chapter 50

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"Hoseok? What are you doing here?", was the first exclaim Taehyung did when he saw the now red haired male walking up to him with a smirk, eyeing Taehyung's cute rosy apron tied around his tiny waist and the precious look on his face. It was cute, absolutely adorable and Hoseok caught himself smiling.

"I wanted to surprise you plus am I not allowed to go into a bakery?", Hoseok smiled at the gorgeous bluehead behind the counter, nervously looking at the other customers who glanced at the intimidating looking man who has entered the small bakery along with two buff looking men.

They both beamed brightly upon seeing the adorable student behind the counter, greeting him enthusiastically, so unlike their appearance. The two gang members were honored to see their leader's lover, eager to smile at the gorgeous male who shyly waved at them before he turned back to Hoseok.

"Not when it's my work place and could you please tell your guys to not stare at me like this, they are scaring the customers. I have everything under control", Taehyung said, immediately referring to the gawking customers. Including a certain group of annoying boys.

Taehyung sighed, rolling his eyes but allowed Hoseok to sit on a nearby table along with the two males. Hoseok smiled up to the blue haired male. "But they are just making sure nothing happens to you plus all of them admire you for conquering my cold heart", Hoseok said sneakily and gripped dramatically onto his heart. Taehyung rolled his eyes.

"You're unbelievable."

"Unbelievable in love, pup!", Hoseok exclaimed, once again dramatically, and Taehyung rolled his eyes for another time before shooting them a small smile. "Just order something, idiot", he said before turning around to serve a new customer, shooting the old lady a sweet smile.


Hoseok continued flirting with Taehyung and leaving him a blushing mess. It was adorable to watch, the red haired man simply wanted to be in Taehyung's presence and admire his beauty, nothing more. Which didn't please a certain male also staring at Taehyung, his eyes never leaving the lovable male.

Jealousy burned inside his chest because all he ever wanted was Taehyung's attention. He at the end got it the wrong way, bullying the poor boy who did nothing wrong then being adorable and pretty yet it was even this way his heart was stolen. And he was even more brutal and mean when his heart was broken, seeing how his crush was flirting with another man.

Taehyung was surprised to be stopped during his work, a hand grabbing his forearm tightly when he was wiping tables clean in the eating area, another employee treating the customers at the counter.

"Yo Tiny, who's that guy over there? Gotta say, you do have a way with guys, don't you little slut. Been fucking around and giving me sweet eyes when you let other fuck your slutty ass why did I even like you in the first place...", the guy hissed, Taehyung flinched by the rough words and turned to face his bully with hardened eyes. He was better than let a guy like him rule over his life.

"Let go of me now Bogum or-", Taehyung started, obviously annoyed with the other man who hissed in response, his jealousy turning worse because every time Taehyung looked at him, it was with hatred and not this cute shyness he showed towards this other guy.

"Or what? What would you do, you whore?!", Bogum growled, digging his short nails harder into Taehyung's soft arm and the beautiful male flinched, face scrunching up in pain.

"Let go of him now", a new voice joined in, somehow saving Bogum from behind round house smacked by Taehyung who debated whether to punch him into the nutsack or twist his arm. Hoseok stood behind Taehyung, glaring at Bogum who let go of Taehyung's arm as if he was poisoned.

"And who the fuck are you to command things?!", he hissed angrily at Hoseok, a mistake he came to realize when these two bulky men stood up, knowing he wasn't going to stand a chance against them especially when his own friends cowardly left already.

"I'm his boyfriend. And if you don't want your life at risk I suggest you listen to what my Baby says", Hoseok warned, pulling Taehyung against his chest protectively and wrapping one arm around him. The bluehead stared at Bogum silently and the other huffed, knowing he was defeated.

He left, with his tail in between his legs and leaving his shattered heart to the ground but he never looked back.


"Did you mean the things you said?", Taehyung shyly asked Hoseok when he accompanied him back home, offering him a ride and Taehyung has been grateful for Hoseok's help before that he took the offer, the two other men, Hoseok's gang members excited for some reason and nearly pampering Taehyung until one glare of their boss shut them up.

"I meant every single one of them. I'm in love with you and I know that I'm not the only one but please Taehyung, give me a chance. I will not give you up, I will fight for you. And you stand under the protection of my gang so nothing can harm you, pup", Hoseok sincerely said, taking one of Taehyung's hands in his when they stood in front of his door.

"H-Hoseok... my heart i-is full of love but I'm scared... when I fall for you, I fear you are ending up in a fight for my love and I don't want that... I don't want a war just because my heart was stupid enough to love more than one person", Taehyung whispered, sadness lingering in his eyes as well as fear. Hoseok tilted his head, confused to what Taehyung meant and eager to be explained.

"Who do you love, Taehyung-ah? Tell me", Hoseok gently told Taehyung who took a shuddering breath, afraid to lose Hoseok as a friend and also fearing his affection would turn into hatred. After the stay together in the hospital, they've become friends and Taehyung would be lying if he said he did not like Hoseok.

"I-I'm in love with J-Jungkook and Y-Yoongi...", he shyly whispered and Hoseok sucked a deep breath in. Before a small smile appeared on his face, looking at Taehyung in thought.

"My rivals? That's unfortunate... but maybe it's a sign for us to stop fighting and maybe form an alliance to keep you by our side. Maybe this is the sign to end our feud, for your sake", Hoseok mumbled and lifted Taehyung's hand up to press a kiss to his knuckles.

"Maybe you're the saving angel we need."


The words didn't leave Taehyung's mind after Hoseok bid his goodbyes to him. It was early in the afternoon, his shift ending midday and he was absolutely wrecked and exhausted from this day but also content how everything worked out. He felt pretty, to say at least, pretty and desired and it was a great feeling.

He would've never guessed that his life would turn out this way, suddenly involved with gangs and being called 'mysterious beauty' but he also secretly liked it. Taehyung after all has always been a sucker for dark romance and he allowed himself to get lost in that feeling.

So lost that he almost didn't notice his doorbell ringing. Curiously, he walked up to the door, already dressed in his most comfiest sweater and sweatpants, showered and comfortable and actually having called his- his boyfriends to come over. Taehyung still couldn't believe he could call two hot men his boyfriends.

But his lovesick smile faltered when he opened the door, maybe expecting a neighbor or delivery guy but not the horrifying sight in front of him.

"Y-you-!", he gasped out, eyes wide and his entire body froze, unable to move when he was faced with the sight of his trauma. Deep fear captured his heart, all of his anxiety rushing back and taking his breath, making him realize that the nightmare came back to take its hold on him.

Because in front of his doorstep stood two smirking men hungrily staring at him.

"Did you miss us, Babydoll? We still have unfinished business with each other, don't we?"

It were the Kim Twins.



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