpers he released captivating and twitches of his lithe form stunning.

A bump caused Namjoon to bite into Taehyung's plump bottom lip and the boy cried out from pain, tied hands trying to push Namjoon away but the elder didn't budge.

Only when Seokjin cursed, he pulled away, licking over Taehyung's swollen lips with a smirk, watching how the beautiful boy panted and looked at him vulnerably.

"W-why did you d-do that?", Taehyung whimpered, his shaking fingers touching his bottom lip but Namjoon gripped his hands, bringing his fingers to his own swollen lips.

"Because you're irresistible, Babydoll", Namjoon said huskily, sucking on Taehyung's index finger and the boy mewled while he watched Namjoon with burning cheeks.

Another bump caused Taehyung to tumble backwards, falling into Seokjin's lap with wide eyes and he hectically looked around, the men to his sides looking unpleasantly surprised before asking their driver what the fuck was going on while they held their shuffling Baby down.

"Still, Baby", Namjoon hissed at the trembling boy in their middle who did still, looking at him wide eyed in fear.

"If you dare to say anything, we'll gag you", Namjoon warned him while Seokjin yelled at their driver, so fast that Taehyung had his difficulties with following the conversation.

"Then fucking do something about it and get rid of them!", Seokjin snapped at their driver before the sound of the gas pedal being hit was heard, the engine roaring loudly before the car violently jumped back to life after they must have stopped.

"We're being followed", Seokjin spat through gritted teeth, grabbing Taehyung and pulling him up to place the boy back into their middle.

"Who?", Namjoon only asked, grabbing Taehyung's upper arm and forcing him back into the seat.

"Don't know yet. But I bet they are after our Baby", Seokjin hissed, typing furiously away on his phone and Namjoon let out a curse.

"Already on it, Joon", Seokjin answered an unspoken question while Taehyung has silently started to cry again.He was so scared and tired of these situations, he wanted to go home.

"Sh sh, don't be scared Baby, we will protect you, no one's gonna hurt you", Namjoon tried shushing Taehyung but the poor boy was full on sobbing now, shaking his head distressed and nothing would let him calm down.

"Taehyung, stop crying!", Seokjin finally snapped at the scared boy who shut his mouth but continued to whimper and sob while Namjoon was stroking his hair and rubbing over his arms to calm him down, pressing kisses to his hair and whispering sweet nothings at him.

"Fuck! I know who it is!", Seokjin suddenly exclaimed just when a car rammed into them from the side, making their vehicle streak and come away from their way, coming to a forceful halt when it crashed into a car on the opposite side.

The passengers' heads roughly hit the seat, only thanks to their close proximity to each other prevented them from hitting anything else but Namjoon's head crashed against the glass of the window, making him hiss from pain while Seokjin protected Taehyung who was screaming loudly.

The car came to an halt, Taehyung's loud screams and cries not stopped by the twins who searched for injuries on their Baby before calling out for their driver, Seokjin already calling for backup on his phone.

But then, Namjoon's car door was roughly yanked open, punched across the face when a person reached inside and dragged him outside, giving a free view at Taehyung who looked mortified at the sudden attacker.




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