chapter 35

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Taehyung woke up all alone in the hospital bed, Yoongi's warmth by his side long gone but replaced with a stuffed teddy bear the tired male grabbed and snuggled into.

Yoongi's scent radiated from the stuffy which immensely calmed Taehyung who was already missing his best friend.

He mewled surprised when light suddenly hit him and he squinted his eyes only to see Yoongi coming out of his bathroom, yawning loudly.

"Y-you didn't leave?", Taehyung was surprised to see his best friend again but was also happy at the same time to know that Yoongi hasn't left him alone.

The male shook his head with a fond little smile, seeing Taehyung curled up under the blanket, in his arms the stuffed teddy bear.

"Had to go to the bathroom, but I'm back now", Yoongi said and sat down by Taehyung's side, hand stroking his messy blue hair.

"You need a hair cut again, TaeTae", he murmured silently and Taehyung giggled before nuzzling his head into Yoongi's head like a kitten demanding to be pet.

"Is the stuffy from you?", the tired male asked, curling himself up more to Yoongi's side until Yoongi moved to place his head on his lap.

"Yes, so you can have me with you to cuddle you even though I'm not here", Yoongi said, embarrassed over the sweet gesture but it was his Taehyungie and his Taehyungie deserved nothing but the best.

"Thank you", Taehyung said touched and snuggled his face into the stuffed stomach of the bear before beaming up to Yoongi. The man felt something poke his heart and he unconsciously pulled Taehyung closer to him, in the wish to protect him.

There was no way he was going to let anyone hurt his Taehyungie again.

"Hyung, why did you lie to me?", the sudden question startled Yoongi and he looked down to the beauty curled up in the hospital bed, doe eyes expecting an answer from him.

He stuttered for an excuse but Taehyung noticed it and pulled away.

"I won't judge you, Hyung. We both had our secrets, I guess you did it to keep me safe but I want to hear it from you. Not a lie, not an excuse, just the truth. Please. Tell me why you lied and tell me why you're lying to them as well", Taehyung said silently, referring to the other three who came with Yoongi to save him.

"I lied to protect you. I know my world and I know that rivalry destroys everything good. You are my best friend, Taehyung and I love you."

"That's enough as a weakness and I couldn't let that happen. Yes, I did lie but only to keep you away from all of this mess. Then Jungkook had to come into the scene and destroyed all my efforts. I wanted to be with you but I also wanted you to live a normal life", Yoongi explained with a pained expression but to his surprise, Taehyung nodded.

"I understand, Hyung, I really do. But you still lied and I may forgive you for that but I can't forget. You used my trust by betraying it and now I don't know if I can trust you ever again. I know your heart, Hyung but I don't know your mind", Taehyung replied back, clutching onto the Teddy.

"I know who you were way before this happened. I know that you're the secret leader of Olivin but I decided to stay silent in the hope you would tell me yourself one day", Taehyung then confessed which shocked Yoongi to the core.

"Y-you knew?", he gasped out stunned, his most hidden secret revealed just like that?

Taehyung giggled by seeing his expression.

"Silly, you're my best friend. Plus you left that suspicious USB stick at my home, your key chain remember? I put two and two together", Taehyung shrugged it off cutely but Yoongi was amazed by his intelligence, feeling pride rushing through him.

"Everyone thinks I'm just pretty but I'm not dumb", Taehyung mumbled.

"I never thought that", Yoongi immediately protested and Taehyung looked up to him with a little smile.

"I know", he smiled, staring at Yoongi in thought.

"I get why you did it. You wanted to protect me. But you have also promised me to never hide anything from me and see where we are. I know about your feelings for me, Hyung so my heart decided to forgive you. But I still need time to heal from your lies", Taehyung silently said, startling Yoongi's heart for the second time.

"It's not that hard to know from the way you look at me when you think I don't notice", Taehyung whispered, just when Yoongi broke, a shuddered gasp leaving his lips while staring at Taehyung.

"You never fail to amaze me, Taehyungie", Yoongi huffed out before turning shy.

"So now that you know... what does this make us?"

"We're best friends, Hyung. Just ask me for a date silly, because I like you too", Taehyung giggled and Yoongi's heart made a backflip.

"I- really?", he asked stunned, looking so stunned that Taehyung giggled another time and leaned forward, pressing a sweet kiss to Yoongi's lips.

"Yes. I liked you for a while but then all this drama happened", Taehyung confessed quietly while Yoongi stared at him astonished.

"C-can I kiss you again?", he asked shyly and when Taehyung nodded, he dipped his head down to capture Taehyung's lips in another loving little kiss.

They didn't know about the person watching them and they didn't notice that the person's heart broke by the sight of his crush kissing someone else, someone he hated and was in rivalry with.

Their fists clenched by this heartbreaking sight and he stormed away before witnessing what Taehyung was saying next.

"But you're not the only one owning my heart."



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