Dave Strider x Reader lemon

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(A/N: this is my first lemon/fanfic of Homestuck, I hope you guys enjoy it and please don't judge me if it's not as well done as I hope it to be. If you guys like it then please comment and let me know if you want another one or if you want me to turn this into a bit of a story.)

You step out your door into the Texas dry weather feeling both anger and worry for your best friend Dave Strider. You begin to walk down the street, the Striders apartment complex is just a couple blocks down.

You received a text in Pestercum earlier from Dave asking you to come over. You look back at that conversation and you can't help but feel your blood beginning to boil...


--turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering yourchumhandle [CH] at 13:04

TG: hey can you come over

CH: I'm actually kinda busy right now Dave, what's up?

TG: jade left me

CH: wtf, weren't you about to purpose to her?

TG: yep

CH: ugh, I'm on my way

--yourchumhandle [CH] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 13:14

***End of flashback***

You were just a block from Dave's apartment and couldn't understand why Jade would leave him. They had been dating for a couple years now and it was just days away that you knew Dave was going to ask her to marry him.

You reached his apartment and after climbing up a shit ton of stairs you finally make it to the top. As you're about to knock on the door it opens suddenly and Dave is standing there.

For the first time ever emotion is displayed on his face. He pulls you into a hug and closes the door behind you. You feel so shocked that he's hugging you that you don't know how to respond other then to hug him back.

Blush creeps up your face and you try to conceal it in his neck. You have felt these strong feelings for him since you guys were little kids. Now you only realize that you love him.

You pull apart from him and he smirks a little at your blush and gestured down the hall to his room, "Why don't we talk in my room, at least there you won't drown in smupets."

You giggle and he leads you down to his room. He flicked on the light and it looked the same as always: it was like organized chaos.

You walk over to his turn tables placing your hands on them, only he allowed you to touch them, "Wanna make some sick beats?" You ask.

He chuckles and shakes his head. You frown, if Dave doesn't want to have a rap battle then something is really wrong.

He falls back onto his bed and folds his arms behind his head. You sit down beside him and is about to speak but his words silence you, "I don't think I really loved her."

His face was blank, but yours was clearly displaying shock, "What?"

"I don't think I ever really loved Jade. She slept all the time, she never wanted to throw sick beats and she-she just wasn't...ahh!"

He bolts upwards placing his head in his hand and removes his shade with the other. You place a hand on his shoulder and whisper, "She wasn't what, Dave?"

He looks at you with his ruby coloured eyes that you had only seen once before by accident, "She wasn't you (l/n)."

You heart speeds up and you almost can't believe what he's saying. Then he take a hand to move a strand of your (h/c) hair behind your ear. "I love you (f/n)."

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