chapter 40

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Taehyung woke up to calloused fingertips brushing over his cheek and he blinked multiple times to see Jungkook's smiling face hovering over his.

The tired male mewled surprised and flinched away, only to notice the heaviness of arms surrounding him.

"You fell asleep in my lap and you looked too cute to wake up", Jungkook explained to him with a lower voice.

"That's lowkey creepy, Jeon but thanks", Taehyung replied awkwardly and sat up, only to be pulled back down and he mewled a bit.

"Please don't push me away like this, Tae", the smaller heard him mumbling and Taehyung actually relaxed because they have become friends and even Jungkook deserved a second chance.

"I'm truly sorry for being such an asshole to you and if I didn't, everything would be different by now so I'm sorry", he mumbled quietly and Taehyung felt his heart melting.

"You know that I fell for you, despite being an asshole and all I'm asking for is a second chance", the taller went on while still holding Taehyung close to him.

"One last chance. And please talk to your father about this whole marriage thingy. We're friends now but I still cannot forget how horrible you treated me. You judged me so hard without even waiting for an explanation and it hurts my heart", Taehyung replied back firmly and got out of Jungkook's grip.

"I will do anything for you", the other surprisingly said and Taehyung threw him a half hearted smile.

"I don't want to be pulled into this mess, Jungkook. I just want to live my normal life."

But normality was already gone far away from Taehyung and he soon would realize that encountering Jungkook's father and meeting the gang leaders was just the start.


The day after Taehyung has returned home, he had classes to attend and all convincing of Yoongi who he had apologized to, wasn't able to change his mind.

Taehyung has already lost a time amount of two weeks of classes, first from all the mess of being kidnapped, two times, and then his stay in the hospital.

And the bluehead was eager to make that lost time up.

So he returned back to college, noticing the stares directed towards him and Taehyung shyly tugged onto his bag before lowering his head and making his way to the classroom, hating the feeling of eyes on him.

It wasn't anything new actually, some people were always staring at him which freaked Taehyung out but he always ignored it.

He wasn't aware of the fact that he was pretty known around campus for being a blue-haired beauty and many boys and girls wished to get closer to him.

But Taehyung was shy and a bit socially awkward, shying away from contact other than Yoongi's and now Hoseok's and Jungkook's, the two occasionally texting him and asking how he was and if he arrived safe at college.

It wasn't until a shadow hit his view that Taehyung looked up, pretty doe eyes large and confused on who it could be, since he wasn't sharing this class with Yoongi and he didn't have other friends.

"Hey Tiny, what a surprise to see you here", it was that prick who has been bothering Taehyung together with his group of friends. It was this typical 'I got a crush on you but I'm too cool to show you' guy who smirked down at the petit male shifting in his seat uncomfortably.

Taehyung wanted to tell the guy and his nearby friends to piss off but he was all alone and his confidence wasn't so high to face him without support.

So Taehyung only turned away, fixing his notes and getting ready for class, sorting his pretty pastel markers. His tongue slightly peaked out to one side of his lips and the guy stared intently at him.

To him, it was so difficult to get close to the shy beauty who was as gorgeous as he was shy, not speaking up in class unless he was asked questions, always answering these perfectly and taking notes concentrated.

It was so easy to be infatuated with this pretty little thing not noticing the world around him and the male was dying to get to know Taehyung.

"I said something to you, Tiny", the guy slammed his hands onto Taehyung's notebook and the bluehead flinched before his head shot up.

"And I'm clearly not up for a conversation so please leave", he politely, but very annoyed said but the man wouldn't stop harassing him.

Not attempting to sit down next to Taehyung and the boy squeaked, trying to move away from him but was stopped by the wall beside him.

"H-hey, leave me alone!", the boy protested when the guy inched closer. "I missed your pretty face here. Did your sugar daddy fuck you nice and good?", the guy asked Taehyung who gasped shocked.

"I mean, I could fuck you better though. We all saw the car of your sugar daddy, don't play dumb with me now. Thought you're better than us, better for me huh?", the guy seethed upset which confused Taehyung since he has always pestered Taehyung.

This man was way broader than Taehyung who was already fairly tall but felt tiny when the man hovered over him, blocking the way.

The fact that this all was happening in a crowded classroom made it easier for Taehyung to protest and he jumped onto his feet.

But instead of anyone being concerned, the guy's friends started laughing at him to make him feel embarrassed.

"Sit your pretty ass back down, Tiny", the guy laughed and attempted to grab his arm. But before he could do even that, his hand was smacked away and his own arm was pulled backwards until a scream of pain left his lips.

"You shouldn't touch him when he clearly told you to leave him alone", Park Jimin furiously growled while he was towering over the guy which was weird since his height must be shorter but his confidence made the other cower.

"Now piss off before I'll do worse than twist your arm."



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