chapter 49

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The men continued glaring at each other after Taehyung spoke these adorable words, blush still visible on his face and refusing to let the men bicker again, sternly looking in between them.

"Nothing will change my feelings, no matter if you bicker or not", he sternly told them, hands resting on both of their chests.

"So please, can't you two just get along with each other? For me?", Taehyung used his best puppy eyes on the two men who stayed silent, only glaring at each other in the wish to pull Taehyung away and simply keep him to themselves.

"I don't want you to fight, please", Taehyung sadly whispered.His bottom lip jutted out into an adorable pout while he hopefully looked at the two men who still refused to let go of him or glare at the other.

"I-I just confessed to you and you don't even want to say anything?", the little bluehead softly said now, with tears welling in his eyes because he felt humiliated and embarrassed from the way they reacted.

Here he was, thinking it was a good idea to say such things out loud but he regretted to confess to them when this was their reaction.

But it did its deed, Jungkook's and Yoongi's eyes snapped towards him and they panicked when they saw how Taehyung looked, just like a kicked puppy.

"Baby, I'm sorry", Yoongi cooed, suddenly completely forgetting about the feud with Jungkook because his entire attention was fixed on the sniffling blue haired puppy who stared at him with vulnerable doe eyes.

"Y-you don't like me", he sobbed out quietly, ignoring the cooed words coming from the two men because his confidence has been completely destroyed by now.

"No Baby, what are you saying! I do like you, fuck Tae, I've been crushing on you since years but you were always too dreamy to notice", Yoongi said, hands circling Taehyung's small waist to pull him forward, Jungkook letting out a noise of protest.

"You are incredibly beautiful and you listen only to your heart. Strong, gorgeous and so so lovable, fuck do you have any idea how much I'm in love with you?", Yoongi murmured, nosing along Taehyung's neck to inhale his addicting scent.

Taehyung whimpered by this, clutching onto Yoongi's big hands with his own, shakily exhaling when he felt warm wet lips on his fiery skin. He felt like he was burning but it was a good burn.

"H-Hyung", Taehyung whimpered, eyes fluttering close when Yoongi started to suck on his skin.

He squealed in surprise when another pair of trained arms circled his body, two hands resting on his hips and pushing him back so he felt two hot bodies in front and behind him.

It was Jungkook, of course it was, the tall raven possessively claiming the other side of Taehyung's neck.

"Jewel, you know well about my feelings so please don't say that I don't love you because I do... I shared my heart with you and I don't want it back, it's yours to keep", Jungkook mumbled huskily against Taehyung's skin who whined, scratching on their hands because he felt so squirmy.

"Do you believe us now, when we say, we love you?", Yoongi asked. Somehow, their confessions brought peace to the both of them because they realized how true and pure their feelings for the blue haired male were and why would they destroy the same love they both felt?

"Since you are so upset with us fighting... I mean I still am not fond of it but seems like the only solution... I could accept to share you with Min", Jungkook said through gritted teeth but for the sake of his jewel's happiness, he was willing to share.

"Yeah... as much as I want you to myself, you have feelings for him too and I respect that. I know your heart and how much love it has to give. Plus it's not my place to decide as long as I can be with you, I'm happy", Yoongi exclaimed and Taehyung beamed at him before pulling him into a kiss, turning away to press his lips on Jungkook's.

"I would love to be with the both of you", Taehyung shyly said and the two men cooed before hugging him tightly, sandwiching him in between and Taehyung squealed, smiling happily.

"So, boyfriends?", he asked shyly, the two immediately nodding with fond smiles on their faces, their feud forgotten.

Anything to make TaeTae happy, right?

"I have two boyfriends now", Taehyung dreamingly smiled, making them coo.

"You're so cute, jewel", Jungkook cooed whipped and pecked Taehyung's lips. The blue haired boy was grinning cheekily the entire time before his eyes fell on the clock on the wall and he gasped.

"Oh no! I have a shift in the bakery today!", he exclaimed, eyes widening in horror when he noticed he was going to be late and he untangled himself from his now boyfriends who commented the sudden loss of their Baby with a whine.

"Baby, you don't have to work, let me take care of that, I have more than enough money", Jungkook tried but received a cute glare in return.

"Nuh huh, I can take care of myself plus my apartment isn't going to pay for itself, right?", Taehyung said, running around and collecting his items he would need for work.

"But Baby-", Yoongi started, trying to reach out for Taehyung but the beautiful male jumped back with a sneaky smile.

"No Yoonie, I gotta go to work but let's meet in the evening okay? Just the three of us? So then we can celebrate", Taehyung said, his smile turning teasing when Jungkook walked up to him and wrapped his arm around his small waist.

"I hope you and I have the same understanding of celebrating, jewel because I would love to see you moaning under me again", Jungkook purred into Taehyung's ear who shivered.

The bluehead looked at him with hooded eyes before pressing his plump lips to his ear.

"If you be good and go now, you can have me the way you want", he whispered sultrily and Jungkook smirked before letting go of Taehyung after pecking his lips.

"Got it, jewel."

"Hyungie, see you tonight? Can't wait", Taehyung mumbled, walking over to Yoongi who shortly wrapped his arms around him.

"Me neither, peach. Wanna have you in my lap like I dreamed of", the man growled needy and Taehyung giggled sweetly.

"Keep that excitement for tonight, Hyungie."



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