chapter 43

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"Tae Baby, are you going to ignore me forever?", a sheepish looking Jungkook tried to make conversation with the little bluehead to his side but only received a little huff in return before Taehyung's attention focused back on the blurry outsides passing by the windows of the car, taking them to Jeon Hyungwon.

"Yes. You were an asshole minutes before so I suggest you go far far away from me", Taehyung grumbled annoyed without even looking at the distressed man.

"But I said sorry already Baby, won't you forgive me?", Jungkook whined out in the hope that this would calm Taehyung down.

The petit male threw Jungkook a glare before looking back out of the window, sitting in the most far away corner possible.

"No, I won't, not when you continue being like this and even calling me Baby. Gosh, you were less annoying when you hated me", Taehyung grumbled the last words under his breath but Jungkook still managed to pick them up.

"I don't mean to annoy you but others need to know you belong to me", Jungkook voiced out his possessiveness and tried taking Taehyung's but was slapped away.

From the driver and passenger seats were snickers to be heard.

"I do not belong to you nor to anyone of your possessive pack! Just because you put a claim on me doesn't mean shit", Taehyung furiously exclaimed with an angry blush on his cheeks.

"You hated me before since you thought I was a gold digger and now you're head over heels for me? Excuse me when I'm not believing this bullshit", Taehyung huffed again.

"That's because I saw the inside of you and was met with beauty and kindness only. My father trusted you and I now see why he planted his trust into you. I want to do the same and I hate seeing these other asses trying to get closer to you when they do not know you", Jungkook said and this time, Taehyung turned his head in order to look at the black haired gang leader.

He narrowed his eyes.

"But you know me?", he asked the raven who reached out and took a hold on Taehyung's hand. This time, he wasn't slapped away.

"I've seen your heart, Taehyung and I in no way am going to give you up. Not until I made you mine and even then I will continue fighting for your love", Jungkook said sincerely but Taehyung only snorted, not believing the words of this playboy.

"Yeah, sure. How many times did you tell someone this before?", another set of laughter was heard and Jungkook glared at them to shut them up.

"None, you're the first I'm telling this and I wholeheartedly mean it. Let me court you, Taehyung, let me protect you from these bad men."

Taehyung looked into Jungkook's eyes, finding nothing but sincerity in it yet he still wasn't convinced. After all, this was the same man who has humiliated and straight up insulted him.

So it was hard to accept his sudden love confessions. Taehyung stared at their intertwined hands and sighed.

He didn't like hating anybody, even assholes like Jungkook who for sure deserved it.

"I want to talk to Hyungwon first, clear this mess and get the answers I need before I would allow anyone to 'court' me. Show me what type of man you are, Jeon", Taehyung said determined and Jungkook pulled his hand away with a little smile.

"I will make you fall for me, Kim Taehyung", he promised and Taehyung surprisingly shot him a little smile.

"I have no doubt you will try."


When they arrived at the Jeon mansion, another car of gang members pulled up behind them, they have followed the car to make sure that their leader and his sweetheart arrived safely at the mansion.

They jumped out of the car before the main got the chance to open theirs.

"Mr Kim, pleasure to see your pretty face again. We were scared you didn't want to come anymore because the young master was mean to you", one of the gang members said with a wide smile once he slid the door open and held his hand out for the surprised looking bluehead.

"Oh hello", he smiled shyly, throwing a quick glance at Jungkook on the other side and he giggled once he saw the other glaring at the gang member.

"Why thank you, you're so kind", Taehyung's smile now turned wide and seductive before laying his hand into the man's, allowing him to pull him out of the car.

Taehyung heard Jungkook bit back a curse before a car door slammed shut and he smiled even wider at the man who blushed at the sight of such a beautiful male smiling so gorgeously at him.

The bluehead after all was a sight they weren't able to see all the time. He was a pretty angel while they were surrounded by roughness and danger.

Of course all of them would freak out to impress the leader's sweetheart and stay on his good side. Because the one holding their leader's heart was as powerful as he could be.

"Thank you!", Taehyung beamed cutely at the man who himself smiled brightly and bowed his head multiple times at the gorgeous male who giggled but squealed the next second once he was pulled away and pressed against a hard chest.

"Don't touch him like this ever again and stay away", Jungkook growled out from behind Taehyung, arms already caging the petit bluehead.

"He's too precious", Jungkook seethed and pulled Taehyung away who was having none of this and slapped his hands away.

"He was just being nice, Jungkook, hold your possessive ass under control", the little student hissed angrily at the taller before turning right on his heels and marching towards the mansion.

The gang members were immediately on high alert when they saw the pretty male storming away, all of them hurrying to protect him.

Jungkook followed Taehyung swiftly and yelled out apologies the angry bluehead was ignoring while he was walking up to the large house.



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