chapter 34

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"I can't speak for the other idiots but you know that I'm fond of you", Jungkook said but Taehyung threw him a little glare which the two men found incredibly cute but they decided to stay silent, only looking at him fondly.

"Yeah, fond in the meaning of harassing me and forcing me to marry you. You buttface", Taehyung huffed with crossed arms, sounding upset but there was a little smile dancing on his lips which showed that he wasn't angry.

"Ah, I'm sorry for that. I can talk to my Dad about this whole engagement thing. I... also talked to him already", Jungkook said, scratching the back of his neck.

"Apology accepted even though you don't deserve it. What did you talk about with your Dad?", Taehyung asked sheepishly at the end. Jungkook flinched merely, catching Yoongi's cocky smirk.

"I apologized for being rude to you", Jungkook grumbled which surprised Taehyung, the puppy gasping with wide eyes.

"You did? Aww, are you finally warming up to me?", Taehyung falsely gasped and threw Jungkook a wide boxy smile despite his aching body.

"You know I do, I wouldn't have kissed you otherwise", Jungkook grumbled, looking down to his intertwined fingers shyly while Yoongi by his side was having the time of his life.

"But that didn't quite answer my question", Taehyung then spoke up again which caught the two men off guard, Yoongi's eyes softening when he saw how small and vulnerable he looked in that forsaken hospital bed.

Jungkook and Yoongi looked at each other, probably debating if they should tell the little bluehead a lie or the truth.

"Stop that, you hate each other, don't form an ally against me. I deserve my question to be answered. I was dragged into this gang shit because of you after all", Taehyung growled out.

"Both of you", he then said, throwing Yoongi a knowing glance and the man froze.

Could it be...? Could Taehyung know about his true origin? When he was lying about to everyone else, he couldn't to Taehyung.

Because that was Taehyung, his best friend from who he couldn't hide anything.

"We did it to save you from the twins. We're all rivals and we all owed it to you so we put our rivalry aside to get you back. They wouldn't go against all of us to not risk a war. Not even for you so they fled like the boneless bitches they are", Yoongi spoke up, Taehyung scrunching his nose when he cursed.

But his eyes then turned fearful, shifting towards the entrance door.

"B-but Jimin", he whispered, recalling that scary man who has kidnapped him, planned to sell him into slavery but then decided to go against it and keep Taehyung for himself before the twins cut in.

"He can't hurt you, Tae. We forced him to join us and also because he felt guilty for doing that to you but he can't reach you. We'll protect you", Yoongi said gently and Taehyung made a pained noise in the back of his throat.

He stared up to his best friend, his dear Hyungie and opened his arms shyly for the man to come join him in a hug.

And who was Yoongi to decline, so whipped for Taehyung and in love with him since many years.

Yoongi quickly made his way to Taehyung, sitting down on the bedside and wrapping his arms around Taehyung who snuggled into his embrace.

Jungkook stood there all alone, feeling rejected and he knew he deserved it for being such an asshole to Taehyung.

Now that he has actually fallen in love with the sweet boy, he had to live with the other hating him for being so rude to him before, believing he was a gold digger when he was not, actually just really sweet.

Jungkook kept the whole truth to himself to not worry Taehyung or upset him.

The truth was also the reason why he started to like Taehyung, see him in another light but he knew that if Taehyung knew the truth, nothing would be the same and Jungkook couldn't let that happen.

He still wanted to make Taehyung fall for him.

So it hurt him to see the two together and silently left the room, seeing Jimin sitting in front of Taehyung's hospital room, with his head bowed and back crouched.

He looked miserable and Jungkook wanted to ignore him, but he felt the same.

"Hurts when the one you like doesn't like you back, huh", Jungkook spoke up and the gangleader's head shut up, lips turning into a frown then a snarl.

"Don't talk about things you don't understand, kid", he hissed out but Jungkook only chuckled before shaking his head.

"I understand you more than anyone else. You like Taehyung, don't you?", the younger asked Jimin who flinched away before his eyes hardened, sensing a threat from his rival.

"I do not like the kid. I want him to be mine but I don't like him", Jimin growled, sensing Jungkook might want to use his weakness against him but Jungkook only laughed.

"Sure, keep telling yourself that", Jungkook huffed out, because he knew otherwise, knew that Jimin has also fallen for Taehyung and that Jungkook now had another concurrent, despite the Kim twins and Yoongi and he feared that even Hoseok had a crush on Taehyung.

It would be impossible to go against all of them and loving the same person would definitely cause a war.

But Jungkook wouldn't give up easily, because it was Taehyung they were fighting for and he wanted to be the one to own the beauty's heart.

"It's not that hard to fall for him", Jungkook hissed out angrily, angry that he fell for Taehyung.

Angry that he had to fight with others for him.

But it was Taehyung.

And Jungkook would do anything to have the beauty by his side in the end.

Even if that meant war.



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