chapter 38

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It was none other than Jungkook's father and he was fuming in anger.

"How dare you touch Taehyung", he seethed, storming forward with a large count of four man following their former leader.

During his stay in the hospital, he has turned his son into the official leader which Jungkook half way told Taehyung. The gang members still held great respect for their former leader and his presence was still overwhelming.

Taehyung snapped away from Hoseok, sitting up too quickly and he hissed when his wound ached.

A soothing hand wanted to support him but Jeon Hyungwon has already came forward and pulled Taehyung away from Hoseok, the boy gasping in protest and also because he was scared.

There was an apology on the tip of his tongue but Hyungwon shushed him with one single look.

"He's my son's fiance so you better know your limit, Jung before I make this personal", Hyungwon growled out to the surprised man who's own men also barged into the room with loud protest.

"Making claims already, huh Jeon?", Hoseok simply replied back while Taehyung looked around in between them.

"Be glad you're injured and saved him or else I wouldn't hesitate to kill you for this sacrilegious act", Hyungwon hissed. It was Taehyung's tiny voice to protest.

"H-Hyungwon, please, t-this is a hospital. No fighting", the petit bluehead whimpered, clutching onto his shoulder with a little gasp.

"Oh Taehyungie, of course my dear boy. C'mon, let me bring to your own room where you can relax", Hyungwon said, throwing Hoseok another warning glare before leading the frightened Taehyung out of the room.

His large eyes met the chaos enfolding in front of his room, the rival gang members of course protesting when they saw the tiny male in Jeon Hyungwon's hold.

"Then go and report it to your leaders. I wonder what they would do", he seethed before pushing the door open to Taehyung's own room, barking a command at his men to guard the room and give them privacy.

Taehyung felt traumatized, now experiencing what it was like to be involved with gangs. It left him trembling.

Hyungwon softened when he saw how frightened Taehyung was and quickly led the boy to his bed.

"Here, sit Taehyungie you must be completely exhausted. I'm sorry to have startled you, it's not your fault, nothing is. Here, let me help you put your legs onto the bed", the elder man said, helping Taehyung onto the bed who nodded dazed, staring at Hyungwon with wide scared orbs.

"Are you okay? Please say something", Hyungwon begged the pretty male, engulfing his hands with his massive ones and Taehyung finally broke out of his daze.

"Y-you're better", he stuttered out shyly and Hyungwon smiled widely.

"I am but it pains me to see you in the hospital bed instead of me. I came as soon as I was released, I'm recovered, all thanks to you my precious boy", he cooed and Taehyung offered him a little smile in return.

"There's your pretty smile! I missed it, you should smile more often, Taehyungie dear. It looks good on you", he said, but then his eyes turned back serious, sitting down on the side of Taehyung's bed.

"I've been informed by my son about the happenings and I owe you my deepest apology. It was never in my intention to put harm onto you and it pains me to know you got involved into this. I simply wanted to include you into my family, not drag you into the brutality of the underworld", the man apologized sincerely which surprised Taehyung.

"Don't apologize, p-please... I'm fine now", the blue haired student said timidly, feeling shy in the presence of the recovered and powerful man.

He had underestimated the scary side of Jeon Hyungwon.

"I was thinking... there's a mansion I own in France, away from all of this mess. You could live there. Jungkook of course has to stay in Seoul but we can arrange it. You'd be safe and away from the gangs", Hyungwon suddenly offered and Taehyung stared shocked at the man.

"N-no!", his answer bubbled out of his throat before he could stop it, looking wide eyed up to the other.

"P-please d-don't take me away from here! Seoul is my home! I h-have my life here!", he protested so intensely, clutching onto Hyungwon with large shiny eyes begging him to not take him away.

The other softened.

"It was just a thought but if it upsets you so much then I won't. I'm thinking about your safety. My informants also said that our enemies... reportedly have developed quite the liking for you. Are you aware what this means?", the man now tactically asked, cold mask of the gang leader on his face.

Taehyung shyly nodded.

"Yes", he whispered.

"I k-know about this... I stumbled into this world but hiding won't help my case", he whispered out, biting into his bottom lip.

"Some of them are my friends as weird as it sounds. I can take care of myself", Taehyung said.

Hyungwon smiled sadly, caressing the boy's hand.

"I fear this got out of your power to control, my dear boy", he said.

"But don't worry. You're still Jungkookie's fiance and we'll make sure to keep you safe. You have my word, Taehyung", Hyungwon said so sincerely, Taehyung wondered why Hyungwon was so determined to include him in his family.

Wondered what was behind all of this sudden mess his life has turned into.


"You have to make sure he stays safe under any circumstances, Jungkook", Hyungwon growled at his son who has just arrived at the hospital after the message that his father chose to visit Taehyung.

The young leader nodded determined, wanting to keep the one safe who owned his heart.

"I will. But tell me Dad, why were you so determined to include him into our family in the first place? He saved your life, yes but that doesn't explain why you wanted him to be part of our family", Jungkook remarked and Hyungwon nodded approving by the clever question.

There was a glint in his eyes Jungkook couldn't muster.

"Because I promised a very important person to keep Kim Taehyung safe and alive under any circumstances. And as you know, I've never broken my word."



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