chapter 45

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"Y-you're lying", Taehyung gasped, eyes turning wide by this reveal because he couldn't believe this, after all these years his father turned back up in his life again, made appearance in the most unpleasant way and just when Taehyung thought to have forgotten him, he appeared again.

This time mentioned by the one he instead wanted to have as his father.

"My father was an egoistical man who drank too much and left us without looking back", Taehyung hissed, not wanting to hear any lies about the man who left them so coldheartedly.

Hyungwon flinched by these harsh words.

"I understand why you're upset but everything your father did was to keep you safe. Keep you away from this world, from our world", Hyungwon said, the next reveal that shocked Taehyung to the core because he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Yes, Tae, your father wanted to protect you from the gangs. Because you are his little sunshine and he didn't want to pull you into this mess... well, which ended good, didn't it", Hyungwon said with a faint chuckle in his voice but Taehyung right now wasn't in the mood for jokes.

"Hyungwon, this is all too much— m-my father is a part of this life? This can't be! He left without any explanation and broke my mother's heart, not even caring for me! He never did!", Taehyung exclaimed, suddenly not minding the close proximity of Jungkook who seemed almost as shook as he was.

"You're saying that my father who abandoned us is your best friend and kept me hidden? This sounds insane! Our meeting wasn't even planned!", Taehyung exclaimed loudly and Hyungwon winced after he was reminded of his heart attack.

"It wasn't but I took it as a sign of destiny because after we met, I wanted to keep you close. Your father Baekhyun always talks about you and how proud he is of you", Hyungwon said, pride filling his eyes while looking at Taehyung, pride and love.But Taehyung backed away.

"No, I refuse to believe this. My father became dead to me years ago when he left us in the ashes of a ruined relationship. And now you claim you know him?! That I'm connected to this whole mess? I'm sorry Hyungwon, I really like you a lot but I want to live my normal life", Taehyung said, feeling Jungkook next to him stiffen.

"I fear this choice was taken from you the moment the five gangs put a claim on you, my dear poor boy. You became involved when you became the 'unknown beauty' everyone is talking about and I'm telling you this to keep you safe", Hyungwon tried calming Taehyung down but he has already jumped to his feet.

"I don't want to be involved with any of this!", he hissed out, gesturing around.

"I don't want to live in fear for the rest of my life or be called 'unknown beauty' because I certainly am not! And everyone who thinks otherwise can kiss my ass", Taehyung bit out, Jungkook also getting up carefully.

"Tae, please, I know this is a lot to take but we only wanted the best for you. Now that you're involved, your father would really love to meet you, he missed you—"

"With all greatest respect for you Hyungwon, but I don't give a damn what this man wants. I don't want to meet him, I don't want him near me, or more importantly near my mother", Taehyung growled out, pain and hatred lacing in his voice for the man who left him crying.

"It was his decision to leave and he should stick to that, not try to have anything the way he wants", Taehyung bit out, suddenly feeling tears brimming in his eyes and he jerked away, doing the same thing he did when he was afraid or sad.

He distanced himself behind his protective wall around his heart.

"I'm sorry but I want to go home", he suddenly exclaimed, furiously wiping over his eyes and surprisingly, Jungkook was quick to jump to his side.

And Taehyung let him, knowing he wasn't the only one betrayed because Jungkook also was.

"Tae, please—", Hyungwon started but Taehyung shook his head, fearing to burst into tears any second.

"No, I don't want to hear it", he whispered, feeling Jungkook hugging him and he allowed it. Just for the moment. Or maybe more.

"It was not in your place to keep this hidden. Dad, you even lied to me! Your best friend and I never heard anything about him? I thought we were past that but guess that'll never change", Jungkook said and Taehyung understood the hurt in his voice.

"We did it to protect him!"

"And left him no choice to decide himself what's best for him! You chose that over his head without even asking for his opinion or thinking twice if your decisions could hurt him because it did", Jungkook snapped, shooting his father a deeply hurt glance.

"Why are you acting like you're the betrayed one?", Hyungwon whispered while staring at his son.

"Because you always do this! Deciding for others, for Tae. For me and not caring what we might think as long as it doesn't fit your standard", Jungkook hissed.

"I know you hated my life style but that gave you no right to decide over my head", the raven growled and Taehyung flinched.

He had never thought about how controlled Jungkook's life actually was and that all these scandals were maybe because this was Jungkook's only chance of rebelling, to show his father he was not okay with the way he was treated, controlled.

It might be the wrong way but imagine being pushed into a role for your entire life you never wanted to have.

"I'm bringing Tae home and you better leave him alone", Jungkook huffed out, already leading Taehyung out of the room who started to sob softly in his arms. Hyungwon looked heartbroken at the two males.

"Taehyung, I'm sorry", he whispered but Taehyung softly shook his head.

"Y-you were more of a father to me than he could ever be but you also lied to me... and I can't forget that", Taehyung whispered weakly before he allowed Jungkook to take him away.

"Where to?", Jungkook asked him gently, assuming that maybe Taehyung didn't want to go back to his small apartment after helping him into his own car.

"Home", Taehyung whispered and Jungkook already started the engine when the next words came with a tiny voice from Taehyung.

"Take me home, Jungkookie. Please", Taehyung whispered, knowing that after all the time being controlled, Jungkook must've created a personal space just for himself.

And Taehyung felt vulnerable, his control loosening. He wanted to learn from Jungkook to create his person space when it was ruined by the people he chose to trust.

Jungkook gently squeezed his knee.

"Anything for you, Baby", he mumbled. Giving Taehyung exactly the comfort he needed.

And when they reached his apartment, Taehyung turned, cupping Jungkook's cheeks.

The raven looked surprised at him but before he could react, there were these heavenly plump lips back on his, Taehyung needily pulling on him.

Jungkook understood the silent plead of want, the need for love because he was craving the same.

And he had yearned to be this close with the one he loved.

So he allowed Taehyung to pull him inside, stumbling into the bedroom and got lost in the bluehead's embrace whom he loved so much.



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