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Sherlock skyped wattpad yet again and had to show us how he faked his death.... 

Well.. u probably know that I have talked to Anderson about faking my death. If you think that what I told him was true, do not read on, for your benefit. 

As soon as I got on the roof I figured out that I didn't have many possibilities of surviving, but I know I had to die or my friends would have. Moriaty wanted me to complete the story. I had to die. 

John of course had to come looking for me meaning that I have to make sure that he didn't see me fake my death. I made his stand behind the ambulance station, so he didn't have an visibility of me if I had hit the ground. 

As you probably know, I have a branch of homeless network, my spies in this country, they do it for free. What was a twist is that Moriaty as holding a gun, but it was fake. Someone on the inside of Moriaty's own network killed him. That man was one of mine.

My death was all staged. Me and Mycroft had to suit the possibilities of living or dying. 

As soon as I got onto the roof I had to make it look like I was going to die or my friend's lives were at risk. Below me was an open van. Inside was a sort of matress, which was fitted with an elasticated spring, which helped me to dive onto the pavement when I had died.

As soon as I jumped off the roof I had to make sure I had landed onto the matress, therefore I was risking my life. The pavement was also rigged, with some special material. It looked hard and harmful, but when I landed on it, it was soft. 

My homeless network were a mix of doctor to artists. The rest was make-up and then the final touch. A squash ball under the armpit, applying enough pressure temporarily made you unconcious, and the pulse was undetectable. 

I knew that John was going to check my pulse, as he is a doctor. 

I wanted to risk my life for my friends. But that was the first time. Possibly the last.

~ SH 


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Some parts may be similar to what he told Anderson, but I tried to add my own element to it :) 

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