chapter 52

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Taehyung was silently sobbing to himself while he felt two pairs of lips moving against his neck, hands forcing him down into the suffocating hold, quiet tears running down his cheeks that were licked away by two greedy tongues before he was forced down once again.

His throat bobbed while he was crying, feeling the hands caressing over his skin, one forced underneath his shirt to caress his naked waist, fingers tenderly moving over his flesh before they greedily digged inside and Taehyung choked out a stiffled moan of pain by this.

He didn't dare to move further in any way, feeling the hard frame of Namjoon's gun purposely digging into the soft flesh of his hip.

Trapped between the twins, Taehyung knew that this time they weren't to show him any mercy, not after he kicked Namjoon and defied them and his heart was beating in his throat because of it, he was so so scared.

The twins finally removed their lips from his skin with a wet sound, a tongue licking over a massive purple bruise created by lips and teeth.

The bluehead clearly felt the smirk against his feverishly hot skin that was littered all along with the purple and red bruises, hickeys and love bites. He looked completely ravished like this, like he has been devoured by a beast.

And he has, with the difference that it has been two beasts now cradling Taehyung in their middle, cooing softly at the silently crying boy who was too damn afraid to even move.

"Finally you're behaving, doll, you look so gorgeous like this", Seokjin purred, one hand moving over Taehyung's chest like a snake, coming across his little bud and applying pressure, watching pleased how the boy closed his eyes and held back a whimpered moan.

"Let all these pretty sounds out of that sweet mouth of yours", Namjoon commented when he cupped Taehyung's jaw gently, bringing Taehyung into a kiss.

But he growled when he finally got a taste from the gorgeous boy, the kiss turning greedy and Namjoon devoured Taehyung's lips like a starved hound.

Jin smiled by the scenery in front of him, caressing Taehyung's back who tried to push Namjoon away with his cuffed hands, mewling against his demanding lips and trying to pull away without being able to.

Because he felt Jin's hand on the back of his head, holding him back and locking him in place.

So he had to take the assault of his lips, sobbing loudly when he was released and even felt blood trickled down his bottom lip because the gang leader has bitten into the plushness of it. He brought his trembling hands to his face to wipe the blood away, shrieking when the cuffs were suddenly gripped.

"Let us clean that for you, Baby", Seokjin purred and started to suck on Taehyung's bloodied fingers while Namjoon has leaned back in his seat to savor Taehyung's addicting taste.

One hand of course lingering on the boy's waist.

Taehyung sniffled, looking absolutely adorable with the reddish tip of his nose and swollen lips, his hair hanging messily into his eyes but Namjoon gently wiped it away.

The boy flinched back, bringing his shaking hands to his chest to hide, trying to make himself smaller in the middle of the twins and the two men cooed at him return.

"Pretty Baby", Seokjin commented, hand coming back down to Taehyung's blue locks to caress it lovingly while Namjoon pressed a kiss to the boy's exposed collarbone.

Yet Taehyung stayed silent, looking dazed into space and wishing to be at another place, cuddling with his boyfriends or laying in his bed to relax.

But instead, he has been kidnapped for the third time in a row now, pushed into a mess he didn't want to participate in and being in the dangerous center of attention of five gangs.

What has he gotten himself into... Taehyung was scared he was never going to escape this mess he was now forced to call his life.

"Babydoll, you're coming with us to our apartment. Since you've been such a bad boy, especially to Joonie, we gotta punish you and put you in the red room. Aww, don't look at us with your puppy eyes, once you behave again we're taking you back to the golden room", Seokjin explained to Taehyung who weakly protested, shaking his head and squirming in their grip.

"P-please don't hurt me, please! I'll be good, I s-swear but p-puh-please I can't, I-I", Taehyung whimpered, choking on his sobs and gasping for air while fighting a panic attack, turning completely limb in the twins' hold who of course panicked.

"Baby, Baby, you have to breathe, breathe", Namjoon panicked while Taehyung tossed around in their grip and soon started screaming, he was at a point where he was not going to calm down anytime soon.

"Fuck", Seokjin cursed.

"Should we drug him so he calms down? I don't want him to black out from panic", Namjoon said while caressing Taehyung's face who slapped his hands away in his panic.

"Baby, calm down", Namjoon tried again but Taehyung didn't, he instead cried only louder and Seokjin pitied the poor male.

"Taehyung, Sweetie, we promise we won't punish you", Jin said and caught Namjoon's angry eyes.

"Jinnie, no we should teach him a lesson", Namjoon hissed while forcing Taehyung's flaring arms down to his sides. Seokjin pushed his twin away, tenderly taking the bluehead into his embrace.

"My sweet doll, I promise we won't hurt you nor punish you. It's not your fault that these idiots took you away from us, you're just an innocent baby after all, sweet and kind. You don't deserve our fury because it wasn't your doing. You're just too pretty for your own good", Seokjin cooed, carefully looking at Taehyung who stared at him with wide eyes, body trembling from exhaustion.

"Can I touch you, Tae my dear?", Seokjin asked. Taehyung knew he didn't have a choice so he nodded timidly, watching how Seokjin pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his tears away.

"Good doll, nothing but our good Baby. Joonie didn't mean it, he was hurt and angry at these meanies, not at you", Seokjin continued, rubbing over Taehyung's sides who looked over to Namjoon.

The man sighed and smiled apologetically at the pretty male.

"Jinnie is right, I didn't mean it. I'm used to submission and complete obedience but we want to treat you differently than our previous subs. Will you forgive me?", Namjoon carefully asked Taehyung.

And the male nodded, taking a shaky breath because he was scared of what would happen to him when he disobeyed.

He was absolutely terrified of the twins and didn't want to be on their bad side.

Taehyung had to act obedient to not get hurt anymore so he could form a plan and get away from them before it was too late.



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