chapter 42

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Taehyung gasped against Jungkook's lips when he was pulled closer with a groan, hands wrapped around his small waist and he was pulled closer, Jungkook pressing his entire muscular body against the bluehead.

The gang leader didn't listen to the gasps or the outraged growl of Jimin close to them because he was only focused on Taehyung.

Gorgeous, precious Taehyungie whimpering into the kiss out of the sudden, suckling on Jungkook's tongue while they shared a heated battle, saliva connecting their lips but none of them cared.

Taehyung shyly wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck while the man pulled him impossibly closer.

Only to be separated by a hand tugging on Taehyung's arm and pulling him away. The gorgeous male felt breathless, eyes searching for Jungkook who looked just as stunned as he was, as if he couldn't believe that he really did kiss Taehyung.

The blue haired male felt confused, eyes wide and heart pounding.

Because he would've never believed to enjoy being kissed by Jeon Jungkook.

"What the fuck Jeon! Do you want my fist stuffed in your mouth?!", Jimin seethed, pulling Taehyung into his own arms who squeaked and tried pulling away but as soon as he saw the students staring at them, or more at the scene they were causing.

"H-hey, can you like do that elsewhere because everyone is staring at us", the petit one of them whispered embarrassed, hands clutching onto Jimin's sleeve because he wanted to pull them away but they didn't budge.

"That's the only way you would get to Taehyungie's lips, asshole", Jungkook snarled back confidently with a smug look on his face.

Jimin on the other side was having none of it, grabbing Taehyung's chin out of the sudden and pressing his lips on the bluehead's mouth.

Taehyung gasped, shocked for another time and his hands tugged onto Jimin, tried to do whatever he— he actually didn't know what he was trying to achieve but a desperate smack to his chest caused Jimin to finally let go of him.

"You both just love to fuck it up, don't you", Taehyung hissed, smacking Jimin's chest another time while he furiously wiped his lips with an adorable blush tinting his cheeks red, staring at Jimin before his eyes focused on Jungkook.

"You! You wanted to pick me up, now do your fucking job and get me away from here, this was enough humiliation for one day, thank you very much. I would like to see Hyungwon and then stuff me full with ice cream", Taehyung hissed angrily before stalking away.

Jungkook has pulled his mask back up over his face after throwing Jimin a smug look.

"Isn't my Baby the cutest when he's angry, he's so pretty", Jungkook commented while Jimin clenched his fists.

"He isn't yours, bastard", the gang leader of Obsidian growled out, before following after the upset puppy, he didn't want him to leave just now, not when he didn't apologize.

Taehyung was pushing through the crowd of gawking students, all moving away from the blue haired male when they realized who theses two guys close to him were and whispers grew louder.

He strutted past his bully and his group of friends and only this time, the male didn't make an inappropriate comment.

Only threw him a weird look Taehyung couldn't interpret before he left his sight. The little puppy was so unbelievably angry, what were they thinking about tossing him around like this, not thinking that he maybe liked it but that was not the point!

The point was, that they embarrassed him in front of his whole university and even if they forgot about it a week later, they were meanies and meanies didn't get attention!

Especially not good looking meanies!

No, wait, Taehyung didn't mean to think that, they weren't handsome.

"Hi Mr Kim! You look fantastic today!", a very excited male greeted Taehyung once he came in sight, knowing the male since he has been one of Jungkook's men guarding his hospital room and Taehyung recognized him easily.

"Hi Jihoon", Taehyung replied back with a forced little smile, huffing lowly.

Jihoon was an adjutant and already hopelessly gone for Taehyung, their leader's lover and already beloved under the gang members. All of them were cheering inside for their leader because they all wanted him to be happy. Jungkook was beloved in their gang and they all swore on their lives to protect him.

And that now included Taehyung as well.

"Tae! I'm sorry I kissed you, okay! Please stop being pouty with me", Jungkook appeared behind him, mask sitting snugly on his face again but the glare Taehyung threw him pierced through the black material and made him gulp.

"I'm not talking to you anymore, you meanie how dare you kiss me like that!", Taehyung growled at him, stabbing his finger into Jungkook, ouch hard, chest.

"You and your stupid cherry lip balm can go away! I want to go to Hyungwon now and pray that I'm not telling him about this!", Taehyung continued on, fierce eyes fixed on Jungkook while still stabbing his finger into the other's chest and Jungkook looked afraid for one short second.

"Okay, I'm sorry but please don't tell my father, Tae. Baby I'm sorry", the raven whined but Taehyung only huffed and turned away.

The three men stood back straight as if they didn't try to listen to their conversation, feeling amused that this cute beauty was allowed to talk to their leader like that.

But oh well, Jungkook was whipped for Kim Taehyung and would even enjoy being yelled at because Taehyung looked so beautiful when he was angry, with puffed out cheeks, lips turning into an angry pout and sparkling doe eyes.

The bluehead huffed while he stalked towards Jungkook's large luxurious car, one of the men opened the back door with a bow and the boss' beauty slipped inside the vehicle.

The three men stared after him in awe, the only one who could talk to Jeon Jungkook like that.

"Fuck, that was so hot", Jungkook whispered to himself before he hurried to follow Taehyung into the car when an impatient baby screamed for his ass to be moved into the car.


When a panting Jimin chased after Jungkook, he was angry to see the man getting into the same car Taehyung has slid inside. The gang leader was forced to watch the car drive away, with his desired angel inside and he clenched his fists.

"You wanna play dirty, Jeon? Let's play dirty then. Two can play the game and I'm a master in making people fall in love with me. And my Taehyungie will be the last I'll make fall in love with me. My angel will be mine, just you watch", Jimin growled before he grabbed his phone.

"Get me the things I'm going to tell you now..."



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