chapter 46

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Soft soft—

Taehyung awoke in Jungkook's arms.

Their naked bodies pressed together on Taehyung's bed and the blue haired male smiled sleepily before turning around in the others arms to press a kiss to his chest.

Jungkook was still sleeping and he looked absolutely gorgeous in Taehyung's humble opinion.

Really gorgeous, an asshole but a hot asshole.

The thought made Taehyung frown but it then turned into a giggle, remembering the way Jungkook has whispered little love confessions over and over again into his ear while pleasuring him until Taehyung has forgotten everything around him.

"Got you whipped, huh Jeon", Taehyung mumbled, admiring Jungkook's sleeping face that looked so relaxed, so void of any emotion, he didn't look like a scary gang leader but simply boy. Taehyung decided he liked that look very much.

It felt like a dream to Taehyung, everything of the past happenings.

His mind was still spinning about the fact that his father has made an appearance in his life, something he wasn't really fond of as the man has never wanted to interact with Taehyung and now out of the sudden?

No, Taehyung was not going to allow him entrance into his life.

A little sigh left his lips when he cuddled closer to Jungkook's naked chest, smirking to himself when he saw the little hickeys he has made on Jungkook's chest and neck the night prior.

Taehyung liked to engrave his presence on the ones he liked, he had an oral fixation if you will.

"Please still be nice once you wake up and not treat me like an asshole again... my heart can't take it, not when I'm falling for you... b-but Jungkookie, you aren't the only one I love", Taehyung whispered sadly, wiping some strands of black hair out of Jungkook's perfectly sculptured face.

Taehyung was scared to get his heart broken, scared to be back on the first base and that everything Jungkook said has been just a trick to get into his pants.

And now that he got what he wanted he would drop Taehyung like everyone else and Taehyung was so incredibly afraid of it.

He craved love so much and felt actually stupid for giving in to his heart's desires in the vulnerable moment he has shared with Jungkook, both broken, confused and hurt, searching for love and finding it in each other's arms. Maybe Jungkook regretted that.

Maybe he was going to yell at Taehyung, cuss at him, be disgusted or break his heart because he didn't care—

"Tae? Jewel, why are you up?", but none of his worries came true. Taehyung instead was rewarded with an awakening Jungkook who's husky morning voice was sending chills down his spine, soft look in his eyes.

"Couldn't sleep anymore", Taehyung mumbled, pulling the blanket closer over him to nearly hide beneath because he was fearing rejection.

Jungkook yet again surprised him with staying silent but staring weirdly at Taehyung and the blue haired student gulped heavily.

"Why are you looking at me like this?", he asked with a tiny voice when Jungkook's eyes still didn't pull away from him.

"Because I really thought that yesterday was just a dream, but here you are, in my arms... Gimme a second Baby, I just can't believe my luck", Jungkook mumbled, Taehyung now recognizing the feeling in his eyes as fascinated admiration. He blushed deeply by this cheeky exclaim.

"W-what? What are you saying, you idiot", Taehyung squeaked and hit Jungkook's chest who was still looking mesmerized, quickly catching Taehyung's hand and pressing a kiss to his palm.

"Ew", Taehyung laughed and pulled his hand away in faux disgust.

"Don't ew me, not after what we did", Jungkook grumbled before pulling Taehyung close by his hips.

"I still can't believe yesterday was real", he sighed after making sure Taehyung was comfortable in his arms, pressing a kiss to his messy blue hair.

"I'm surprised you're still here", Taehyung mumbled in return and felt Jungkook looking at him.

"What do you mean? Why would I leave you when I wanted you for so long, jewel?", Jungkook asked surprised.

"Oh", he then breathed out, seeming to get what Taehyung was referring to.

"You mean because of our rough start", Jungkook mumbled while drawing little circles over Taehyung's back. The bluehead hummed in response, closing his eyes because he liked being caressed like this.

"Jewel, we might have had a rough start and you in no way deserved me being rude to you but I really thought you saw the way you changed me to good. And saw that my love is no joke for me", Jungkook spoke, so casually saying the word love again that it left Taehyung choking on his spit.

"What? I do love you, I told you this before. Well you were sleeping the first time I told you back in the hospital but I meant it. I meant it when I promised to make you fall for me as well, jewel", Jungkook said determined, leaving Taehyung silent and with fast beating heart.

"And I for a matter of facts know that you do not hate me", Jungkook continued with a chuckle, pulling Taehyung a bit more closer before resting his chin on Taehyung's head.

"I'll just make you fall for me as hard as I did for you", the raven hummed.

"You're right, I don't hate you at all anymore... and I'm glad you were the one I shared these moments with", Taehyung silently confessed, feeling Jungkook's grip tightened while a blush spread on his cheeks.

"This means the world to me, jewel. Especially after all the shit going down yesterday... do you wanna talk about it?", Jungkook hesitantly asked and Taehyung shook his head slowly.

"Yeah, me neither", the taller mumbled and Taehyung looked up to him with these sweet irresistible puppy eyes of his.

"It's just too much out of the sudden. But Jungkookie, I wanna talk to you once I'm ready. For now, please just hold me", Taehyung whispered out and Jungkook pressed a little kiss to his nose.

"Anything for you, jewel."

"Why are you calling me jewel by the way? I'm curious."

"Because you're my jewel, the most precious person in my life and I have to protect you. You're worth so much, Taehyung so I call you jewel. B-but if you don't like it I won't!"

"Jungkookie, no I love it. Keep calling me that."

"Okay. Jewel."

And Jungkook's wide happy grin for sure could be seen from the other side of the world.

He truly was the luckiest man.



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