chapter 48

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A knock on the door made Taehyung look up and Jungkook groan, already annoyed by all these interruptions.

"Who the hell is it this time", Jungkook growled and stomped to the door, not even giving Taehyung the chance to go himself, a weak protest on hi plump lips but Jungkook has already yanked the door open.

And was met face to face with none other than glorious Min Yoongi.

A groan left his lips, seeing one of his enemies but then a smirk slowly appeared on his face after Yoongi's eyes wandered down on him, knowing the way he was looking and leaned against the door frame.

"We don't buy anything", he said cockily, crossing his arms in front of his chest while looking at Yoongi who was fuming in anger upon seeing Jungkook in Taehyung's apartment.

"What the fuck are you doing here?", he seethed through gritted teeth with visibly darkening eyes and already planning Jungkook's murder in his head.

The same moment where Jungkook threw him a cocky smirk, Taehyung's lovely deep voice came from inside the apartment.

"Jungkookie, who's at the door?", he yelled towards the still smirking raven who stared triumphantly at Yoongi. The shorter man glared back at him with fury.

"Don't think this means anything, just because he called out a nickname", he spat. Jungkook's smirk widened.

"Oh, I'm not imagining anything for this, I did so much more with him", Jungkook grinned evilly and leaned closer to Yoongi.

"You can't even think how lovely his moans sound when he's being pleasured, it's so cute and hot at the same time", Jungkook whispered towards Yoongi who's jaw clenched by this exclaim.

"It's your friend, Jewel", Jungkook then said into the apartment, opening the door further to reveal a surprised/horrified looking Taehyung who stared up to them with wide puppy eyes, heart shaped lips parted cutely. Both of them cooed and then glared at each other.

"H-Hyungie, h-hi", Taehyung stuttered nervously and jumped to his feet after dropping the flowers onto the glass table in front of him, shakily dusting off his shirt and he blushed once he realized that it was actually Jungkook's, causing him to bite his lip in embarrassment.

Yoongi of course noticed that, eyes hardening while staring at Jungkook who wore nothing but a loose shirt, one he wore beneath his dress shirt Taehyung was currently wearing and his low sitting jeans.

"Tae, we were supposed to meet up today, did you forget?", Yoongi instead chose to ask through gritted teeth.

The little male flinched before his eyes flickered towards Jungkook who looked incredibly amused with the situation and moved to sit back on the couch with both of his muscular arms resting behind him.

"I-I'm sorry, Hyungie...", Taehyung mumbled ashamed, looking to the ground and fiddling with the hem of his, pardon Jungkook's shirt.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too for being distracting", Jungkook said from the couch and Taehyung sent him a glare.

"Not helping the case", he hissed at Jungkook before sheepishly looking at Yoongi who turned his harsh glare into a more softer look.

"Hyung... something- happened yesterday, that's why Jungkook's here. We both got hurt and supported each other", Taehyung explained, not knowing why he was feeling so guilty as they weren't even in a relationship.

Still, it felt incredibly weird for him to be facing his one crush while the other was sitting on his couch.

"You mean by him fucking you?", Yoongi bit out angrily, barely concealed fury and jealousy now visible on his face and it made Taehyung gasp before he blushed deeply.

Jungkook on the other side was no ashamed at all.

"Exactly", he chirped evilly, watching Taehyung whine and throw a pillow into his direction.

"Shut up! You're not helping!"

"I'm not here to help this case, why lie about something you and I both enjoyed? And for the measurement, Min, Taehyung's mine now and you can't change that."

"Y-yours? YOURS? Hey, I have a say in this--"

"He's not yours!", Yoongi furiously interrupted Taehyung angry exclaim, walking over to the blue-haired male to grab him by the waist, easily capturing a stunned squealing Taehyung when he was pressed against Yoongi, a hand grabbing his chin to bring his head down.

And feeling soft lips against his own.

Jungkook jumped to his feet upon seeing this, a growl leaving his lips while Yoongi was fiercely kissing Taehyung who whimpered and moaned silently against his lips, melting in his arms.

Yoongi smirked before adding his tongue into the heated kiss, licking Taehyung's lips for entrance and once granted, he took it upon himself to devour every inch of the boy's pretty mouth.

"H-hmm, Hyungie", Taehyung whimpered against Yoongi's lips who growled satisfied, kneading Taehyung's soft curvy waist with his big hands and not caring that the shirt slipped up more and more to expose the luscious curve of Taehyung's ass.

Taehyung yelped surprised when he was ripped out of Yoongi's arms, his back pressed against a hard chest from behind before arms circled around his waist.

Small pants left his swollen lips when his head got yanked around, another pair of lips crashing on his while he felt hands roaming over his body, a second pair added before he felt heat coming from the front.

"Yours? He'll never be yours, not as long as I have a say in it", Yoongi growled out angrily while Jungkook was devouring Taehyung's pretty lips to get rid of Yoongi's touch.

Taehyung mewled in pain because of his swollen lips and moved his head away to stare at the two men shocked.

"W-what?", he mumble completely freaked out about being kissed so suddenly by the both of them, the close proximity making him all shy and flustered.

"Kitten, don't play dumb with me now, I know the way you look at me", Yoongi spoke confidently and Jungkook snorted.

"He belongs to me, Min."

"You think? Because he definitely moaned against my lips and not yours."

"Maybe he was in pain."

"H-hey stop this!", Taehyung squeaked and tried wriggling out of Jungkook's hold who didn't like that at all, pulling Taehyung back.

"D-don't fight... not about me", he whispered, shyly glancing at the two men who were still glaring at each other.

But their eyes immediately snapped towards Taehyung when he timidly said the next words.

"N-not when I like you both..."



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