chapter 32

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Irene soon enough returned with a small tray in her hands, placing it on the nightstand next to Taehyung's bed. She brought another nurse with her, a tall friendly looking male who was very polite and nice, checking Taehyung's wound and asking a few questions before leaving with her again.

Taehyung was leaning against many pillows while eating after reassuring the nurse that he didn't need help with the food, left alone with his thoughts and the large luxurious TV in front of his bed.

The room he was staying in seemed way too luxurious to be in a public hospital and he really wondered how he ended up here.

Not that he minded the comfy bed and great food and nice people, it was the perfect way to recover.

But it also worried him because first of, how did he end up here ad second, how would he be able to pay the for sure high enough prize this room came with?

There was a sudden knock on the door and the petite male looked up concerned, blue strands falling into his eyes so he first couldn't see who entered.

When he did, Taehyung screamed.

"Okay, shit shit, Taehyung, please don't scream! Fuck", Park Jimin immediately hurried to say, his hands held up high in surrender but Taehyung continued to scream.

"GO AWAY! NO!! NO HELP!!! HELP!", he went absolutely livid, close to having a panic attack.

Two nurses, Irene and an unknown nurse rushed into the room, pushing Jimin out of the way to get to Taehyung.

Jimin had gone chalk white, just when Jungkook and Yoongi showed up right beside him, looking incredibly pissed and glaring at the man from the side.

"Nice idea, Park, running into his room when he's recovering and scaring the hell out of him. Get the fuck out, I think you did enough already", Yoongi growled and gave the shocked male a push who didn't seem to protest, only looking broken at Taehyung who was now sobbing in Irene's arms.

"Taehyung, I'm so sorry", he whispered before hurrying out of the room and only then, Taehyung seemed to calm down, looking up to Irene with wide eyes.

He was terrified, chest heaving heavily with broken sobs and his wound started to ache again.

Irene and the nurse immediately went to work while the women were grumbling over visitors being too careless and not caring for his health at all.

"P-please d-don't let h-him take m-me", Taehyung whimpered out, his large scared eyes fixed on Irene while he gripped onto her blue shirt. She shook her head slightly, smiling calmly at him to assure the terrified boy that everything was fine.

"No one is taking you until you're recovered. You're safe and I'll make sure he cannot visit you anymore", she gently said while the doctor finished checking his wound.

"None of the stitches broke thankfully. But I must highly advice you to not move around a lot until we allow you too", the doctor said. She ruffled the boy's hair who seemed in need of a bit love.

"You're being very strong, Taehyung", she complimented the male.

"I'm Kang Seulgi, the head doctor. Please take some rest", she spoke politely before sitting up. Her hard gaze was now fixed on the awkwardly men standing in the entrance.

"You! What are you doing here? You're distracting the patient! Get out!", she commanded harshly but a tiny voice interrupted her shyly.

"N-no, i-it's okay, I k-know them... p-please I want to t-talk to them", Taehyung mumbled shyly while Irene helped him adjusting on the bed again and Seulgi looked back to him worried.

"Are you sure? I must protest, they might upset you again and the stitches are too fresh to risk a breaking of the wound", she told the bluehead who understood and nodded but looked over to his Hyung and the man who was a whole misery to him.

Jeon Jungkook, not fond of him at the beginning and now seeming to worry for him.

"It's fine. Please?", he used the best set of puppy eyes on the doctor who sighed but nodded.

"I'll be right outside if you need anything", Irene said gently before leaving the three males for privacy.

Yoongi and Jungkook hesitantly walked closer.

The sight of Taehyung in this fucking hospital bed, looking so tiny and vulnerable nearly broke their promise not to kill the Kim twins now.

Yoongi was the first one to recover, sending Taehyung a little smile filled with his worry and fatigue since he has been awake since Taehyung has gotten here.

"Hey Tae... how are you feeling?", he asked carefully, not knowing if he was allowed closer. He had the bitter feeling that all of his secrets have been exposed already and that there was nothing to hide from Taehyung.

The blue haired male was so fucking intelligent, he must've known already or made up his mind.

"Like a bullet grazed my stomach", Taehyung half joked before patting the side of his surprisingly wide bed.

"You have a lot of explaining to do, Hyung and I demand all the answers you kept from me. No lying anymore, you hear me?", Taehyung said sternly, shooting his best friend a glare before his eyes wandered to Jungkook.

His eyes merely softened when he saw how miserable Jungkook looked and he nearly cooed because the man nearly fell asleep while just standing there. He must've felt really guilty to stay here and Taehyung remembered the kiss. His face flushed red but he somehow didn't mind the memory anymore.

Because this hasn't been the most craziest thing he has experienced these past days.

"Yah Jeon", he called out for Jungkook's attention who's head flew up. His eyes were wide, hesitant and shy which was such a contrast to the cocky bastard he usually portrayed.

Maybe Taehyung had been too harsh to him. Everyone deserved a second chance and Jungkook really wasn't the worst person he knew.

"Better not kiss me the next time without taking a mint, you hear me? And I'd like to be informed first. Asswipe", Taehyung said lightly before patting the other side of the bed.

"You have a lot of explaining to do."



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