chapter 30

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Taehyung managed to get rid of the hand covering his mouth, Seokjin being too distracted by the threat hanging over the twins' heads.

The bluehead's eyes flew over to his best friend, tears running down his cheeks when he saw that Yoongi was alright and seemed to not have killed Jungkook, considering the fact that said man was standing right beside him.

"H-Hyungie", he sobbed out and Yoongi's attention immediately was on him. As well as the others'.

"Tae Love, hold on tight, I'll get you out of here", Yoongi promised darkly, unlocking his gun.

"I think Jeon has ordered you to do something", Jung Hoseok now spoke up coldly, waving his gun threateningly. Taehyung's eyes met his and he lifted one corner of his mouth lazily.

"Hey Sweetie, I wished we could've meet in another situation", the male apologized to the scared male who shook his head desperately when he saw the last man. And that was his fist kidnapper.

But Jimin didn't do anything to apologize, rather throwing him a reassuring smile before focusing his attention back on the twins. Who looked very much pissed and frantic, seeming to decide on what to do.

"H-Hyungie", Taehyung squeaked out scared again when he was pulled backwards. There was a cold, hard thing pressed against his temple and his eyes widened when he realized it was a gun.

"Tae!", Yoongi called out for him worried but a snarl from Namjoon and he froze.

"Stay away Min or I'll hurt the pretty and I assume y'all won't want that", Namjoon hissed warningly.

"We only want Taehyung, we have no other business here with you, Kim", Jungkook hissed, his eyes cold and filled with anger.

He had become way too attached to Taehyung already but he couldn't bring himself to hate the boy who did nothing to deserve any of this.

It was all Jungkook's fault, right after the confirmed engagement, his enemies took notice of Taehyung. Jungkook felt reliable for the mess and wanted to fix it.

And maybe because he wanted to have Taehyung close again, the adorable beautiful and charming blue-haired male who was as sassy as he was clever. Taehyung was the first one to make him feel certain emotions and he was finally ready to allow himself to love someone.

Too bad he wasn't the only one to love Taehyung.

"He's ours now. Park wanted to give him away and we saved him. You should be thankful he didn't end up in that auction", Seokjin barked back angrily while Jimin made a noise of protest.

"I didn't want to sell him! I planned to keep him to myself!", he protested and got glares of everyone in return, except the softly whimpering boy in Namjoon's arms who still tried to free himself.

"Equally bad and not acceptable", Seokjin huffed before turning to Jungkook.

"He's your fiance, no? An arranged marriage by your father so why do you care so much for him? You can't keep your dick to one person only, why don't you piss off and stop acting like an adult?", the model hissed, nothing remembering on the charming man Taehyung has first encountered.

Jungkook's eyes moved over to Taehyung and there was a flash of vulnerability in his eyes before he adverted his gaze.

"I care for him enough to not let him stay in your crazy minds! I know about your fucked up preferences and I won't allow you to ruin someone so pure! Plus he's mine so fucking back off before you risk a war", the man growled furiously.

Namjoon yanked Taehyung backwards roughly when the boy managed to loosen the grip around his frame, a sobbed whimper leaving his lips.

Taehyung for the first time really looked at Jungkook, saw the fear in his eyes and he understood that the man really was here for him and not for a promise he has given his father.

It honestly warmed his heart.

"H-help me... Jungkookie", Taehyung whimpered out with huge eyes before abruptly ramming his elbow into Namjoon's stomach like he has planned to do so. After loosening the hold and changing his position, he finally was able to.

Getting out of the harsh grip, Taehyung allowed his body to go limb and fall to the ground.

And right after that, hell broke loose.

Hoseok was the one to rush forward, the fastest of the group to pull Taehyung away while Jimin fired at the twins, hitting Namjoon's shoulder.

Jin screamed his brother's name before pulling him away, towards the staircase and firing back at the men but careful not to hit Taehyung.

And before they knew, everything was over and the Kim twins disappeared in the safety of their escape exit.

None of the four men bothered to run after them because now, their focus laid on the petite boy cradled in Hoseok's arms who was sobbing loudly and clutching onto Hoseok's arms.

"O-oh H-Hyungie", Taehyung sobbed over and over again, faint whimpers of Jungkookie joining before he stretched his arms out desperately, tears coating his lashes while Hoseok was still half hovering over him to protect him.

There was blood, so much blood and Taehyung was in the middle of it.

Yoongi was the one to pick Taehyung up and lift him into his strong arms, just when the horrified and traumatized boy went limb.

The last Taehyung saw were four worried pairs of eyes before darkness engulfed him.



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