chapter 36

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Can't believe today is another birthday of mine


Park Jimin was absolutely furious when he stormed out of the hospital room, tears in his eyes while he wiped them away roughly, storming past confused nurses and not caring for cries of protest.

"This little asshole", he growled out, in his mind only playing the scene from before, Min Yoongi leaning over the petit frame of Taehyung while kissing him, holding him tenderly in his arms like the beauty was meant to be his.

"He's not yours, he will never be", Jimin growled out, walking back to his awaiting car where two of his men were also waiting for his return, face a mask of fury.

"FUCK!", he screamed, banging his fist against the vehicle's door, lowering his head while he breathed heavily.

Jimin has wanted to apologize to Taehyung, use the moment to get closer to the pretty male but Yoongi has been quicker and used Taehyung's vulnerability to get close to him, actually daring to kiss the gorgeous boy which drove Jimin insane.

Because Jungkook was right. He wanted Taehyung. And there was no way he would lose against Min Yoongi or Jeon Jungkook, he was Park fucking Jimin for god's sake! He had a powerful gang behind him and when he wanted someone, he would get them.

"I'll fucking have you, Taehyung. You'll be mine and you'll be sleeping in my bed. No one else can have you and I'll make sure of it", Jimin seethed while staring at his blurry reflection in the car windows before abruptly turning around to his men.

"Send guards to watch over Kim Taehyung. Make sure none other gang members can approach him and make sure to keep him safe. I want a report every hour", Jimin barked out and they bowed their heads before their boss roughly yanked the door open to his car and got in.

His wish to be with Kim Taehyung constantly on his mind.


Taehyung had asked Irene, more like begged her, to help him visit Hoseok as he wanted to thank the man for saving him and pulling him away and the nurse has finally complied after a lot of convincing.

The said man was sitting in a luxurious hospital room, far too rich looking to be situated in a normal hospital which Taehyung has acknowledged after seeing the own equipment and Hoseok was surprised to see Taehyung walking inside the room with the help of Irene.

"Taehyung? Shouldn't you rest instead of walking around?", he asked worried.

But Taehyung has gritted his teeth determined, holding his chin up which looked cute in Hoseok's opinion, walking forward stubbornly with Irene by his side.

"I told him this too but he didn't want to listen. He wanted to thank you himself", Irene said, the irritation about her patient clear in her voice.

The bluehead struggled to walk up to Hoseok, sitting down on a chair drawn close to the bed and Taehyung winced by the sting of his wound and also by the sight of all the wires and tubes hanging around Hoseok's bed.

"You don't look too good yourself. I'm surprised you're even awake", he said, moaning in pain when sitting comfortably and Irene stayed worried by his side, making a few disapproving hissing noises.

"I'm surprised myself", Hoseok chuckled, feeling the wounds itching on his side but it was all worth it to see the beautiful boy alive.

"Why are you here, Taehyung-ssi?", Hoseok then said silently after Irene left the boy, not without telling him to give her a call once he was finished with the conversation he wanted.

"Because I came to thank you. And you're like the only one who isn't tugging on me and telling me things that scare me", Taehyung explained with a little shrug, feeling his heart ache from the current new reveals. He fiddled with his fingers, looking away which gave Hoseok the chance to admire his pretty side profile.

Taehyung was too pretty for his own good and Hoseok has already made the promise to himself to protect this cute little thing who was also too sassy for his own good but had a loving heart.

"So you're a gang leader, huh", Taehyung then spoke up, crinkles appearing around his nose when he scrunched it and Hoseok made a noise of surprise.

"Yoongi Hyung told me. He told me about all of you", Taehyung said uncomfortably, continuing to fiddle with his fingers.

There was a little moment of silence before Hoseok reached out to touch Taehyung's hand and the little bluehead flinched with wide doe eyes.

"That doesn't change anything, Tae. I still hope to get close to you", Hoseok confessed silently and the other looked at him startled.

"I should be afraid of you..."

"You possibly should. In fact, I'm not a nice man at all, I do very bad things to others. Yet I'm drawn to you. Is that weird? Weird to long for such innocence and beauty? You're beautiful, Taehyung."

The male gasped for air when Hoseok leaned forward and pressed a little kiss to his lips before leaning back, seeing the blush he left to warm the boy's cheeks.

Taehyung stared at Hoseok who smiled softly at the somehow scared looking male. A cute pup being afraid.

"Relax pup. I won't hurt you. I just want to be selfish for once and flirt with someone beautiful", Hoseok said and Taehyung made a little whining noise in the back of his throat.

"Y-you think I'm beautiful?", he stuttered out instead of saying something more embarrassing.

Hoseok nodded, his smile widening.

"I wouldn't have taken a bullet for you then", he reminded and Taehyung blushed by this.

"Thank you for this. I mean, thank you for saving me. You aren't this mean gang leader version I had in my head. You're quite nice. You possibly saved my life so I owe you", Taehyung said, knowing he owed Jung Hoseok a debt which was quite a scary feeling to be in debt with a gang leader but Hoseok saved his life.

"Don't thank me for something natural, pup. But I have something I want in return", Hoseok then said with a playful little smirk and Taehyung gulped, expecting the worst.

"I want you to be mine."



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