chapter 44

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"Taehyung, my dear boy! I'm so happy to see you, come sit by my side and tell me what is worrying your pretty head", Jeon Hyungwon exclaimed as soon as he saw Taehyung storming inside the living room, smile brightening up his entire face and he sat up in his seat, patting the space to his side.

"A maid will bring you some tea, dear", Hyungwon smiled lovingly at the little blue haired male coming closer, gentle smile tugging on his lips.

"And where is my imbecile of a son? Jungkook! It is not polite to let a guest walk inside all alone! What if something happened to him huh?!", as soon as Jungkook rushed inside the room, he was scolded by his father.

"Why sorry that I'm not a fucking giraffe and sprinted the way here, father", Jungkook bit out annoyed and rolled his eyes.

Resulting with a pillow being smacked against his chest, thrown by the former gang leader himself while Taehyung sat down to his side and laughed mischievously.

"Instead of sulking like a Baby go bring our Taehyungie some tea. And cookies! He needs cookies, he's way too thin", Hyungwon instructed his grumbling son who threw the pillow back at his father.

"I also think you mean a cheetah instead", Taehyung mumbled faintly because he of course couldn't shut up which resulted in Jungkook sending him a both angry and surprised glare while Hyungwon laughed heartily and pressed Taehyung against him.

"This is why I love you so much, dear! Never shutting that clever mouth of yours, I love it!", Hyungwon beamed admiringly at a shy Taehyung.

"Jungkook, stop doing photosynthesis and go bring our Taehyungie some cookies after you fetch him the tea", Hyungwon instructed, already forcing Taehyung's cheeks into his hands to rub over them fondly.

"How are you doing nowadays? How is your wound and most importantly, how are you handling everything?", Hyungwon bombarded Taehyung with questions who was feeling very much overwhelmed, not knowing how to deal with this kind of fatherly love since he never received any of this type.

It made him nervous, thinking what Hyungwon could possibly want from him since he already had a son, a huge jerk but still his own blood.

"I'm doing fine, Hyungwon-ssi", Taehyung politely replied, trying to put distance in between them but also trying to be subtle.

"Dad, you're invading his privacy again, you make him uncomfortable", Jungkook's voice finally allowed Taehyung to breathe because Hyungwon pulled away from Taehyung with a apologetic smile directed towards the bluehead.

"I'm sorry, dear child, you're very dear to me and I missed you", Hyungwon said.

Jungkook handed Taehyung a small cup of tea before placing a plate of cookies down on the table. The petit male immediately squealed and abandoned the tea, grabbing a hand full of cookies and shoving them into his mouth to make him look like a hamster.

"Oh dear, why are you being so cute all the time, you're warming my old heart", the retired Gang leader mumbled with a somewhat proud smile on his face while watching Taehyung stuff his mouth full.

Jungkook sat down next to Taehyung, trying to lay his hand on Taehyung's thigh but the puppy glared at him.

He instead grabbed a cookie himself and shoved it into his mouth to stop himself from being frustrated with just wanting to touch Taehyung but not being able to, especially not when his father was present.

"Cannibalism", Taehyung exclaimed through full cheeks and Jungkook made a confused chewing noise while Hyungwon was having the time of his life.

"I actually wished for the two of you to get along... it was always our dream to see you two being friends again like you were before", Hyungwon then exclaimed suddenly to which Taehyung nearly choked on the bits of the cookies.

"W-what? What do you mean? You're talking in riddles", Taehyung mumbled after chewing the last bits of his cookies.

Hyungwon sighed before standing up abruptly, causing Taehyung to squeak and fall against Jungkook who was very much pleased by this.

"Taehyung, I am very fond of you but I've been holding bits of the truth away from you. Now that you come to know about our origin, I think it is time to tell you. You've shown how strong you are and believe me when I saw that your father couldn't be anymore prouder", the last sentence caused Taehyung to sit up shocked.

"What?", he asked lowly, every little spectrum of color disappearing from his face by the mention of his father, his weakest spot. After his father has left their family to the ashes of what he has destroyed, Taehyung has been devastated as well as his mother.

They broke apart and it was a relief for the both of them when Taehyung got accepted for university and moved away.

He never heard anything from his father and believed of him to be dead. Until now.

"My father abandoned us", he seethed out, noticing how Jungkook has also sat up and one look over to the raven convinced him that he looked as confused as Taehyung felt.

"He left without saying goodbye", Taehyung said angrily and Hyungwon looked sadly at him.

What was happening? How could this kind man know his father? The kind man who was a previous gang leader and the one Taehyung has saved from death.

These two couldn't be connected.

Yet they were.

"It was destiny on that day where you saved my life, Taehyung-ah. I didn't know who you were until you revealed your name to me. You look so much like him, you're absolutely stunning, too pretty and I couldn't risk you being pulled away. I was- and still am your father's bestfriend. He told me to leave you alone for your safety but I couldn't", Hyungwon seemed to be searching for words while Taehyung looked at him absolutely speechless.

"I always wanted to meet you properly so I thought bonding you to my son could make you stay. It was dangerous and your father was furious but I promise to keep an eye on you. Then these horrible things happened and you were so adamant in not wanting to marry my son", Hyungwon went on. Jungkook next to Taehyung stiffened.

He had no idea about this, what else has his father been hiding.

"What are you saying? You never told me about this, Dad", Jungkook said, deeply hurt by his father while Taehyung next to him seemed to be absolutely frozen from shock.

"No... you're lying... t-this can't be", Taehyung whispered but it made so much sense now.

Why Hyungwon was so persistent with Taehyung marrying Jungkook, how incredibly friendly he immediately was with him when they were complete strangers yet one thing didn't add up.

"B-but I don't remember you at all!", he cried out, Hyungwon threw him a sad smile.

"That's because the last time you saw me, you were a small child, around 2. Jungkook was just born and we wanted you two to be friends. You loved each other dearly", Hyungwon tried to smile by the memory but upon seeing the shocked faces of the boys in front of him, he stopped.

"I know this is a lot but I cannot keep this to myself anymore, because you deserve to know. The both of you. I am very sorry for lying to you but we decided it was the best to keep you out of this, Taehyung. Out of the gang life. Now that you're involved with our rivals and were in danger, it is time to tell you so you know what is coming for you and why it is so important to keep you safe", Hyungwon said and took a deep breath.

"Your father is Byun Baekhyun, leader of the most popular American gang and you're his successor. And I, Jeon Hyungwon am your godfather."



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