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So how does your character travel through time? What mechanism do they use?

Surely the Tardis from Dr Who must be one of the most well-known means of transport. The word ''tardis" has even become part of modern language, used when referring to an object which seems bigger on the inside than you would expect from the outside...

But that is not the only mechanism used for time travel in fiction.

Back to the Future used a car with a flux capacitor and the main character in The Time Travelers' Wife had a chrono-impairment, a genetic anomaly.

For the purposes of this chapter, we've grouped the various means of time travel into three.

1. A Time Machine (eg The Time Machine, Dr Who, Back to the Future)

2. Gate or Portal (eg Time Bandits, City on the Edge of Forever)

3. Abilities and Powers (eg Time Traveler's Wife, Heroes)

What are we asking you to do?

We want to see what is most popular, what would make a good item for a plot, what you think would be the best way to travel time...
To do so, we would like for you to get those two (2) following steps:

Firstly, choose your favourite and tell us what you think the pros and cons would be.


Secondly, can you recommend a Wattpad story which uses that particular method?

Please, give your answer(s) with an inline comment to the three (3) proposed "transport medium" above. 
You may discuss the answers of your fellow Wattpaders, argue the advantages or negative aspects of each, but please, keep it friendly and PG13!

Let's see which is most popular and what you think! And let's discover Wattpad stories that send us travelling through time!!

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