chapter 47

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"You wanna have breakfast, jewel?", Jungkook asked with a cheeky grin while flipping something inside the pan he had in front of him. Taehyung halted in his tracks, drying the strands of blue hair with a surprised look on his face.

He had left to shower, already preparing to find his apartment empty. Only to be greeted with the delicious sight of Jungkook preparing food shirtless and only in the pants he wore yesterday, hanging low on his hips and showing off his amazing figure.

Taehyung licked his sudden dry lips by that, gulping heavily before he blinked multiple times, already having forgotten what Jungkook has asked him.

"H-huh?", he let out very intelligently and Jungkook chuckled, arm muscles flexing when he lifted the pan up to finally turn to Taehyung. Of course wearing a smug expression on his face when he saw the flustered state he has put Taehyung in.

"Breakfast, Honey. I made food", Jungkook said.

His expression turned into a smirk because Taehyung was still staring at him, eyes wandering over Jungkook's rock hard abs, Taehyung knew, he felt them last night, and god he really was so freaking hot, please stop me from drooling--

"Jewel, please stop drooling and answer me properly", Jungkook demanded, voice dropping low into his Satoori accent and Taehyung actually pressed his knees together a bit before squeaking loudly and running out of the kitchen.

"Breakfast sounds lovely, Jungkook-ah!", he yelled from the bedroom, while Jungkook laughed loudly.

Creating more problems in Taehyung's heart and pants.


"You got chocolate sauce all over you, you messy eater", Jungkook chuckled and wiped the corners of Taehyung's mouth instead of kissing the sauce away like the other times and Taehyung swore he did not do it on purpose, really not.

"I'm really not used to you being so sweet and affectionate", Taehyung mumbled, shaking his head so his blue hair would get out of his eyes, side glancing at Jungkook who shrugged his shoulders and finished his last bite of absolutely delicious pancake.

"Shall I insult you so you feel comfortable, baby?", Jungkook asked cheekily and laughed when Taehyung smacked his shoulder.

"No! I meant that I like you being this way... although I'm surprised you still haven't left. Don't you usually leave almost immediately after the act is done?", Taehyung asked, still feeling suspicious around Jungkook because he has heard so many bad stories about the man and his playboy antics.

Jungkook sighed, resting his weight onto his elbows when he leaned forward, really close to Taehyung's face to reach forward and play with his azure hair.

"Usually but you're not like the others. Like I said, I'm in love with you so hell can freeze but I won't leave you alone. Especially when all these other idiots are after my pretty jewel as well", Jungkook explained.

Taehyung shuddered by the intense look in his eyes. He wanted to say something else but right on cue, the doorbell rang and Jungkook pulled away with a curse.

"Who the fuck", Jungkook growled, feeling possessiveness bubbling up in his heart because he wanted to have Taehyung to himself, he just got the beautiful boy to warm up to him and there was no way he would let him slip away again.

"Jewel, just ignore it", Jungkook grumbled, rounding the table in the kitchen to pull Taehyung onto his lap, the bluehead squirming a bit but breathed out a little moan when Jungkook's lips found their way home to Taehyung's neck where he has already sucked multiple hickeys onto the skin to embrace his presence on the lovely boy.

"N-no ah, Jungkookie, maybe it's important!", Taehyung protested and squirmed out of Jungkook's addicting touch, the raven sulking in his seat.

"I don't know who you are but I hate you already", he huffed, staring after the messy mob of blue hair while his little puppy hurried to open the door.

"S-sorry for- oh? Hello? Is anyone here?", Taehyung asked, confused on why there was no one standing in front of his door. He instead was met with an empty corridor and he shrugged his shoulders, thinking it was maybe a joke by some funny teenagers who ran away after ringing the bell.

But then his eyes fell down onto his doormat where a beautiful bouquet of blue flowers was laying and his breath hitched in awe.

"Woah", he mumbled, gently picking the flowers up to carry them inside his apartment and closing the door softly behind him, eyes fixed on the beautiful bouquet.

Jungkook who has stayed in the kitchen now moved into the living room as he was curious, and also on the edge, who could've knocked on the door. Anger bubbled up in his chest when he saw Taehyung sitting on the couch, his lap full of blue flowers.

Another tight knot formed in his stomach, hot burning his insides with a feeling he was surprised to feel.


"What's this?", he asked, although highly aware that this must've been a gift from one of his concurrents, damn Taehyung and his ethereal beauty for attracting so many man, but he wanted to see Taehyung's reaction.

Taehyung's lovely brows furrowed by the question, shooting Jungkook a glance of innocent eyes that made the man hard to control himself.

"Flowers... I don't know, maybe someone send me these?", Taehyung assumed, staring at the blue flowers and he gently picked the bouquet up to search for maybe a sign who could've sent him these.

Jungkook was staring at him with clenched fists, jealousy raging through his body because yes, he has shared the bed with the beauty but he was far away from making the male exclusively his.

Jungkook had to put a lot of effort inside to make Taehyung fall for him, because right now, he believed that they were only together because of the recent truth discovered together.

While in reality Taehyung has already developed a crush on Jungkook but he was not saying that out loud because he was feeling ashamed and confused. Because Jungkook was not the only one making his head spin and his heart beat faster.

"Here's a card", the blue haired male mumbled, pulling out an ivory colored card to flip it around. He was met with elegant curved handwriting and a deep blush formed on his cheeks upon reading the words.

For my lovely little pup, the color reminded me of your beautiful hair ;) I plan to send you more and more presents until I have you fallen for me like I've fallen for you, Lovely

Signed, Jung Hoseok

"O-oh, my god", Taehyung breathed out, smiling cheekily to himself and nearly forgetting Jungkook's presence closeby who was silently raging from anger and jealousy.

And just in that moment, he made the promise to have Taehyung to himself. This gorgeous, blue haired angel was going to be his and even if he had to risk a war for him, his pretty jewel was worth it.

Too bad that five other men had the same opinion.



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