Chapter one

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      I wake up to the same sound what seems like every day. This is the sound that grabs me away from my peaceful dreams, taking the only goodness away from me. This sound is my father's bedroom door slamming shut, indicating he is in a mad state.

"Jessica, you get your little butt down here and clean these dishes, before I drag you down here myself." He yelled to me, walking downstairs. Jack always seems to be mad in the morning, mainly from being hung over from drinking the night before.

     Jack's way for handling his hung over stage is by drinking even more no matter how early in the day it is. You will almost always see Jack carrying around an open bottle of beer. There is no real way to stop him from drinking; the only time I have seen him not drinking is when he is beating me.

     Rolling out of bed I slip on my clothes and shoes, quickly brushing throughout my wavy brown hair. I knew if I didn't hurry Jack was going to drag me down just like he said he would. That is the last thing I needed; my wounds from my last beating were still healing.

     Finally dressed, I walked down stairs and entered the kitchen. Like always Jack was at the table with a beer in one hand and his phone in the other. Piled around him were all of his empty cans and bottles, which I am going to have to pick up at some point.

"Get those dishes clean!" Jack yelled, not even looking up from his phone. I made my way to the sink and started to clean the dishes; trying not to make so much noise. My attempt was a failure and Jack certainly noticed.

     He got up from his chair, bottle still in hand, and made his way over to where I was standing. I tried my hardest not to cringe, but my reflexes got the best of me. Jack seemed to notice, which put a smirk on his face. I could feel his eyes watching me, and that made me even more nervous.

"You don't have to be so darn loud." He said calmly before grabbing my arm with a tremendous force. Calm talking seems to be my only warning before the abuse comes.

"Now, I have a headache and I don't need you clanking these pots around," he finished before ripping his hand off of my arm. With that he walked upstairs and into his room slamming the door behind him.

     When my job was done I quickly walked up stairs, making sure to be very quiet when walking in front of Jacks door. If he saw me again this morning I knew he would do more than grab my arm, probably leaving a bruise. Finally making it to my room, I walked across the room and grabbed my bag and headed to the window.

     This window is probably what saves me from getting beat even more. The window is located right in front of this huge maple tree. Instead of walking out of the house the normal way and risk being seen by my father, I go out by tree.

     Opening the window I put my foot onto the closet branch and begin my descend. It only takes me about two minutes to reach the bottom and touch the ground. From then on it is to school.

     My house is only ten minutes away so my walk isn't too long. Along the way I roll my sleeve up to see how bad my arm was from Jack. It wasn't that bad, but there was still a bruise shaped like a hand. This means I have to keep my sleeve down so no one could see it.

     Finally walking around the last corner my humongous high school came into view. This is where my whole future is decided, how I am going to get into college, and how I am going to get away from Jack. My whole life depends on this place.

     Today is our first day back to school, and everyone around me is squealing and talking non-stop. Friends are meeting up again and so are boyfriends and girlfriends. Everyone is talking besides me. I am the one person that has no friends; the person who ignores everyone to try not to get attached.

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