chapter 39

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Today was the day Taehyung was going to be released from the hospital.

After eight stressful days he had finally recovered enough to be allowed home and he couldn't be any happier since he missed living a normal life. His wound had healed, leaving a scar on the tanned skin where the bullet has grazed him.

It gave Taehyung the feeling of being a bad boy for having such a wound and instead of hating it, he felt proud to have survived such an attack, also all thanks to Hoseok.

Oh, Hoseok. The man was still determined in making Taehyung his.

After demanding this from the pretty bluehead, the gang leader has stepped back from his plan in order to recover from his injuries but once he did, he was going to go after the gorgeous beauty to make Taehyung fall for him.

He knew he had lots of concurrence but he wasn't willing to step down, not when he found a significant other in Taehyung.

They've grown closer over these eight days, almost each spent together which gave him the opportunity to get to know Taehyung better and Hoseok didn't want to let this work go to waste.

Taehyung on the other side didn't know about Hoseok's plans and was relieved to finally be able in going home. He bid his goodbyes to the friendly doctors who have been taken care of him, Irene and Seulgi who he has become good friends with.

Irene has worriedly warned him about these weird friends of his but he has shook it off with a laugh.

"I'm going to miss your presence but please don't get here all bloodied, seeing you like this one time was more than enough, TaeTae. And make sure to practice your exercises!", Irene said sternly but threw the pretty male a smile who responded with a wide boxy smile himself.

"I will, Noona!", he said cutely before waving at her, struggling to heave his bag out of the room. Yoongi had offered him to pick him up so Taehyung didn't have to call an Uber plus as if Yoongi was going to leave Taehyung alone now, not when there were five more others fighting for the bluehead's attention.

And Yoongi for sure wanted to make use of his friendship to the pretty male.

Taehyung didn't know what was going on behind locked doors, didn't know about the threats made against each other because once they came into touch with him, they were all sweet and charming, trying to woo him.

Even the Kim twins have gotten into contact with the others and demanded him back or else they would cause a war, which was surprising since they have never fought this much for one of their toys.

But all of them knew that Taehyung was different so they jumped into protection mode so they couldn't harm him.

The bluehead was walking through the entrance door and made a little soft noise of surprise when he saw the three sleek black cars in front of the parking lot and his heart skipped a beat, scared of them being from Jimin or worse, the Kim twins to take him back.

But once the window of the middle car rolled down his brows shut up in surprise, his bag merely hitting his leg with a thud.

"What are you doing here?", he asked, genuinely surprised and was even more surprised for one of the serious looking men to walk up to him.

"Mr Kim", the man said and bowed in respect before taking out Taehyung's bag to move it into the trunk.

"I wanted to surprise you with picking you up", Jeon Jungkook shrugged, dark eyes looking at Taehyung over the rim of his black sunglasses and Taehyung merely gulped.

"As long as you don't kidnap me", Taehyung just bit back and approached the middle car, obviously shy as these scary men were still staring at him and he feared for the worse.

When in reality, they made sure that he was going to reach the car safely and without any threat to his safety.

"I won't", Jungkook assured him and smiled softly when Taehyung slid into the car, shyly fiddling with the long paws of his sweater.

"I have to text Yoongi though that you picked me up so he won't come rushing here and get worried", Taehyung then said but when he was about to text his bestfriend, Jungkook quickly snatched his phone away.

"Hey!", Taehyung protested and pouted his plush lips when Jungkook grabbed his phone out of his hands and started typing right away.

"Don't worry about it so much, Doll, I just told him I picked you up", Jungkook smirked and Taehyung's cheeks heat up by the nickname.

"D-doll?", he squeaked out and Jungkook nodded with a confident smile.

"Yeah, because you're beautiful like a doll", he said with a shrug of his shoulders and instructed his driver where to take them. Taehyung on the other side stayed silent, with red dusting on his cheeks.


When Yoongi pulled up in front of the hospital, he was surprised to be notified that Taehyung has already been picked up, informed by a very confused Irene who thought it would've been him.

It sent shivers down Yoongi's spine and made him feel anxious, already reaching out for his phone in his back pocket just when it rang.

There was a new message and Yoongi sighed relieved when seeing Taehyung's smiling face on the screen, indicating that there was a message from his best friend.

He opened his phone but let out a scream of anger as soon as he read the text and saw the picture sent to him.

My TaeTae:

Isn't he beautiful? Too bad you were too late in picking him up, he's mine now. Let the games begin, Yoongi Hyung.


"This bastard!", Yoongi growled out, now knowing that Jeon Jungkook has been the one to take Taehyung and he saw the picture of a cutely sleeping bluehead, curled up to Jungkook's side and clutching adorably onto the sleeve in his sleep.

Jungkook's face was visible on the picture as well and he has stretched out his tongue teasingly.

Another one followed on which he had grabbed Taehyung's chin, tilted his head up and plainly planted his lips onto the sleeping boy's.

"This means war, Jeon", Yoongi growled.



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