chapter 53

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"Prepare the car and make sure there are enough blankets and things to relax. I don't want my Baby to suffer at all. Wait here on the same spot while we pick him up and if he tries to escape, you will be gentle with him and bring him back to me", Park Jimin instructed his men who all nodded with determined looks on their faces.

"Yes Boss! Nothing will happen to your Darling!", the men hollered back in response, all eager to prove themselves to their leader who was trusting them with the most precious thing: his lover.

A leader's lover was the most precious non member of a gang and to be protected under any circumstances.

So being part of the mission in rescuing Kim Taehyung, it was an huge honor to participate.

Jimin nodded satisfied before taking out a small liquid bottle and stuffing it into his pocket before turning to the apartment complex where Taehyung lived. It had been easy for Jimin to find out Taehyung's address once he found out that Yoongi and now Jungkook were frequent visitors of the cute bluehead.

Since Jimin had sent his spies out to inform him about his enemies' every moves, it then was easy for him to find Taehyung's address.

Jimin's steps led him to a simply white painted door, obviously the entrance to Taehyung's home as a pretty welcome mat was laying in front of the door and it somehow screamed his name.

But then Jimin's eyes fell on the broken door knob and his breath hitched when he pushed the door open and found nothing but chaos in the normally so pretty and tidy apartment.

Taehyung has been taken away, and Jimin had yet to find out who dared to do such a thing.


When Yoongi arrived at Taehyung's apartment, he was pissed to see two other cars already pulling up, knowing it was none other than the nuisance of a Jeon but for his Taehyungie's sake he gritted his teeth and waited for Jungkook to walk up the stairs and come to him.

There was a box neatly tucked underneath his arm and upon seeing Yoongi's suspicious glare, Jungkook rolled his eyes and adjusted the box.

"It's a present for Tae if you wanna know", Jungkook cockily stated and it was now Yoongi's turn to roll his eyes.

"Really Jeon? Trying to impress him with gifts? I thought you were more confident about his love for you but guess not. Seems like he loves me more because I don't need to buy his affection with presents", Yoongi smirked cockily and Jungkook threw him a glare.

"I'm not trying to buy his love, Min, just giving him the best like he deserves. I'm surprised you didn't thought of it as well", Jungkook snapped back while ringing the door bell and Yoongi bit back a curse when he suddenly noticed something odd about the entrance door.

Because there was air floating out of a small slit, indicating that the door was not locked but open.

Which was so unlikely Taehyung, the cute bluehead was a little paranoid and always had to lock everything.

There was no way he would leave his apartment door unlocked and that worried Yoongi.

"Shut the fuck up for a second. Something is wrong", Yoongi shushed the annoying younger who closed his mouth, throwing Yoongi a concerned look but once he spotted the opened door, his eyes widened.

"This is wrong, the door shouldn't be open", Jungkook mumbled himself now.

"No shit Sherlock", Yoongi sarcastically replied before pulling his gun out from the back of his jacket, Jungkook surprisingly shutting up and doing the same.

The two didn't question on why the other carried a gun with him as they were part of the same business.

"If Tae is in any way hurt", Jungkook mumbled lowly, eyes already darkening and Yoongi let out an agreeing growl.

Just the thought of their Baby slightly hurt drove Yoongi insane, not after everything Taehyung has gone through, the poor boy has suffered so much already because of them.

They shared one single look and Jungkook nodded, before Yoongi yanked the door open and the two stormed inside.

Jungkook immediately ran into the direction of Taehyung's bedroom while Yoongi searched the rest of the living room before calling out Taehyung's name.

"He's not here!", Jungkook returned back to the living room in bright panic, and paled upon seeing Yoongi's distressed and angry expression.

"Not here either?", Jungkook whispered, lowering his gun in defeat while Yoongi looked around and kicked against the sofa in anger.

Yoongi threw his head back and screamed loudly, not believing that this was happening.

There was no sign of Taehyung, the door was open and he wasn't answering their calls either. Something was heavily wrong about this situation and Yoongi feared for the worst.

Feared that one of their enemies, or worse love concurrents got their hands on the lively bluehead.

His eyes once more scanned the area in the hope of any traces of their beloved boyfriend while Jungkook has sunken to his knees.

And stopped in his tracks once he saw the shimmery reflection of a phone gleaming from underneath the couch table.

"Hyung, that's Tae's phone", Jungkook realized shocked and carefully picked the electronic device up, recognizing it this instant because Taehyung was never seen without his phone.

There was a sudden gasp coming from the doorway and when the two men whipped around, they saw Taehyung's neighbor, a friendly old lady who liked to talk way too much which they knew since both of them unfortunately got into her grasp after leaving from Taehyung's apartment.

"I heard screaming and immediately came here. Are the workers gone who told all of us we should stay home because they were fixing the engines? Did something not go well with Taehyung's apartment?", she curiously asked, going on about how nice these men were but Jungkook and Yoongi shot each other shocked glances.

"There were these handsome men as well, two so handsome young men I cannot believe they weren't models!", she rambled and that was the cue Jungkook and Yoongi needed to make up the puzzle pieces and get the picture they were searching for.

It left them horrified.

Taehyung has been kidnapped by the Kim twins.



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