chapter 37

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Taehyung had a problem.

Okay, not one, but six of them actually.

And all of them involved the leaders of rivaling gangs who were all somehow in love with him, wanted him for themselves and didn't accept a no as a answer.

To say Taehyung was fucked was an understatement. He was in some huge trouble, especially since he also ended up under all of their protection and that made him out of reach for anything.

Because a gang's rival were the other gangs, the big five as they were also called, and all of their leaders announced Taehyung off limit. Giving him the ultimate protection from anyone.

The smaller gangs wouldn't dare to lift a finger against him as he was dear to the six powerful leaders.

It left Taehyung terrified but also in weird amusement to have gotten such attention an it left a weird taste on his tongue to know he was the 'unknown beauty of the underworld' as he has heard someone calling him.

But it was true, he really was.

Now hidden in a hospital and recovering from a wound, he was guarded all the time, different members of different gangs standing in front of his room and making sure nothing could happen to him.

Onyx, Opal, Obsidian and Olivin had officially announced their wanting for the blue haired student who just knew that trouble was on its way for him.

The Kim twins, leader of Osiris, haven't announced their protection until now, not to Taehyung's knowledge at least but it wasn't like they allowed him to look into the gang business.

Now that he knew, all of them tried to keep him away from information as far as possible which angered him to no belief since he has, unwillingly, became part of their life.

He deserved answers to his questions!

But all Taehyung got was fond looks and forehead kisses, cooed words saying he was too precious to be worried. There was a silent agreement in between them to not fight in his presence and they seemed to stick to it, which was a huge surprise since all of them were sworn enemies.

Jungkook and Yoongi were Taehyung's most welcomed visitors, he had missed his best friend who also got him coffee every time he visited and joked about buying him a coffee machine so he didn't have to carry hot coffee cups.

Taehyung and Jungkook also have been getting along much better and the taller has playfully warned Taehyung that his father was going to visit him soon enough.

The hospitalized boy still sneaked into Hoseok's room, which was next door, to talk to him and liked this little breaks of freedom where he could do what he wanted.

He has even accepted Jimin's lingering presence, the man continuously sending him beautiful bouquets of flowers plus Taehyung's favorite sweets and the boy was weak to this and allowed Jimin in.

They ended up on shaky terms but Taehyung was willing to let Jimin apologize and offer him a new start which the relieved man thankfully took, apologizing for being such a meanie to the bluehead.

Taehyung had hissed at him before whacking him over his head, leaning back satisfied in the pillows.

"Now we can start over", he had said pleased enough and Jimin had no choice but to accept the hit.


"Are you doubling in numbers every time I leave my room?", Taehyung bit out both surprised and annoyed by the stone looking men lingering in front of his room, all of them glaring at each other and trying to get the best watching spot.

"Boss' orders", one snarled out, pushing another man more back while greeting Taehyung with a respectful nod.

"I don't need eight men guarding my room", Taehyung snarled annoyed, two of each of the four groups and Taehyung made a mental note to talk to them about it.

"You're too important to be left without protection, Sir", another butted in and Taehyung rolled his eyes before pushing the door to Hoseok's room open, earning protests of six of them.

They somehow knew that their leaders were romantically involved with the pretty bluehead and all of them expressed their support for that, ending in weird admiration for Taehyung who didn't even know what to do with that.

A leader having a lover was the most special occurrence, the most precious person to protect and worth thousands of jewels in a gang, the second highest position without even being part of it. Once you'll be part of the family, you'll forever stay in it, with all the love and protection of the gang.

And Taehyung unknowingly earned the love of four/five gangs.

He didn't know that the Kim twins had also announced him off limits, Jungkook, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin of course not wanting to tell him about it.

Taehyung made an annoyed sound in his throat when he barged into the room and found two other men with Hoseok who was talking to them seriously but softened his expression when he saw the pretty blue-haired male.

"Hyung, can you please tell your men to leave me alone, I don't need them guarding my room, this is a hospital", Taehyung whined, only then fully noticing the other two men who stared at him with admiration.

"Woah boss, he's so cute! Hit it up!", one of them said and Taehyung blushed.

Hoseok grumbled in his throat.

"Leave him alone, you Hyenas", he huffed playfully before patting the side of his bed.

"C'mere pup", he smiled and Taehyung complied, having gotten closer over the week he had stayed in the hospital and he now considered Hoseok a friend.

A flirty friend aiming for his heart but oh well.

"Also, if I withdraw my men, the other idiots have their chance in earning your trust and I can't let that happen, no? So they stay", Hoseok said with a stern undertone and Taehyung grumbled annoyed before climbing onto the bed, sitting down to his side.

"Eight men are far enough, you're all stupid Alpha men, stop that already", he whined.

"It's embarrassing how many nurses stop by just to flirt with them, I can't sleep from the constant flirting", he continued to whine and Hoseok laughed, ruffling his hair.

"You're so cute, pup but my answer is set", he then hummed, massaging Taehyung's head and the boy purred by this.

"We'll leave you alone, Sir. The report comes within the next hour." The two men didn't want to invade the sweet moment and their leader nodded, having the pretty boy by now completely curled up to his side.

The two men left, already talking excited over the pretty lover of their leader and fanning over his unreal looks.

"Hyung, why did they know me, how did all of your men end up knowing me", Taehyung whined, also meaning the others' men and Hoseok laughed.

"Don't worry about it, pup", he said soothingly, massaging a specific spot which caused Taehyung to drop the conversation.

He was so caught in the moment and the nice massage that he didn't notice the door falling open roughly, hearing a faint gasp before a loud voice boomed through the room.

"Let go of Taehyung, Jung!"



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