Chapter 1

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It was the team's first day in the Castle of Lions, but Lance knew every location in the castle from living there for the first 14 years of his life. It was starting to get late, so he turned in for the night and went to the room designated for the blue paladin. It was different from his old room on Altea, but he didn't mind, knowing that at least Allura and Coran were still alive. He wasn't sure how we would be feeling if they had also been killed by Zarkon, along with his father, but he pushed the thoughts away in the storage container towards the back of his brain.

 He plopped down onto the firm bed and inspected the room. It was a vibrant white with a light gray outline, and a turquoise blue lighting the tips of his doors, moving to the edges of the walls, converging in the corners. Lance started undoing the covers and rested his head lightly on the pillow, making it cave towards the center as his head pushed against it. He knew he needed to get sleep somehow, but there were so many things brought to his attention that day, and he simply couldn't manage to find a way to get rid of all his energy. After about a varga, he was able to fall into a quiet slumber.

As the shades of blue first tinted the sky, and the sun set on the horizon, a distance voice filled a room nearby, as King Alfor listened to Queen Melenor humming her special lullaby  to their 4 year old daughter, Allura, and their newborn son, Lawrence. As she finished the last verse of her lullaby, she extended her arms, gracefully lifting Lance from his crib. All of  a sudden, a bright flow emitted the room with a blinding light. As the room slowly went back to the same brightness, the Alteans' eyes adjusted, only to see that their son now had two turquoise marks on his shoulders, extending to his back with a flowing pattern.

 Lance shot up from his bed as fast as a bullet, as he took in his surroundings, remembering that he was still in the Castle of Lions. He knew that attempting to go back to sleep would result in hours worth of boredom, so he arose from his bed and slowly exited his room. As he roamed the castle, nothing but the subtle sound of his footsteps echoed through the halls, reminding him of the nights he would sneak out of the castle, to explore the garden. He soon came across a room he didn't recognize, making him slowly enter with caution, as he saw a small glowing platform in the middle of the room. As he walked closer towards the platform, the subtle glow became brighter, illuminating the room, as a tall Altean man with royal armor, was suddenly standing there with a warm, welcoming smile.

"Hello, my son," he says.


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