Shades from Beyond: The Baron's Blood

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       A long time ago in a time of myth and legend there was a baron by the name of Bannen Karlander who was a mighty warrior that defended the helpless while also teaching them how to defend themselves in Middleton which was located in Great Britain. Bannen had chosen those that he seemed worthy to fight by his side like the female warrior Eraven Rasmusson and Charles Kozak. Bannen trusted them with his life every time that they stepped into battle. While Bannen was dying of old age the ancient priests did an old ritual to bless his blood and they put part of his blood from a cut from the palms of his hands in a golden chalice.

       Bannen then asked the head priest, who was a man named Vereken, that both Eraven and Charles be blessed as well in a similar fashion when it was their time to perish. Bannen had a younger brother named Balan who would carry on the family name and he was not aware of it, but his brother and Eraven were secretly in love and they would marry after his death. Bannen liked to help people and because of his old age he could not do that anymore as the younger soldiers that he had trained along with Eraven and Charles protected the land. After Bannen died the golden chalice with his blood was placed in a hidden temple with a lot of the treasure which Bannen's family had amassed during the last five generations of his bloodline.

      As time went on the stories of Bannen had become ancient legends that warriors talked about around the campfire since the stories of ancient heroes were inspiring to them. Many centuries had passed and greedy people in a modern world were only interested in the large lost treasure of Bannen's family. A lot of treasure hunters tried to find it and they all failed. Recently, a trio of soldiers who were fighting in World War 3 that were separated from their platoon along with a prisoner who had vital war information found the hidden temple along with the treasure as they found a hidden passage in an ancient church that they went into for refuge. The three soldiers that had the hostage were Melanie Mckenna, Lance Dawson and Bret Flaskamp. The name of their hostage whose hands were linked together by barbed wire was Clive Cimarusta. The barbwire was punishment for killing their sniper Nathan Kinkaid.

       The three soldiers used their flashlights to move along with their hostage who was carefully watched by Melanie Mckenna. The four of them then got into the main chamber of the hidden temple and noticed that it was all full of gold and rubies. In the center of the room was the golden chalice that contained Bannen's blood and on the right wall there was a huge golden statue of Bannen who held a long and thick golden axe. Lance noticed that the golden chalice was full of blood. Bret and Melanie thought that it was a strange thing to fill a golden chalice with. Bret then told everyone that they should return to the church and take turns in watching the perimeter to look out for any number of enemies that they might encounter. Bret took the first shift while Melanie watched their prisoner Clive. Afterwards, Lance headed back into the temple and he held the golden chalice in his hands. As he looked at the chalice he heard a strange banging noise on the other side of the temple which made him drop the golden chalice and the blood that was inside it spilled onto the floor and it looked as if Bannen's statue had absorbed the blood. While Lance was armed and inspecting what made the banging noise that he made earlier he noticed that as he entered another room that there were many antiques that might be worth a fortune and some old paintings on the left wall which were of Eraven and Charles. Lance then decided to head back and as he went back he picked up the golden chalice and put it where it was. Then the golden statue of Bannen reached out with its right golden arm and touched the back of the neck of Lance. While doing that a part of the blood that it had absorbed went through the skin on the back of his neck. After that Lance was possessed by Bannen's blood. The possessed Lance then headed back to where Melanie and Clive were situated. Lance then saw that Melanie had tied up Clive by his legs with a piece of rope that Bret had found on the old shed that was behind the church. Clive was sleeping on the floor. Since Lance noticed that Bret was not around he took the back of his rifle and knocked Melanie out. At that time Lance came up with a strategy to achieve the the desired goal.

      Lance then went outside to look for Bret and told him that he was hearing some strange noises coming from the hidden temple and that he had found Melanie knocked out. Bret then went with Lance and as they entered the church Bret saw that Melanie was out. Bret noticed that the prisoner was nowhere to be found and he was thinking to see what had to be done. Since he did not want to leave Melanie alone Bret told Lance to go and look for the prisoner in the temple while he stayed with Melanie. Lance followed the orders of his commanding officer and went inside of the hidden temple. A few moments had passed and then Melanie was wide awake. Bret was there to see if she could remember what happened. Melanie then grabbed Bret by his left arm and then blood came from the palm of her hand and it went through Bret's skin. With that now all of the soldiers were under Bannen's control. Clive was moved inside of the temple by Lance who knew about Clive's family lineage and had untied his legs. Since Lance was controlled by Bannen he knew that the full name of the prisoner was Clive Cimarusta Karlander. Lance was taking out the barb wire around Clive's hands which was painful yet he told him that he was now safe. Then Clive saw the golden statue move by itself to give Clive the golden axe. Lance could see differently with his eyes and as he searched the temple along with Clive he could now see a red glow behind the paintings of Eraven and Charles. After Lance took the paintings down he saw that behind each painting there was a golden chalice. One Chalice had the blood of Eraven and the other had the blood from Charles. Now the plan was to get more soldiers to join them in order to drive out any enemies that would invade their land and hurt their people.

                                                                 The End

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