chapter 51

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Taehyung stumbled backwards, attempting to close the door into their faces but he was too slow, too weak and they were too strong, easily slamming the door open and striking inside while their eyes never left him, they instead hungrily devoured his small frame with their dark lusted eyes.

"N-no-! Get away from me!", Taehyung choked out, voice trembling from panic when he saw the two men of his nightmares inching closer.

His eyes flickered over to Namjoon who looked completely recovered, to Seokjin, his former idol who smiled at him but the smile didn't hold anything friendly within.

"You gave us quite the hard time finding you, Baby but you can be happy, we're back and gonna take our Baby with us", Seokjin cooed while Namjoon pulled something out of his pocket.

"P-please", Taehyung whimpered, the little bluehead felt his heart pounding in his throat from how scared he was.

He inched away from them, trying to reach his phone on the kitchen counter to alert anyone to help him because he couldn't bear with the twins, not again, not like this.

But the horrific metallic sound of a gun caused him to freeze in his spot, hand lingering over his phone and he looked up with wide eyes.

"Don't touch that, Baby", Namjoon purred dangerously, gun aimed right at Taehyung's head and the bluehead trembled, a tear rolling down his cheek before it was followed by many more along with a small sob of anxiety.

"Be a good boy now or we'll have to carry this conversation way more unfriendly than we planned", Namjoon said with a low friendly voice that somehow made Taehyung more scared, looking around frantically for a way to escape but finding none.

After all, there was a gun pointing at his head.

"We really do not want to hurt you, Babydoll but you've been a bad boy, running away from us and even injuring Joonie. That's not nice, not when we wanted to make you our Baby. Baby needs a punishment now, don't you think so Joonie?", Seokjin said with a chuckle, moving closer to a frozen Taehyung who was still eyeing the gun warily.

"P-please leave me alone... y-you can have any other boy you like but p-please spare me."

Taehyung's words came out as trembling despair, yelping when Seokjin got way too close for his liking, flinching backwards. But a warning click of the gun caused him to freeze once again.

"But we want you, you're perfect for us, beautiful, clever, sassy and so so cute, you've been made to be our Baby",
Namjoon said while Seokjin reached inside his suit pocket to reveal shiny handcuffs and Taehyung whimpered by the sight, knowing what they were planning for him.

"Please have mercy", he begged them, a sob freed from his lips when he looked into their eyes to find nothing but desire and not even an inch of guilt. They weren't going to show any mercy and Taehyung realized he was trapped, unable to call for help with a gun aimed at him.

If he screamed now, maybe...

"Stretch out your arms, doll", Seokjin demanded as if he knew about Taehyung's conflict who didn't think twice before screaming for help, earning curses from the twins before Namjoon started to chuckle.

"Did you really think we just came barging into here? We already have the entire house under control, sweet thing. Still, such a stupid action that we have to punish", Namjoon said.

"Jinnie, could you please tie sweet Taehyungie up so we can leave?", the gang leader said, gesturing to his twin who giggled and nodded, grabbing Taehyung's wrists.

"Of course Joonie", he smiled, forcing Taehyung's wrists into the handcuffs and locking them shut while the smaller was squirming.

"N-no!", Taehyung begged and begged but his pleads hit deaf ears because Jin grabbed his cuffed wrists to drag him forward, the petit male stumbling against him with a groan and backing away scared.

"Behave or we'll have to knock you out", Namjoon huffed right when Seokjin pulled out his own gun to press the end against Taehyung's lower back.

"Move your pretty ass, doll", he told the shaking bluehead who shook his head in despair.

"D-don't do this, please, I-I know you hate t-the others but I'm not part of this drama, please leave me alone", he pleaded when they dragged him out of the house.

There were indeed dark clothed men all around the house and three big SUV cars were waiting for them as well.

"We started to have war with them when they took you away from us and attacked Joonie but don't worry your pretty head about it, they will die for that, but we'll make them suffer first. You mean something to them so you're not only going to be our cute little doll but the perfect bait for them to run into our trap", Jin said, pushing the tip of the gun into Taehyung's back for another time.

"Now get into the damn car", he hissed out.

The twins took Taehyung into their middle, Jin's gun still pressed into his back and Taehyung looked around in panic, trying to find a way to escape but these scary men crowded them and made it impossible for him to slip away.

Namjoon quickly opened the door and slid inside, arms reaching out to take Taehyung into his hold before the boy could change his mind.

They forced him to slide into the car, Namjoon taking a hold on his slim waist to pull him roughly inside, earning a squeak from the smaller who fell over Namjoon, eyes wide and hands trying to pull himself away.

"Cute doll, running away won't help you now", Namjoon cooed amused and pressed Taehyung closer.

Cyan locks cascaded over his teary puppy eyes when he threw a helpless glance to the outside now being blocked by Seokjin who followed them suit, slamming the car door shut and locking Taehyung inside.

He was caged in between the twins, feeling tiny and completely exposed, at their mercy and his heart was beating inside his throat by now.

Both of them were staring at the scared little thing in their middle, fiddling with his fingers in his lap and bowing his head so he didn't have to look at any of them.

But a hand prevented this, lifting Taehyung's chin up to face Seokjin while Namjoon tightened his grip around Taehyung's waist, pulling the blue haired male against his side.

Doe eyes looked pleadingly into dark orbs, Seokjin's handsome face a mask.

"We finally have you back, Babydoll."



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