chapter 31

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"Tae, Tae Baby can you hear me? Oh god, I'm so sorry, I was such an idiot. I failed to protect you, oh Tae. I am so fucking sorry."

"Tae? I know you cannot hear me, the doctors told me you can't... ah I just came here to apologize. I know you don't know me this much but I didn't want anything of this to happen to you. So, I'm sorry and I hope you can forgive me."

"Hey Taehyung... I want to say that I'm sorry for kidnapping you. I admit, I have wanted to sell you also to get at Jeon but I didn't plan to end up falling for you instead. I didn't want you to be scared of me, I really didn't. We had a rough start and I really hope you'll give me a second chance but I'll make it up to you."

"Y'know, you were right after all. I'm just a heartless fuckboy after all, afraid to be loved and afraid to love. But you, you showed me that you don't want me for my looks or my money, hell I don't even know if you like me. I don't know what to say but that's the reason I fell for you. You're truly a kind soul and I miss our arguments. I miss you and fuck. Please come back to me, Tae."

Taehyung wasn't sure if he was dreaming all of these words whispered to him in hushed voices, there was a darkness grazing over the pits of his mind, making it impossible to grasp the people who were saying these words.

He felt nervous, on the edge and he wanted to say something but nothing left his mouth before he was dragged back into the depths of his mind.

Losing track of the time, Taehyung didn't know how much time has past until he finally broke free from the suffocating grasp of the soothing darkness.

He woke up disorientated and panicked once he looked around and couldn't find one thing that was familiar to him.

Looking down on himself, Taehyung saw plaid white bed sheets and the sheer surroundings of a hospital room, the bed he was laying in making the center of the room. He tried lifting his hands to wipe his forehead since he felt the sickening feeling of sweat dripping down on the sides of his face but yet he couldn't.

Another roll of panic hit him and he started to breathe heavily when he also felt plastic in his nostrils and a noise that was similar to a high pitched scream left his aching throat, unable to communicate as panic has taken over him.

There was a loud alarm going off when he tried getting up and only a few seconds later, someone barged inside the room, sensing his distress.

"He's awake!", he heard an unknown voice and tried backing away in his hysteria but couldn't move at all. His eyes watered so he was unable to see the approaching person and he wanted to flee, back away and tell the intruder to help him but also don't, to leave him alone, to let him go.

"Hey Taehyung, hey everything's okay, everything's alright", the soothing female voice came closer and he tried to move again but only a little whimpered mewl left his lips.

"You're probably so confused right now, here let me help you with that so you don't accidentally strangle yourself", the voice said friendly.

There were small soft hands on his face, getting that annoying plastic thingy out of his nose and gentle gloved fingers wiped his tears away, fixing his hair.

His throat was still burning but he managed to blink through the curtain of tears taking his view.

"W-what h-happened?", he managed to croak out, finally seeing more clearly. His eyes first landed back on the woman standing in front of him, black hair pulled into a tight ponytail and a friendly smile dancing on her lips.

She was wearing the clothes of a nurse and Taehyung allowed himself to relax, just a bit.

"You lost a lot of blood when you came here first. Your friends were really worried for you when you couldn't be woken up. We gave you a blood transfusion and put you to sleep. There's nothing to worry about, your body accepted the transfusion and you need recovery", the nurse informed him while checking his pulse and the monitors surrounding him.

"Heart rate and blood pulse calms down but I must advice you not to panic again, it's not good for your body. You need a lot of rest and nothing to excite about", she told him in the typical stern voice of a nurse who was upset about a patient's stubbornness.

Taehyung nodded timidly, leaning back into the pillows.

"I'm Bae Joohyun but please call me Irene", the petite female then smiled after checking Taehyung's pulse.

"I'm going to be your personal doctor for your stay so feel free to ask me anything you want", the nurse said.

"Are you hungry or thirsty?", she asked calmly, making a few notes on the little map in the front bag on Taehyung's bag. The still confused bluehead nodded.

"I-I've b-been shot?", he asked with trembling voice.Irene threw him a look of pity before nodding slowly.

"Yes but it's nothing serious. The guy who threw himself in front of you took the bullet, you were luckily just grazed", she informed him and Taehyung immediately paled.

"W-what?", he whimpered out, recalling what happened. Hoseok... Hoseok, that friendly guy he met in the café has thrown himself in front of Taehyung... oh no.

"I-Is he a-alright?", he asked immediately after collecting his memories.Irene debated whether she should tell the upset puppy but from what she saw, it seemed like they were friends.

"He will be, please don't worry. He's actually sleeping in the room next to you and once you're recovering enough to get out of bed, you can pay him a visit", Irene said.

"For now, rest and I'll inform your friends that you've woken up", she said and carefully squeezed Taehyung's shoulder.

"Just tap the button if you need my assistance, okay? I'll get you something to eat and drink. You must be starving", she left with that and Taehyung leaned back into the pillows, inhaling forcefully.He couldn't wait to get answers.


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