Chapter 1

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It was a sunny day in Florida; Ava was putting her suitcases in the back of her red convertible Mustang.

‘Today is the day’ she thought to herself, ‘I’m finally 18 and living my dream’. Ava’s dream was to move to New York go to college to become an attorney and find Them. Who is them you might ask… them is the teenage mutant ninja turtles (or the tmnt)! Ava knew that they were real, there was no way that somebody could make up all of that and not have “real” inspiration. Ava said goodbye to her family hopped in her car and began her long DRIVE to N.Y.

   Ava had finally made it to New York and put all her stuff into her 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. She decided to add some color to the dull house and got black, red, and white paint. She painted the bathroom black, the 2 bedrooms red, and the living room and kitchen white. When she was finally done it was almost 8 and the sky was pitch black except for the city lights in the distance. Ava decided to practice her ninjistu. She was the highest rank; a kunoichi (a female ninja). She got out her weapon, a kusarigami, and climbed up the outside stairs to the rooftop.

   When she got to the rooftops she plugged in her earbuds and began to listen to Stop and Stare by OneRepublic.

She always liked listening to music like this because to her a lot of these songs that she had were true. Just like Stop and Stare. She began listening to the song and began to slowly swing the kusarigami until she had the weapon at pace with the music. She then began doing simple moves like spinning it in a circle throwing it around objects and such. After a few minutes of that she began doing more complex moves like throwing it in the air spinning then catching and things that even a master sensei couldn’t accomplish. Ava was very dedicated to ninjistu. She had a dream to find the tmnt and this was how she’d do it. After her weapon practicing Ava set down her weapon and hung up her punching dummy onto the rode sticking up from the building. She began flipping, cartwheeling, even front and back flipping to the beat of the music and began hitting and punching the worn out bag. She had anger issues and right now she was full of anger.

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